Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Tuesday 13:30

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LGBT+ Families: a discussion around what an inclusive Jewish community looks like for you and your family

Dalia Fleming  Alma Reisel 

Green 26

If you feel part of a “LGBT+ family” (whether an LGBT+ parent or a parent of LGBT+ person or aunt, uncle, sibling, cousin etc) please join us to talk about your hopes and concerns for our community. KeshetUK invites you to join this discussion about what our community should look like to ensure you and your family are included.

Lev Yodea Marat Nafsho: Trans identity and self-determination in halacha

Laynie Soloman 

Red 8

Who gets a say over our bodies? Tensions between self-knowledge and medical "expertise" are pervasive in Talmud, and also in the modern world. We'll explore the thread of a key sugya as it plays out in Jewish legal discourse, and investigate what the experiences of trans folks and bodies can contribute to this unfolding halachic conversation.

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