Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Monday 13:20

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A dummies guide to Yemen: past, present and future

Baraa Shaiban 

Red 4

A brief foray into the ancient history of Yemen, examining how Yemen's history has informed its modern politics and the ongoing conflict. We will explore the current situation in Yemen and how the Arab Spring has influenced and shaped the formation of a new Yemen. At least 20 minutes will be reserved for Q&A.

An “op-pressed” people

Liat Collins 

Red 3

Why headlines matter and the reasons Israelis feel they are not getting fair coverage in the international media.

Being inspired by the religious geniuses of other faiths

Alon Goshen-Gottstein 

Yellow 22

Great personalities in religion are sources of inspiration. They allow us to see the best in religion. The category of Religious Genius has been developed in order to allow us to appreciate outstanding individuals across religions. Who is a religious genius? what are the qualities that make him or her special and how can these speak to everyone?

Creating inclusive shared societies in the face of seemingly vast divides

Jamal Alkirnawi 

Red 1

Israel's south is a laboratory slowly proving that vast chasms can be bridged. How do we embrace diversity and create cohesion? How do we break down walls between each other and within our own societies and build a more inclusive ecosystem? Let's discuss...

Festivals, seasons in Judaism and climate change

Steven Wilson 

Red 5

So, four years ago, I made the move from working in the environmental research community to the Jewish community. I generally keep the two parts of my brain segregated (you should see the mechitzah!) but every so often they break free. In this talk, I'm going to take that risk - looking at weather and climate and how they interact with Judaism.

Gefiltefest: How to have your kugel and eat it

Judi Rose  Jacqueline Lewis  Gefiltefest at Limmud 

Purple 31

Judi and Jackie present this fusion of a double act and a demonstration. Presenting classic recipes with a healthier twist, Judi and Jackie bring their culinary and nutritional expertise to show and tell you the process of bringing better health to your haimishe. Think moderation, not deprivation! Warning: Recipes in this session will contain nuts and sesame.


Holy moly

Samuel Lebens 

Orange 12

What makes a person holy? What makes a day holy? What makes an object holy? In this session, we will study some surprising Midrashim (many of which relate to sexual attraction and objectification). After some discussion of these texts, we will try to draw their various themes together, in order to come to some understanding of 'holiness'.

Jerusalem uncovered: the challenges and opportunities for the capital of the Jewish nation

Fleur Hassan Nahoum 

Orange 15

Jerusalem is and has always been a complex city, one of hope and despair of pain and opportunity. In this session we will look at Jerusalem's main challenges in the coming decade and we will analyze its strengths and ways they may be leveraged towards a better future for all the city's residents as well as the country and the Jewish People.

Limmud Book Club: Goodbye Columbus by Philip Roth (2 of 4)

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch 

Red 9

This stand-alone session is a chance for book lovers to share insights. We will discuss our favourite extracts, characters and theories - for those who've already read the book and those who haven't but want to find out more. Today’s choice is Philip Roth’s witty novella ‘Goodbye Columbus’, the story that first established his reputation.

London Jewish Male Choir

London Male Jewish Choir 

Yellow 24

Join the London Jewish Male Choir and soloist Yoav Oved for an engaging, entertaining and enjoyable concert, suitable for all ages. Featuring songs from across the choir's repertoire, including Israeli, Yiddish, musical theatre, liturgical and original songs. Not to be missed!

Marrying in not out

Aaron Goldstein 

Blue 34

For many, mixed marriage is no longer a taboo subject but there is no denying the concern, emotional pain and strained relationships the prospect evokes in a Jewish family. This session seeks to address such issues in a safe and supportive manner.

Mosul Jewish sites liberated from ISIS

Edwin Shuker 

Orange 14

Mosul was the epicenter of the ISIS occupation of North Iraq that lasted more than four years until December 2017. Edwin visited the old Jewish quarter last August and will share exclusive and previously unseen footage and pictures that will surprise and amaze.

Solomon and the baby: who WAS the mother?

Gabriel Webber 

Green 25

By threatening to cut the living baby in two, wise King Solomon managed to identify its real mother. But the audience never finds out which it is. So was Solomon really that wise? Come to explore this Biblical detective story, and try to discover/ guess randomly at the truth.

Tayelet - your introduction to Israeli dance

Sheila Eizensharf 

Yellow 23

Bo'u lirkod! Enjoy all the atmosphere of Tel Aviv’s Tayelet learning dances regularly danced in Israel; suitable for newcomers and returnees with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This is an introduction to Israeli dance for the young and young at heart. Have fun! Learn all the basic moves but with some new music.

The cantorial art

Robert Brody 

Blue 33

This session will look at chosen aspects of the art of the cantor. Musical associations are linked with the annual calendar of Jewish events and festivals. Nusach modes, sadly being forgotten in our generation, are specific aspects of the music that greatly affect our memories and reinforce our relationships with religious experiences.

The sex education (‘RSE’) edition! Who wants to be a millionaire?

Nathan Servi  Sarah Bronzite 

Orange 11

In the UK, RSE is now compulsory. But what should schools teach? And should parents be able to withdraw their children from lessons? You decide: 12 questions based on real Jewish teenage sexual experiences: no ‘lifelines’, no right answers, much heated discussion…and hopefully some insight into why the RSE curriculum should be wider than you think.

The spiritual humanism of Abraham Joshua Heschel

Peter Geffen 

Red 7

Presenting a developmental framework within which to understand the profound insights of Heschel's words for schools and families. Session will include biography and viewing of a rarely seen historic television interview from 1971. This is a double session in order to fully appreciate the video and the extended content it provides.

 Geffen–Heschel Quotes for LIMMUD18 .pdf  Dissent ajh.pdf

Toddlers in a care home

Judith Ish-Horowicz 

Red 2

Apples and Honey Nursery at Nightingale House in South London is the first co-located early years setting inside a care home in the UK. Come and hear how our pioneering intergenerational programme has developed over the last 16 months, the influence it’s having on British Society and what we’re looking forward to doing next.

We don't eat bagels here: Turkey's Jewish community

Ela Cenudioğlu  Joey Leskin 

Orange 10

Jewish food = bagels and salt beef? The Turkish community would beg to differ. Numbering 15000, Jewish life in Turkey is active, with many synagogues and 3 youth groups. But with increasing emigration and a nation in turmoil, Turkish Jews face a crossroads in their rich 500 year Sephardic history: hold with tradition, or progress with new options.

What Jeremy Corbyn needs to know about Mizrahi Jews

Lyn Julius 

Red 6

Why are Mizrahi Jews absent from Jeremy Corbyn's world view? Why does the far left cling to myths of settler-colonalism that fly in the face of 2,600 years of Jewish history in the Middle East?

Sexuality and sanctity: the pleasure principle - sex acts and positions (2 of 3)

Rahel Berkovits 

Orange 13

What does Judaism say about sex? Is desire a positive feeling? How important is my personal pleasure? Can I engage in any sex act or position that turns me on? In this session we will openly discuss rabbinic texts on sexual intercourse. This session aims to be a safe space for people of diverse backgrounds, practices, genders, and orientations.

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