Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Saturday 18:30

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The challenge of Jewish media

Yoni Goldstein 

Orange 11

A Jewish journalist, Canadian Jewish News editor Yoni Goldstein, discusses the challenges and opportunities of Jewish media.

Layla Tov Time

Shabbat Programming 

Yellow 21

After an action-packed Shabbat, this session is all about winding down, ready for... an action-packed week! Whether it be colouring in, story time or a bit of pre-bed movie magic, this is a dreamy opportunity for younger children to get into the sleepy spirit. Can even come in your jammies (parents included)!

Jewish mentalities towards mental health

David-Yehuda Stern 

Green 27

Having struggled with his own mental health, David-Yehuda invites you to join him for an exploration of Jewish attitudes, ranging from biblical to present-day, towards mental health and wellbeing. We will use a range of Jewish texts to reflect-on and examine this important and relevant issue.

Forty years of love in the desert

Vered Hollander Goldfarb 

Red 4

Why did we spend 40 years in the desert? The Tanakh offers two very different readings to explain a fact that it does not dispute. Was it a punishment? Was it a honeymoon? Depends who you ask and what you read. A lesson in the power of narratives.

 40 Years of Love In the Desert source sheet.pdf

Every life tells a story

Janet Berenson 

Green 25

We can sometimes be obsessed or overwhelmed by the lives of the famous and infamous, while we miss the treasures and significance of the lives of people around us. Together we will explore the stories of people important to us and learn more about the many layered narratives of our own lives. Come prepared to share and possibly write, if you wish.

Blue like me: - documentary film and q&a

Siona Benjamin 

Red 2

Blue Like Me profiles Siona Benjamin, a Bene Israel Jew from Mumbai, India. Most of her family migrated to Israel and she began to wonder “what is home?” Siona creates art to answer that question, painting blue figures who fuse Eastern traditions and Western pop culture. In searching the planet for a home, Siona finds that the planet is her home - a world that is vast, vibrant and blue. 30min film + Q&A.

Benefit of Doubt Game Show

Batsheva Frankel 

Yellow 22

Exploring the important mitzvah of giving the benefit of doubt, help create and then be contestants in a game show style competition vying with others for prizes! (The prizes are all Shabbat friendly).

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