Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Monday 17:30

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Antisemitism, Brexit, Corbyn: an ABC of UK Jewish public policy

Claudia Mendoza  Phil Rosenberg 

Orange 15

The key public policy professionals from the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council look back on the main challenges facing the Jewish community in 2018 and look ahead to what to expect in 2019. They will be seeking your input in to how the community should respond to the key issues of the day.

A Promised Land: those who dared to dream

David Finlay 

Yellow 23

In this year of the 70th anniversary of the creation of the State of Israel, David tells, in this performance piece, the story of how the dream of a homeland was turned into reality drawing on the writings and speeches of Herzl, Weizmann, Ben Gurion, Rabin and many others who lived the dream.

Cultural competence as part of bridge building in Israeli society - the museum example

Itamar Kremer 

Red 2

The Koret International School for Jewish Peoplehood Is undergoing a process of assimilating cultural competence as part of the Museum of the Jewish People at Beth Hatefutsoth. We will expose the difficulties and challenges in implementation and the tremendous benefit of maintaining a cultural and educational institution inclusive and pluralistic.

From 11 to 18 - changing Jewish lives

Helena Miller 

Orange 10

The most exciting longitudinal study in the Jewish community will share its findings after 7 years of following 1000 Jewish young people who started secondary school in 2011. Come and hear what we have learned about what they and their families do and what they think about. Find out how these young people's Jewish Lives have changed over time.

Gefiltefest: All hail the Kosher cheeseburger?

Dan Jacobs  Hannah Rosen  Phil Peters  Jeremy Lawrence  Gefiltefest at Limmud 

Yellow 21

What is the impact of cell grown meat on kashrut, from a halachic, industry and ethical standpoint? A panel discussion on the ins and outs of new technologies in the food industry.

Gefiltefest: Pickle and sauerkraut making: fun with (lacto)fermentation

Gefiltefest at Limmud  David Krantz 

Purple 31

Like food? Learn how to make and jar your own probiotic pickles and sauerkraut! No refrigeration needed. Ingredients will be supplied. Just bring yourself!

Hair covering and the Jewish woman today

Joanne Greenaway 

Orange 12

We will look closely at our sources to understand the origins and intentions of our laws on hair covering and consider how these have been interpreted by Jewish women across time and place. This will be a Halacha shiur accessible at any level.

 Limmud 2018 - hair covering sources.docx

Hayek, humility and halacha

Russ Roberts 

Red 3

This session applies Hayek's insights on the nature of emergent order and the limitations of reason to the challenges of Jewish faith and the evolution of halacha.

Help! The rabbi is coming for shabbat lunch

Sam Fromson 

Red 4

We've all been there... Can I put the soup on the hotplate? Can I serve the cholent from the crockpot? When do I need to put the chicken in the oven? Come join for a lightening tour of shabbat cooking guidelines!

Is Campus a safe space for Jewish students?

Alina Bricman  Hannah Rose 

Red 1

This panel of student leaders will aim to analyse increasing concerns of antisemitism and anti-Zionism on campus. What does the political scene on campus look like? Is campus a safe space for Jewish students?

Lullabies and love songs

Zöe Jacobs 

Yellow 22

Our tradition gifts us texts that express love, comfort, and protection. We’ll learn some of these texts through song, leaving you with melodies to soothe your soul and share with those you love.

Meaningful, belonging, commitment: the stepping stones to build a strong community

Tal Cohen 

Green 27

Strong and resilient communities have been integral to keep and sustain the Jewish world throughout history. Deriving from the world of international development, we will explore how to build strong communities, from the level of the individual to the collective and how to transform your community to a ‘home of choice’.


Moving past happiness

Naftali Moses 

Green 25

Happy? The pursuit of happiness is no small matter, yet, despite our best efforts, its attainment often remains elusive. Come follow the adventures of a lowly tinkerer who comes to outwit the king himself in R' Nachman's masterful story: "A Tale of Confidence." We'll discover whether God is interested in human happiness or actually set against it.

 a tale of conviction.docx

Oy what a day...

Participant Care Programming 

Blue 32

Fancy a break from intensive sessions or have lots to get off your chest after a thought-provoking discussion? Come and join us for an informal chat about the day's sessions over a hot drink.

The Book of Job according to Maureen Kendler, z"l

Dan Reisel 

Orange 11

Maureen Kendler died on 23rd February this year after a short illness. An extraordinary teacher, mentor and friend, it was a loss acutely felt by many. Maureen had a deep affinity for the Book of Job, which she returned to again and again over the years. We will learn the story through her teaching of it and thereby hopefully honour her memory.

The place for right-leaning pro-Israel Jews in the human rights world

Irina Tsukerman 

Red 5

Is human rights activism inimical to conservatism? Can one be passionately pro-Israel and also contribute to the human rights defence in Muslim-majority countries? How do these positions square with the domination of the human rights sphere by the leftist and increasingly identitarian politics?

The seven loves of Isaac

Raphael Zarum 

Orange 14

Can we really ever get to know our Patriarchs and Matriarchs well? What was Isaac really like as a son, husband and father? A close reading of just a two verses in the Torah with lots of commentaries will reveal a man who may surprise you… ‘Pass the gravy!’

When Mossad searched for a child abducted by Haredim

Wojciech Tworek 

Blue 34

In the 1960s, Yossele, a child of secular olim, was spirited away from Israel by a group of Haredim. It took the Mossad to track him down in Williamsburg. Discover the affair that shook Israeli society and the legend that lives on in the Haredi society.

Who does my body belong to?

Yochai Maital 

Blue 33

Moran lived a difficult life. She was sexually abused by a step father & lost her family when she came out against the man. She developed depression and tried killing herself several times. For two years I followed her as she petitioned the Swiss organisation Dignitas for assisted suicide. Who own's ones body? Is it ever right to help someone die?

Why impact investing is inherently Jewish

Amira Aharonovich 

Yellow 24

“Leave them for the poor and the foreigner” (Leviticus 19:10) - is impact investing inherently Jewish? And how is it spreading around the business and non-profit world? This session will take a close look at the Jewish sources for impact investing and explore current trends of implementation.

Jordan Peterson and Rabbi Sacks

Berlin Leiman 

Red 6

Rabbi Sacks (former Chief Rabbi) interviewed Jordan Peterson (Professor of Psychology from University of Toronto) as a part of his BBC series on morality. He introduced Jordan Peterson as one of the most famous and controversial public intellectuals. I will explore the themes from the interview in the interactive format.

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