Limmud Festival 2018

Limmud Festival 2018 – Sunday 13:30

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A tzadik walks into Mitzrayim: Elimelech of Lizhensk on Parshat Sh'mot

Yael Roberts 

Red 8

Come read the Noam Elimelech's writings on this week's portion, Sh'mot. What does he teach about the tzadik (spiritual practitioner) and what is this tzadik's relationship to Mitzrayim (narrowness)? We will build skills for reading Hasidic texts, and apply his writings to our lives. Text will be worked through in Hebrew, translation available.

The David Hillman stained glass windows

David Newman 

Red 7

There are over 250 beautiful stained glass windows of the artist and scholar David Hillman in eight different London synagogues. We will look at the unique artistic and Jewish content of his windows against the social background of Hillmans family, including prominent 20th century rabbis, such as Chief Rabbi Herzog and Dayan Shmuel Hillman.

 David Hillman windows - SJW companion 2018.pdf

Winter Hunt

Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival 

Orange 13

Introduced by Linda Berkowitz, this film presents Lena, a young German woman, seeking revenge against former SS officer Anselm Rossberg, who has recently been acquitted of Holocaust-era crimes. Exploring memory and guilt, Winter Hunt is a gripping psychological thriller. (75 mins, English subtitles)

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