Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 14:40

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A Christmas special - Are Catholics our Friends or Enemies?

Martine Therese Andrevon Gottstein 

Red 1

Jews have considered Christians as enemies for centuries. Many still do. Yet, following changes in Catholic theology, Catholics are some of our best friends today. What are these changes, how did they come about and what are the prospects for relations today - these are questions we will engage as our Catholic friends celebrate Christmas.

A memory of Yemen: The Last Jews

Myriam Tangi 

Red 2

A photographic journey with the last Jews of Yemen, in the years 1983, 1984, 1986 - memories from a lost country.

A stranger with a camera: Photographing the Jewish world

Jono David 

Green 26

In this slideshow presentation, the audience is guided on a visual trek through the backstory of my life as a Jewish photographic documentarian. This virtual expedition shares insights, motivations and anecdotes behind the scenes of my work.

Both sides now - Catholic and Jewish Music

Marian Gomez Villota  Mikhal Weiner 

Red 6

Jews and Catholics share a belief in many texts, and sing many similar songs. In this session we will explore some of these commonalities, as well as delving into the ways we differ on our interpretation and use of the text. Participants should feel comfortable with singing and open discussion.

Eurovision and Israel: we are on the map

Yigal Ravid 

Orange 11

20 years after Israel’s victory in Birmingham, Netta's victory means we are looking forward to the biggest entertainment event in the world taking place in Tel Aviv. Why is Eurovision so important to Israel, even more than sports? Are we doing OK or just love to complain?

Feldenkrais: finding better balance - a flexible chest (3 of 4)

Emma Alter 

Red 3

Falling is a common concern as we get older. With fear comes greater tension, increased stiffness, and ironically more likelihood of falling. In this session we will be exploring flexibility, and its role in balance. This session explores how we can free up our ribs in an easy way to encourage adaptability. All my sessions are suitable for all.

Be fruitful and multiply: The contraception question

Joanne Greenaway 

Red 5

Drawing on her Ma'ayan experience, Joanne will explore the parameters of the mitzvah to have children and how that impacts on the use of contraception. Are there any limits?

I just met Pope Francis. Here's why I'm excited about interfaith ecological cooperation

Yonatan Neril  Jamal Alkirnawi 

Orange 15

Why is collaboration with Christians, Muslims, and others key to a sustainable future? Climate change and water scarcity transcend borders and religions and present a collective challenge among diverse groups of people. Rabbi Neril will share about interfaith ecology work in Israel and globally.

It's No Job For A Nice Jewish Girl

Rachel Creeger 

Red 7

Following a sell out run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and UK tour the award winning show hits Limmud! With a face that shouts "Xmas" but a soul that screams "Chanukah" Rachel Creeger has always felt like she has a foot in two worlds. A show exploring rebellion and the drive to fit in, with a bit about being a pop star. "Very, very funny" The JC

Jewish opera composers - Nineteenth Century (1 of 2)

David Farbey 

Blue 34

Opera has long been a favourite musical genre.A range of composers either Jewish or with Jewish lineage have made a major contribution. Many of their works were among the most popular of their time. David Farbey will survey the remarkable contribution of 19th century composers at the height of opera's popularity and the quality of their work.

Knit and natter

Melanie Kelly  Social Programming 

Blue 32

Join us each afternoon to knit and natter. Want to learn how? Come we'll help you learn. Want a knitting project you can do while you're at Festival? We'll be working together to create hats and blankets to distribute in Eastern Europe through the Together Plan. We'll have limited supplies to share but please bring needles and wool if you have.

Learn a Haftarah at Limmud (2 of 2)

Mark Creeger 

Yellow 22

If you never sang a Haftarah before or not for many years, this is an opportunity to learn / be reminded how. Using old and new techniques and supported by fellow learners, we will work together and maybe perform some as a celebration. These skills could also be used to support and connect with children, grandchildren or others.

Masada: last stronghold of the Jewish resistance against Rome

Jodi Magness 

Orange 12

In the first century B.C.E., Herod the Great built a fortified palace atop the mountain of Masada. Seventy years after his death, Jewish rebels occupied Masada at the time of the First Revolt against Rome. In this session, we survey the history and archaeology of Masada.

Meet the Chairs!

Daniel Heller  Ben Lewis  Jonathan Robinson  Hannah Brady 

Green 25

Limmud Festival happens every year because of the dedication, ideas and energy of dozens of volunteers throughout the year. If you would like to hear more about what goes into making it happen, or would be interested in creating Festival 2019, then come along and have a chat with the event chairs for this year's and next year's Festival.

Sephardic-Mizrahi and LGBTQ+: a Jewish community on the margins

Ruben Shimonov  Elliot Jebreel  Arya Marvazy 

Yellow 24

We'll share experiences and perspectives of an often overlooked segment of the Jewish world: LGBTQ Sephardi & Mizrahi Jews. Hear stories of struggle and triumph by leaders from traditional communities, and the ways that they are building spaces that embrace Sephardic-Mizrahi-queer identities.

Spirituality and positive psychology (2 of 2)

Tamra Wright 

Red 4

This session will focus on the role of religion and spirituality in healthy adult development, drawing on George Vaillant’s book Aging Well. We will explore how Jewish teachings and practices can help us negotiate the different phases of mature adulthood, including ‘generativity’ and becoming ‘keepers of the meaning’.

The truth and the media - Fake News in Israel

Izchak Sonnenschein 

Orange 14

The Israeli media is afflicted with Fake News and in order to know what is happening, it is necessary to read behind the screen. Fascinating stories about Fake News from the personal experience of Izchak Sonnenschein of his many years of work on Israeli television.

The year in scandal

Abigail Symons  Uri Berkowitz  Jacqueline Nicholls  Ben Crowne 

Yellow 23

Where even to begin with 2018? From the White House to the Dorchester, from the front page of the Times to the back pages of Private Eye, every week seemed to bring fresh disgrace on the Jewish people. Join us to remember what we hope everyone else will forget, and to help decide the inaugural winners of the Shonda Awards for Best (Worst?) Scandal.

Two Sided Story: An Israeli/Palestinian Film

Sana Knaneh  Judith Elkan 

Blue 33

It's not always easy to acknowledge the story of 'the other'. The UK Friends of the Bereaved Families Forum presents this remarkable film which documents the reactions and transformations when Israelis and Palestinians from different generations, backgrounds and political persuasions meet, talk and get to know each other as human beings.

Tzitzit? Why knot!

Paul Freedman 

Purple 31

Fun on the fringe. Tassels from Torah and Talmud – a holy reminder for anyone. We’ll have a quick look at some texts connected with those ritual knots and fringes that catch your eye, then tie our own RAINBOW TZITZIT to take home. A beautiful reminder of your time at Limmud, oh and of the mitzvot of course! (Any gender - no strings attached.)

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