Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Friday 17:15
Shabbat programme

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An idiot’s guide to Shabbat

Shira Solomons 

Red 5

Chillax. Put your feet up. Fancy a schluf? Let’s light some candles. Are you Manishewitz or Palwin? We promise not to force feed you any cholent!

Charedim - risk and opportunity for Israeli society

Daniel Goldman 

Yellow 21

Israeli society struggles to understand the dynamics of Charedi society. Charedim are separated from mainstream society, out of ideology. This creates mutual ignorance and antagonism. Big change is afoot as the Charedim near 1 million out the 8 million citizens of Israel. We will look at where the risks lie, but also the hidden opportunities for Israel.

Jewish stories of love and marriage

Sandy Sasso 

Orange 10

Explore an overlooked window into history through the love letters of Alfred and Lucie Dreyfus, Martin and Paul Buber, IM Wise and Selma Bondi, and the first ordained female rabbi, Regina Jonas. Love letters from the Civil War to the present will allow us to revisit old stories and new romances as we reclaim the power of the written word.

Shabbat poetry to soothe your soul

Danny Siegel 

Orange 12

Readings from own works that may help reinforce the wonderful Shabbat mood of Limmud.

Team challenge: solve my puzzle and learn strategic thinking and effective communication

Dan Mackenzie 

Red 6

Come and have a go at solving my challenge for teams*, the record is 19 mins, but maybe you can beat it. It will test your verbal communication, strategic thinking, and performance under pressure. After, we will review each teams approach and lessons for future challenges. Late arrivals may not be able to join in. *You don't need to bring a team

Judah's great speech

Zev Warren Harvey 

Blue 34

In this week's Torah reading (Parashat Vayigash), we come to the climax of the stories concerning Joseph and his brothers. Judah delivers what is often considered to be the greatest speech in the Bible (Genesis 44:18:34) He pleads before the strict Egyptian viceroy, who, unknown to him, is really his long-lost brother Joseph.

Why Jewish History matters – a human-focused Chanukah

Adam Chalom 

Red 4

Is Jewish memory, or what we think happened, more important than Jewish history, what actually happened, as best we can know? An historical approach to how we became who we are is vital for a solid foundation and future possibilities of meaningful Jewish life. Chanukah is a perfect example of how historical inquiry can enrich modern celebration.

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