Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Monday 14:40

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Am I enough? Women and impostor syndrome

Amy Decker  Annie Levy 

Orange 10

We are young people with university degrees, varied experiences and numerous interests. Yet when it came to planning a session to run at Limmud, we were stumped. Who are we to speak about these things? We're not the most qualified, intellectual or experienced. Come along to deconstruct the insidious impostor syndrome that is epidemic among women.

Bialik's pious but secular children: Chaim Grade and A.M. Klein

Allan Nadler 

Red 6

The session will discuss the Hebrew poetry and thought of Chaim Nachman Bialik and its formative influence in the work and lives of the 20th Century's greatest Jewish poets/authors: Grade in Yiddish and A.M. Klein in English. Selections of the poetry of all three will be read and discussed.

Bridge and Kaluki

Social Programming 

Red 9

Come along and play two of Britain's most popular card games - bridge and kaluki. No partner needed; just your best card play!

Building a family tree - how to trace your Jewish ancestors and living relatives

Laurence Harris 

Green 26

This session provides practical guidance on how to trace your ancestors and create a family tree. It will include tips on getting started and advice on different places that family history information can be found. It will also show how DNA testing can be a useful tool in confirming ancestors and finding previously unknown relatives.

Gaps in Israeli society - why do children in Ramle receive less than children in Tel Aviv?

Rotem Cohen Kahlon 

Red 1

Gaps in Israel were created by institutionalized discrimination during the establishment of the state. As a young woman from the periphery, I experienced many gaps in education, quality of life. I want to talk about how the State of Israel and Israeli society deal with these gaps and what can be done today.

Gefiltefest: Itai Arik of Lev&Tine

Itai Arik  Gefiltefest at Limmud 

Purple 31

Itai Arik brings his experience and his new, growing food business to Gefiltefest. His background in Israel bringing together food and social justice have fed into his experience running hospitality and food experiences in London.

Haredi cultures of reproductive health in Israel and the UK

Ben Kasstan  Lea Taragin-Zeller 

Red 3

Haredim are forecast to be a major part of the Jewish population by the mid-century. Drawing on our ethnographic research, we will explore the reproductive realities of Haredim in Israel and the UK and discuss the particular issues that arise around reproductive wellbeing - birth spacing, abortion care, and assisted reproduction.

"He had a hat!": the history of Jewish mother jokes

Marjorie Ingall 

Orange 14

Where do Jewish Mother jokes come from? Why were they once so prevalent, and where did they go? What can they teach us about Jewish history and parenting values? Marjorie Ingall, author of the bestseller Mamaleh Knows Best, will talk about the truth behind the stereotype.

Hinay Zeh Bah! Here it comes on YouTube!

Lawrence Cohen 

Red 5

Looking for a session which won’t drey your kop? Look no further! Put the aggravation on hold, relax, and take a tour through the best in Jewish music videos. Mainly Hebrew, some Yiddish. Can’t figure out what they’re singing about? The presenter neither! But there’s sure to be some maven in the audience who can tell us!

Is Israel alienating the Diaspora?

Simon Rocker  Liam Getreu  Jack Wertheimer  Lyn Julius  Annika Hernroth-Rothstein 

Orange 12

Has Netanyahu's interminable premiership harmed Diaspora Zionism? This is one of the central questions confronting the Jewish world. But is it the right one? Would Israel's policies under a different government satisfy Israel's Jewish critics, or is the cause of the estrangement not in Israel but here? Panellists from across the globe debate.

Johann Sebastian Bach and the Jews

John Dunston 

Green 27

John will explore the dilemma faced by many Jews who enjoy singing, when they come up against the challenging texts of Bach's Passions. Using musical extracts, historical research and his own experience in choirs, he will consider the antisemitism of the Gospels and reveal some surprisingly reassuring truths about the musical settings of J S Bach.

Knit and natter

Melanie Kelly  Social Programming 

Blue 32

Join each afternoon to knit and natter. Want to learn how? Come we'll help you learn. Want a knitting project you can do while you're at Festival? We'll be working together to create hats and blankets to distribute in Eastern Europe through the Together Plan. We'll have limited supplies to share but please bring needles and wool if you have.

LGBTQ+ Allyship in action

Arya Marvazy 

Blue 33

Join for an interactive session to think more holistically about LGBTQ+ inclusion and equality wherever you are. Leave with tools and resources to explore and embody ALLYSHIP as an individual, in your family, or with your organization. This is a great session for those aiming to move past 'acceptance' to 'full embrace' of LGBTQ+ people.

Mexico City and it's Jews: a gastronomical history

Alan Grabinsky 

Yellow 22

In this session, we will explore around 100 years of Jewish presence in Mexico City, through food. We will explore how the urban changes affected Jewish life and how the existing infrastructure of Jewish establishments in the city tells a deeper rags-to-riches story. We will open up the debate to ask if there's such a thing as Jewish Mexican Food.

Out of the bubble: interfaith at university

Clare Levy  Josephine Davidoff  Celia Gould  Jessica Spencer 

Green 25

JSocs are great - but do we avoid being stuck in a bubble? How can students engage with people of other religions at university whilst avoiding evangelism? And why is interfaith so important, anyway? Three CCJ student leaders share how they got their Jewish Society, Anglican Society and Christian Union involved in interfaith and what happened next.

Site Sat Nav

Participant Care Programming 

Hilton Lobby

Need a little help navigating your way around the site? Want to learn the best route from the dining room? Learn your way around the site with a friendly member of the Limmud team. Then have coffee with fellow participants.

Spirituality and positive psychology (1 of 2)

Tamra Wright 

Red 4

Recent research shows that spirituality is an essential component of healthy development not only in children and adolescents, but also in adults of every age. In today’s session, we will introduce the field of positive psychology and focus on the crucial – potentially life-saving – importance of fostering young people’s spirituality.

Strange-ing the welcomer: a theory of Black and White and Jews all over

Miriam Libicki 

Blue 34

20 years after the miraculous Operation Solomon, Ethiopian-Israelis occupy low socioeconomic positions. Miriam explores why, and how American Jews are bound up in the situation. This reading, blending cartoons, memoir, humour, and historical research, constructs a theory of the intersections of Jewishness and Blackness, and a moral course forward.

The Israel Apartheid analogy: ground zero

Chaya Singer 

Orange 11

Chaya Singer will discuss the traction of the Israel Apartheid analogy in South Africa, how it informs the country's foreign policy and the targeting of the local Jewish community by the BDS movement.

The life-saving tech set to improve Israel’s emergency services this year

Sharon Darwish 

Red 2

A team of Israeli linguists has been hard at work with a British startup to help build an exciting technology set to improve Israel’s emergency services, travel sector and more. Find out how it's saving lives and improving businesses across the world, learn quirks about Ivrit you never knew - and how to find a friend on the beach with no wifi.

The Nation State Law and Diaspora Jewry’s relationship with Israel

Clive Sheldon  Anna Roiser  Esther Craven 

Orange 15

The passage of the Nation State Law this year saw a rare rebuke to Israel from the Board of Deputies and concern throughout the Diaspora. We’ll look at why the Law was controversial, consider how its values compare to those enshrined in Israel’s Declaration of Independence, and discuss the implications for Diaspora Jewry’s relationship with Israel.

 Handout for Nation State Law session.pdf

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