Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 23:00

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Laviot Pub Quiz

Gabi Markham  Olivia Davidson  _ Laviot Programming 

Purple 29

Everyone is welcome at our pub quiz with a twist. Our questions will put you off the straight and narrow with plenty of prizes to be won. Queerness not required but quirkiness encouraged! Each team will need a smartphone with a camera and one other random item of your choice...

Deciphering Genesis, Chapter 1: an in-credible reading

Jacobo Viskin 

Red 4

What is Rakia? What is Day? Does the story of creation make sense? Are there two stories or just one? Why are we curious on the text starting with the letter Bet? To whom is the text referring to when stating na’aseh adam? Based on the Hebrew text, using reason, everything you always wanted to know about the first chapter of Genesis but were afraid to ask.

“What War Zone?” stand-up comedy from Israel

Benji Lovitt 

Red 7

Benji presents a hilarious picture of Israel by deconstructing cultural differences and the immigrant experience. Benji’s energy and enthusiasm will make you laugh out loud as he sheds light on embarrassing Hebrew mistakes, Jewish holidays, and exactly what makes Diaspora and Israeli Jews different from each other.

Blues for Jews

David Hoffman 

Red 6

All the way from Manchester, England, our whimsical maestro presents his personal musical journey through Jewish history, culture and tradition… through the medium of rock music. Limmud may come up a few times… all welcome, including jamming musicians.

Sing Along with Dan Patterson and Simon Style

Dan Patterson  Simon Style 

Blue 34

A chance to get together and sing all those songs you hoped had disappeared. Pretend it's the 60s, 70s and 80s again - happier times - and come and bring your instruments and voices. Feel young again / old again whichever you prefer.

Why Rachel died in child birth and other obstetrical insights and complications in Jewish history

Tamar Elram 

Yellow 21

Obstetrics is a medical field as old as mankind itself. There is much to be learned from the Tanach and practices of our foremothers, that reflect on our modern medical society.

Topless Men! The Jewish male body through Zionist art and writing.

Josh Marks 

Orange 12

This session uses a range of media to explore the portrayal of the Jewish male body, both in early Zionist and Haskala writing, and in more recent Israeli culture.

Seduction and Mehitza after #MeToo

Myriam Tangi 

Red 2

During shabbat, after a chevruta about glance, stare, look, gaze…. we will rethink the notion of mehitza : a mehitza for whom ? What is the link with kedusha ?

Kohelet: anatomy of futility?

Yehuda Efune 

Red 3

What exactly was the author of this puzzling book getting at with the repeated declaration that all is futile, vanity, or merest breath? What is the place of such a book within the Biblical canon, and what can possibly be its place in the religious life of Judaism today?

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