Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Thursday 09:20

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Building Israeli-Palestinian understanding through healthcare

Kenneth Bob 

Orange 12

Healthcare is the area of civil society where Israelis and Palestinians meet on the broadest scale. This provides opportunities for Palestinian professionals and patients to access the Israeli healthcare system while building trust and promoting mutual respect. We will discuss examples from the field that illustrate successes and challenges.

High-risk robotics and Jewish community leadership

Kevin Lieberman 

Orange 11

The field of Human Factors researches how high-risk human-machine systems like airplanes, drones, self-driving cars, and medical devices may be better designed for safety and efficiency. In this session, we'll explore how insights from human factors research may be applied to support another complex system: the Jewish community.

How Abie’s Irish Rose Gave Way to Awake and Sing and Why It Matters

Stuart Hecht 

Yellow 21

Anne Nichols’ 1927 comedy, Abie’s Irish Rose, ran for years. Depicting a Jewish boy marrying an Irish Catholic girl, it charmed through ethnic stereotypes. Eight years later Clifford Odets’ Awake and Sing introduced complex Jewish characters, revolutionizing American theatre, acting and playwriting.

Songs of yearning, songs of ecstasy

Yehuda Efune 

Green 25

300+ songs categorised and transcripted in the “Book of Melodies” provide for a range of devotional or religious moods while also giving us an alternative, musical, history of the not un-controversial Chabad movement and its religious aspirations via its playlist.

The emBODYment of Jewish femininty- the female body as seen through the lens of a photographer/therapist

Aviva Braun-Finkler 

Blue 32

Why photography for a psychotherapist? How an eating disorder/body image therapist came to create an exhibit that involved Jewish women ages 13 through 82 expressing their deepest innermost feelings about their bodies. The focus of the exhibit is de-objectification of women's bodies through photography, in contrast to what we see in the media.

“The more possessions, the more worries”. How to declutter your home throughout the Jewish life cycle

Juliet Landau-Pope 

Blue 33

What meanings do you attribute to things accumulated at different ages and stages of life? From birth to bar/bat mitzvah, betrothal to bereavement, what role does clutter play in the Jewish life cycle? Juliet Landau-Pope shares practical strategies and motivational tips to help you review and surplus stuff.

The Rav - Rav Soloveitchik on interfaith issues (2 of 2)

Barry Kleinberg 

Blue 34

Did the Rav really oppose interfaith work? In what situations would he agree to it? We will look at key passages in his essay 'Confrontation' and other key sources.

Will we still be here?

Sheila Gewolb 

Red 6

Antisemitism, terrorism and rising secularism are ever-increasing threats to Jews around the world. What is our future? What can we in the UK do about it? What is our role in this uncertain and divisive world? Join Sheila Gewolb, Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews to take you through these questions.

Pioneer of Postmodern Orthodoxy? Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik revisited

Mark Gottlieb 

Yellow 22

Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik is often associated with a sophisticated defence of orthodoxy and tradition. Did that defence of orthodoxy come from sources that anticipated the postmodern turn in the late 20th century, sources often seen as antagonistic to religion and tradition? The answers may surprise you.

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