Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Wednesday 22:00

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The Rebbetzin's Disco

Raymond Simonson  Jacqueline Nicholls 

Red 7

And you shall love your God with all your heart & soul, blues, funk, hip-hop, R&B, rock, indie disco, reggae, euro-pop... Standing still, or swaying, is not an option. The Rebbetzin's Disco obligates your body and soul. Because these are playlists for the sake of heaven.

Night Seder: Shabbat on a Desert Island

Frederick Powell 

Red 8

Imagine that you're marooned on a desert island. How would you count time without a clock? How would you figure out when to keep shabbat? Come to explore this piece of Gemara and some of its implications for the modern world. The text will be provided in Hebrew and English, and there will be time for chevruta.

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