Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 23:00

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An easy introduction to Gematria

Ruti Roche 

Red 1

Why is Tu bishvat so called? An easy introduction to Gematria, where each letter of the alef bet has a number value so: alef is 1, resh is 200. Find out how to do it and how it is applied.

Divine contractions: giving birth to a dream

Samuel Lebens 

Yellow 21

How is it possible for a perfect God to create an imperfect world? How is it possible for God to create at all? The answer to this question, I suggest, helps us to make sense of a central doctrine of Jewish mysticism (known as tzimtzum). As this doctrine comes into focus, we will see why, for so many Jewish thinkers, this world must be a dream.

Friends of Erik Weisz

Sam Severijnse 

Green 25

Session for friends of Erik Weisz, David Kotkin and Simon Aronson to catch up, share stories and anecdotes. Special interest session for magicians only. Pass to be shown on entry.

From bourekas to Oscars

Sigalit Freeman 

Green 26

The Israeli film industry has come a long way since the first 1 minute promotional black and white film. Today Israeli films are regular Oscar contenders and smash hit TV series originally aired as Israeli shows. Following the development of Israeli film, we examine what we can learn about Israeli society through its films.

Jewish origami for big people

Shira Solomons 

Yellow 22

For grown ups and teens. Come and see how a simple square of paper can quickly become a Torah scroll, a shofar, an Egyptian pyramid, a kiddush cup, a hamentash, a spice box for Havdallah, or even a tree for Tu BiShevat.

 grown ups origami 2018.pdf

Kapos arrive in Israel

Gabriel Webber 

Red 3

The kapos were Jewish prisoners in concentration camps who had a 'job' assisting the Nazi guards. But how did the fledgling Israel react to newly-liberated kapos who sought a fresh start in a Jewish state? This session will explore the astonishingly sensitive and nuanced approach that Israeli judges took towards these much-reviled figures.

Red and Boiling + Q&A

Noga Yechieli Wind 

Yellow 24

Noga Yechieli Wind puts on her full bushy beard and becomes Hasadick the drag king! Oy vey! This hilarious Jewish drag persona guides the audience through a world of verbatim stories, comedy and lip sync. Based on hours of interviews, Hasadick explores the lives of queer womyn from different countries, religions, ethnicities and ages.

Social work, a good job for a nice Jewish boy or girl?

Naomi Soetendorp 

Blue 34

Are you curious about the world around you and particularly the people living in it? Are you inately empathic? Do you want a job that can incorporate your Jewish values? Then you may want to consider social work. During this session we’ll explore social work as a career and discuss routes into training.

The fire and the flesh: God, the body, and limitation

Eliot Cohen 

Orange 10

Is 'God' just a man in the sky, a distant Lord, an internal conscience? Is the 'body' simply a temporary vessel, a blank slate, worthless matter? Using classical rabbinic sources, we will explore the various ways the rabbis imagined the role of the human body, how they spoke of the Divine, and what value they gave to finite existence.

 Limmud Shiur - Fire and Flesh - Eliot Cohen.pdf

Why do we pray?

Sam Blustin 

Red 2

For those that believe that prayer is a tool to something larger, what is that larger thing? Through text study and discussion, we'll explore the question "Why do we pray?", developing our own answers to that question.

 Why Do We Pray_ Extended Sources.pdf

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