Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Saturday 20:15

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Alenu L’Shabeach and Imagine – In Memory of Maureen

Daniel Goldfarb 

Orange 14

Is Religion good or bad for the Jews/the world? John Lennon's Imagine cites religion as an obstacle to world peace and brotherhood. The Alenu prayer considers God's sovereignty as the key to achieving these ideals. We'll study and compare these texts, sing a little, and remember Maureen Kendler, z”l.

 Alenu L'Sh-Imag SOURCE SH Dec 2018.docx

Bag Packing Party

Shabbat Programming 

Purple 31

Over 2000 participants are arriving tomorrow and they all need a bag packed – just like the one you received. Grab a drink, we’ll put on​ some music and come and join us to pack some bags. Even 10​ minutes of your time would be much appreciated.

Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986), Introduced by Irene Wise

Irene Wise 

Orange 13

Irene Wise introduces the film of Neil Simon’s semi-autobiographical play. Set during the Great Depression, it’s a warm-hearted coming-of-age movie, focusing on fourteen year-old Eugene (Jonathan Silverman), who lives with his parents, brother, aunt and cousins in Brooklyn, New York. This movie follows a talk on the life and work of Neil Simon.

Daniel Cainer: More Gefilte Fish and Chips

Daniel Cainer 

Red 6

Smart, warm, funny, multi-award-winning Cainer is back again with his ever-evolving collection of stories-in-song. All the human condition is here, lovingly and intelligently depicted: brilliant rhyming and wordplay, great musicianship and haunting tunes you can’t forget. (SoHo Playhouse New York: Best of Edinburgh and NYC Fringes 2014/15/16)

Finding Relly - my family, the Holocaust, and me

Rosemary Schonfeld 

Orange 11

Rosemary will talk about what led to her writing the book, some of the key processes and elements involved in tracing her Aunt Relly, and provide some insights into the Transmission of Massive Trauma, a phenomenon experienced by many 2nd Generation Holocaust. There will be time for questions and discussion.


Inclusion and Exclusion: Being LGBT+ on Shabbat

Arya Marvazy  Gabi Markham  Laynie Soloman  Oli Davidson  Mike Moskowitz 

Red 1

Shabbat is often seen as a welcome break from the week but for LGBT+ Jews this may not be the case. Questions of identity & acceptance in the community become more prominent during Shabbat and Festivals for LGBT+ Jews. Our panellists will explore how Shabbat can both exclude & include and how we can ensure that LGBT+ Jews feel welcome each week.

Jewish songwriting: l'chadesh - making the old new

Jacob Kraus 

Orange 12

What makes music Jewish? And what makes Jewish music feel real to us? Songwriter Jacob Spike Kraus goes in-depth on his technique for writing contemporary Jewish music. For musicians and non-musicians alike, it’s both a modern text study and a dialogue comparing our favourite Jewish songs of the past & present. Opportunities to share if time allows.

Perspectives from Parliament: 24 years into South African Democracy

Chaya Singer 

Red 2

Chaya Singer will share her perspectives and experiences of what it has been like to work as the Parliamentary Liaison for the SA Jewish Board of Deputies at the hub of the national debate during a tumultuous time in the country’s recent political history.

Play writing in the spirit of talmud

Tirtsa Posklinsky Shehory 

Blue 33

A woman named Pe'ita debates with the head of the Jewish community in Babylon, Rabbi Nachman. What about and why? Who learned from who in that event? What do we learn from it? We will read the Talmudic story, look at it from several angles, illustrate it by dramatising some of the dialogues from within it.

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