Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 22:00

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Night Seder: A Literary Exploration Into the Origins of the Amidah

Elie Kaunfer 

Red 8

How can the amidah remain fresh if we recite the same text, multiple times a day? The Talmud famously debates the origin of the amidah, the central Jewish prayer. But this Talmudic passage contains within it answers to rejuvenating prayer. Join us as we ponder the meaning of this narrative backstory to Jewish prayer.

Jerusalem Calling: the Euro/Israelvision Song Contest live from Birmingham!

Angela Ripoff  Ben Gurion International 

Red 7

Israel's just a little country that isn't even in Europe, but right from its debut entry year in 1972 it has out-sung out-danced and out-kitsched all rivals. Re-live Israel's Hai’s and Hora’s on our Eurovision big screen. Sing-a-long with the Golden Boy whose Toy is not to be played with. Which Diva will win? Halleluyah! Your vote will decide.

Silent Disco: The Challah Back Girls and DJ Van Der Kleij

Louis Trup  Shana Boltin  Libby Burkeman 

Red 6

The Challah Back Girls feat. Libby and Shana will be returning to limmud for the 4th year joined by their posse of Beyonce, Britney, Justin and more. And DJ Van Der Kleij will be making his world renowned Limmud debut, playing cheesy Jewnes (tunes with a Jewish twist) - a silent disco you won't want to miss!

Video game arcade

Social Programming 

Blue 33

Limmud brings you a selection of gaming consoles and video games to enjoy. All the classics will be there from Mario Kart to Golden Eye, so bring a drink from the bar, and come along to get your game on.

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