Limmud Festival 2017
Tuesday 26 December 2017

Morning news review! Simon Spungin from Haaretz Simon Spungin  Social Programming Team  Blue 32
V'yarutz v'yomer: and he ran and he talked, or "run and chat" (2 of 4) Abigail Morris  Hilton Lobby
Freeing up your back: Feldenkrais at Limmud (4 of 5) Emma Alter  Red 7
Morning chavruta – Encountering the Divine: Partnership (2 of 3) Limmud Chavruta Team  Yellow 24
The news media's contribution to the Middle East conflict Richard Landes  Blue 33
Tefillin in Progressive synagogues Anthony Lazarus  Blue 34
Bibliodrama: Book of Ruth Raya Even David  Green 25
New frontiers in hadracha/experiential Jewish education Sarah Mali  Green 26
Is every Torah scroll the same? Michael Hilton  Green 27
Israeli economy: a short analysis Leonid Okneanski  Orange 10
Coexistence between Jews and Muslims in Morocco Laziza Dalil  Orange 11
The Labour Party 101: discipline, trigger ballots and your CLP (2 of 2) Peter Mason  Orange 12
My Nazi Legacy David Evans  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
Overeaters anonymous Red 1
Maimonides' prize student: Joseph ben Judah Zev Warren Harvey  Red 2
The Rabbi who couldn't grow a beard Jacqueline Tabick  Red 3
Miracle workers or mischief makers? A journey through Tractate Taanit Nachum of Gimzo and the challenge of evil (Taanit 21a) (1 of 3) Margaret Jacobi  Red 4
The Chosen People? New perspectives on old philosophies Eliza McCarroll  Red 5
Writing workshop - moral dilemmas Lewis Warshauer  Red 6
Yoga and Kabbalah Michael Picardie  Red 7
Crossword/Sudoku Social Programming Team  Red 9
Science, religion and personal experience: the resolution Michael Capek  Yellow 21
Shrink wrap or shrink proof? Tikkun olam for our NHS mental health services Robin Powell  Claire Hilton  Blue 32
Hinech Yafa: text into song Lawrence Cohen  Blue 34
Chaim Bermant, chronicler of Anglo-Jewry Danny Bermant  Green 25
Mizrahi representation in Israel's culture, education and politics Roi Grufi  Green 26
How to be a human - relationships and community (2 of 3) Matt Plen  Orange 11
Women and tzitzit Eve Sacks  Orange 12
Limmud book club: A Horse Walks Into A Bar (3 of 4) Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch  Orange 14
Around the world in 7 tales Hannah Gaventa  Abi Symons  Lucy Cohen  Adit Goschalk  Joey Leskin  Georgina Bye  Orange 15
From piyyutim to yeshiva a capella: the evolution of Jewish music Josh Nelson  Daphna Rosenberg  Roni Weinstein  Shai Tsabari  Red 1
Nietzsche and Soloveitchik III: Suffering Michael Harris  Red 2
1917 - Balfour vs Bolsheviks: which event had the most lasting impact? Arieh Miller  Steve Miller  Red 3
Torah from Heaven: progressive views Daniel Lichman  Adam Chalom  Dennis Sasso  Deborah Kahn-Harris  Red 4
Finding meaning in a (possibly) meaningless world Jeremy Tabick  Red 5
Emet veYatziv. A short Talmudic discourse. David Bigman  Red 6
Cheshbon ha Nefesh: a face of Jewish meditation (1 of 2) Mira Niculescu  Red 7
"A plastered well to a cracked oven..." (Experienced Morning Intensive) (2 of 4) Joseph Israel  Benjamin Stanley  Red 9
Breaking the rules to keep the rules - Bet Midrash Beginners (2 of 4) Roni Tabick  Red 9
Who is Rabbi Yishmael? Preacher and Priest (2 of 4) Dena Weiss  Red 9
Anyone can be a teacher: DIY Dvar Torah Elements @ Festival Limmud  David Levin-Kruss  Yellow 21
#MeToo in Hollywood: Will 2018 see the dawn of a new era?” Julia Wagner  Yellow 23
The changing nature of Jewish museums Richard Cohen  Yellow 24
Lunch and learn Debra Brunner  Social Programming Team  Blue 32
Britain's eight Jewish "tribes" Daniel Bernstein Vulkan  Blue 33
A land of milk and mufleta: at the crossroads of Israeli cuisine and culture Joel Haber  Blue 34
Human-centred design and your Jewish community Kevin Lieberman  Green 25
The emerging tech and startup scene in Jerusalem (1 of 2) Rachel Rosenzweig  Green 26
Site sat nav Social Programming Team  Hilton Lobby
Caliphaters and Jews: global Jihad as an apocalyptic millennial movement Richard Landes  Orange 10
Jews: White (other)? Clive Gabay  Orange 11
What you need to know for your children's online safety! Nathan Servi  Orange 12
Three Jews, four problems: is it worth it to be part of a community? David Levin-Kruss  Orange 13
Sephardi Voices: are Arab countries rediscovering their Jewish heritage? Edwin Shuker  Alec Nacamuli  Orange 14
The High Holy Days - does Yom Kippur make any sense? (2 of 2) Clive Lawton  Orange 15
Choosing the right Bible translation for you! Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Red 1
It ain't necessarily so Zvi Solomons  Red 2
Should Torah scholars have authority? Aryeh Klapper  Red 3
Smashing borders and binaries, or Tikkun Olam Dex Grodner  Red 4
50 years of Occupation - where to now? Frima Bubis  Jessica Montell  Atira Winchester  Red 5
The wondering Jew: how I survived the Holocaust, found G-d, love and kabbalah Genine Gita Zohara Barel  Red 6
Salsa fiesta! Joel Peck  Yoav Oved  Red 7
“Now we’re talking pedagogy!”: Levinasian ethics and Jewish education Tamra Wright  Yellow 22
New horizons - Israeli art in the early years of the State of Israel Helena Miller  Yellow 23
Who is a Jew? Do we agree with Hitler or Orthodoxy? Jeremy Stowe-Lindner  Yellow 24
How informal is Informal Jewish Education? Josh Martin  Blue 33
LGBT+ inclusion in schools workshop Benjamin Ellis  Alma Reisel  Green 25
Letters to Sir Moses Montefiore from Jewish petitioners living in Israel in the 1830s and 1840s Sally Style  Green 26
Immunity to change workshop Sarah Mali  Green 27
How to stop a military coup using FaceTime: Turkey’s new reality Joey Leskin  Orange 10
We can stop talking about periods when we've ended period poverty Gabby Edlin  Orange 11
State of the nation: how segregated is Britain, and should Jews be worried? Laura Janner-Klausner  Orange 12
'Living With The God[s]', the Jewish way Eva Frojmovic  Orange 13
A Jewish bestiary: Kafka’s primatology (3 of 4) Jay Geller  Orange 14
Noam Shalit in conversation with Michael Wegier Michael Wegier  Noam Shalit  Orange 15
Better Know a Jewish Charity Ben Crowne  Red 1
MBT-What-Am-I? Introversion & Extroversion in Jewish Leadership Andrew Keene  Red 2
What I wish my Jewish day school had taught me about the Occupation. Simone Zimmerman  Red 4
The Beit Midrashification of the world: can Torah study unite us? Michael Feuer  Leon Morris  Yaffa Epstein  Red 5
My summer in 'Amish Country' Daniella Shaw  Red 6
Chair yoga Estelle Eugene  Red 7
Parshat Vayechi with the Hasidic masters (1 of 2) Yael Roberts  Red 9
A positive sexual ethic in the Talmud - part I Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson  Red 9
Volunteering at its best: what can we learn? Hannah Gaventa  Elements @ Festival Limmud  Genna Barnett  Jonathan Pam  Georgina Bye  Yellow 21
Art Journaling Ruth Borthwick  Yellow 22
How I learned to stop worrying and love Kohelet Deborah Kahn-Harris  Yellow 23
What is really going on in the left of the Labour Party - should Jews be concerned? Jon Lansman  Andrew Gilbert  Yellow 24
Board Games Social Programming Team  Blue 32
Unorthodox Live! Gabby Edlin  Anthony Mordechai Tsvi Russell  Mark Oppenheimer  Blue 33
Gaza strip - living the conflict Omer Drori  Blue 34
Ethical wills - history and modern trends (1 of 2) Holly Blue Hawkins  Green 25
Fighting hate with rights Adam Wagner  Green 26
Jerusalem: from destruction to redemption Tova Ganzel  Green 27
Knit and natter - knitting circle Social Programming Team  Hilton Lobby
A story of an IDF paratrooper in Gaza – reflection and vision for the future in the UK Tamir Oren  Orange 10
Martin Luther... good or bad for the Jews? Sybil Sheridan  Orange 11
Jack Ruby’s Rabbi: A Graphic Novel in Progress Daniel Fingeroth  Orange 12
'The Invisible Men' film screening followed by Q&A with director Yariv Mozer Yariv Mozer  Orange 13
The Last Jedi – Luke leads from the Garden of Eden Raphael Zarum  Orange 15
The greatest comeback: the story of Bela Guttmann David Bolchover  Red 1
Secular versus Charedi - can they connect? Menachem Bombach  Red 2
The secret journey of the high priest: Narnia and the Hekhalot Mordechai Zeller  Red 3
Jesus and Judaism: getting the history right (-3 of 4) Amy-Jill Levine  Red 4
Expulsion and culpability: a re-reading of Bemidbar 5:1-4 Ian Gamse  Red 5
Prayer as protest, melody as mutiny, anthem as appeal Josh Nelson  Zöe Jacobs  Red 6
Ohavim lirkod Maurice Stone  Red 7
How to write a poetic memoir Marvin Shaw  Yellow 22
Jewish and Labour - under assault? A very narrow bridge (Gesher Tsar Meod) Rebecca Filer  Jeremy Newmark  Adrian Cohen  Ella Rose  Laura Marks  Andrew Gilbert  Yellow 23
Bridge and Kaluki Social Programming Team  Blue 32
Stand Up! Education against discrimination - teaching about antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate to students in mainstream schools Roxana Jebreel  Nathan Servi  Blue 33
The Norwegian Shoah: the war's long shadows Berit Reisel  Blue 34
Foraging, wild food and Jews Michael Green  Green 26
Confessions of a siddur creator Michael Haruni  Green 27
Would the London Beth Din have accepted biblical Ruth’s conversion? Daniel Anderson  Orange 10
We have rights too! Using the law to beat BDS around the world Jonathan Turner  Orange 11
Spiritual Resilience (3 of 3) Jonathan Wittenberg  Orange 12
An audience with Jo Johnson MP Jo Johnson  Orange 15
What is the responsibility of British Jews who support a 2-state solution to help secure the other state? Jon Lansman  Stephen Grabiner  Robin Moss  Michael Wegier  Jessica Montell  Andrew Gilbert  Red 1
Israel's place in the modern media maelstrom Richard Miron  Red 2
Literary Lives: Ted Hughes and the Jews (3 of 3) Aviva Dautch  Red 3
Religion and State: Halacha and secular power Jill Jacobs  Red 4
Exploring Hummus Denise Phillips  Red 5
An introduction to modern jive (1 of 2) Jonathan Hunter  Dan Mackenzie  Red 7
Come and learn Makaton! Shoshana Bloom  Oasis 3
Family values story-sharing Andrea Kamens  Oasis 2
Ahavat Hinam for kids! Max Jared Einsohn  Shannyn Gelbart  Rhythm & Blues
Arts and crafts Limmud Families Team  Families Lounge
Cartoons Limmud Families Team  Oasis 1
The illustrated ethics of the Limmud Festival zine! Jessica Deutsch  Oasis 2
Daf yomi - Shevuot 28 Aryeh Klapper  Blue 32
The SIX C's model: Psychological First Aid (PFA) for layman Moshe Farchi  Blue 33
Sexuality and gender in the Ultra-Orthodox communities Hadar Galron  Blue 34
Breaking the silence: military occupation through the eyes of the soldiers Frima Bubis  Green 25
The Jewish community of Golders Green: some well-known people Pam Fox  Green 26
The necessity of looking back Sandy Sasso  Green 27
Poverty porn: where do we draw the line? Hannah Myerson  Orange 10
'Miscarried, The Comic': when procreating isn't as simple as 'Pru U'rvu' - a woman's perspective (1 of 2) Chari Pere  Orange 11
The rise of the Jewish saint in sixteenth century Roni Weinstein  Orange 12
Go vegan you cow-sucking perverts! Daniel Shine  Orange 13
The Balfour Declaration & Resolution 242: a dual narrative approach Michael M. Cohen  Orange 14
Purim - reading the megillah with pink-tinted spectacles Dave Shaw  Neil Levitan  Benjamin Ellis  Orange 15
“In the Eyes of God and Man": Orthodoxy, Torah min HaShamayim, and academic Bible studies Tova Ganzel  David Bigman  Michael Harris  Red 1
The last taboo: considering Brit Milah Jenny Goodman  Red 2
Holy war: the Muslim view (2 of 2) Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Red 3
Bar Mitzvah - an initiation? David Bash  Red 4
The four corners of disability & inclusion in Jewish law Melinda Jones  Red 5
Saffron and sapphire: Sephardic songs Andrew Kay  Karen Kay  Red 6
Feldenkrais - the gentle way to improve your movement & posture Orna Dale Eliashiv  Red 7
What does the future hold for religious LGBT Jews? Moshiel Newman Daphna  Yiscah Smith  Joe Hyman  Yellow 23
Oral Torah or Written Torah: how God communicates with us, how we communicate with each other Dena Weiss  Yellow 24
Jewish history through hairstyling Nic Abery  Music Room
Hamishpacha shelanu: family dancing Maurice Stone  Sheila Eizensharf  Rhythm & Blues
PJ party Joanie Leeds  Music Room
The Sage of Pendigo Lake Neil Janes  Oasis 3
Limmud Volunteering Happy Hour Eli Ovits  Blue 32
Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Jewish Renewal & the Jewish Spiritual Path (2 of 2) Danny Newman  Blue 33
Social leadership and activism Vital Zinger  Blue 34
Finding a job outside the Jewish world Oren Cohen  Green 25
The Tent of Secrets Abi Symons  Hilton Lobby
Seeing the tears of the halachically oppressed Aryeh Klapper  Orange 10
Are Jews white? Yael Shafritz  Andrea Jacobs  Orange 11
The Binding of Isaac - the real story Adam Overlander-Kaye  Orange 12
Under the uniforms Mor Sofer  Orange 13
American Jewish political behaviour: reflections on two competing ideologies: American Jewish liberalism vs. conservative Jewish political thought Steven Windmueller  Orange 14
What does a Jew look like? Deborah Kahn-Harris  Luz Toff  Daniel Fingeroth  Susan Reuben  Eli Gaventa  Gabriel Wolff  Raymond Simonson  Keith Kahn-Harris  Orange 15
The partitioning of India - one Jewish family’s story Margaret Jacobi  Harry Jacobi  Richard Jacobi  Red 1
Maimonides' halachic writings against the background of Muslim law and jurisprudence of the period Gideon Libson  Red 2
Jewticulate Lucy Prevezer  Red 3
Would Abraham have used an app to host a tea party? Sara Leviten  Jo Nissim  Red 4
Israel - three big questions: is Israeli society coming together or tearing apart? (3 of 3) Robin Moss  Red 5
Women - airing our dirty laundry (safely) Sally Patterson  Laura Marks  Red 7
Practical first aid advice Francis Treuherz  Yellow 21
Being Second or Third Generation, what does that mean to you? Leah Burman  Barbara Dresner  Yellow 22
Gender and sexuality: introduction (for families) Alma Reisel  Dalia Fleming  Oasis 1
Subversive services - why does shul last so long? Samuel Barth  Blue 33
What's your brand essence? A workshop for nonprofit organisations Karen Radkowsky  Blue 34
The travelling synagogue Tamarah Benima  Green 25
Rabbi Akiva and his legends (1 of 2) Yarden Raber  Green 26
From Bourekas to Oscars Sigalit Freeman  Green 27
Kosher ink: Jews and tattoos David-Yehuda Stern  Orange 10
Towards coexistence: can there be peace without it? Eve Harow  Orange 11
Being LGBT in Trump’s America Mathew Shurka  Orange 12
What’s really behind Spain and Portugal’s laws of return for Jews? Cnaan Lipshiz  Orange 13
Rabbinic rebels and rebellious rabbis: understanding authority in the Talmud (2 of 3) Yaffa Epstein  Orange 14
Asexuality, from the Talmud to the present day Isabel Bard  Orange 15
The Comic Book and Me: Bob Dylan and Comics (Jewish Version) Daniel Fingeroth  Red 1
Your space or mine? Maya Skaarbrevik  Red 2
Ask an Israeli spokesman anything Avi Mayer  Red 3
Evening chavruta – Miracles (2 of 2) Limmud Chavruta Team  Red 4
Zakhar U'Nekevah Barah Otam: Towards a definition of gender in Jewish Law Michael Even David  Red 5
Daniel Cainer - More Gefilte Fish & Chips Daniel Cainer  Red 6
Israeli dance party (3 of 4) Sheila Eizensharf  Red 7
IBM, American big business and the Holocaust (1 of 2) Mark Creeger  Yellow 21
“Why don’t you have children...?” - a forum for women who are not mothers Sarah Bronzite  Yellow 22
Nava Tehila in concert Nava Tehila  Ilan Glazer  Ruth Gan Kagan  Yoel Sykes  Daphna Rosenberg  Yellow 24
What is the point of Jewish education? Elie Jesner  Oasis 1
Adon Olam karaoke Social Programming Team  Blue 33
My untold Jewish story: Jewish status (3 of 3) Debbie Danon  Blue 34
Fighting anti-Israel media bias: time for some honest reporting (1 of 2) Simon Plosker  Green 25
Sephardi voices: stories from our archive Elliot Jebreel  Green 26
What can our synagogues do about air pollution? Jessica Gold  Green 27
V is for vagina Emily Hilton  Hannah Brady  Orange 10
Satirical history of Israel Yuval Keren  Orange 11
The Akedah revisited – with Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and… Daniel Goldfarb  Orange 12
Love is Thicker than Water Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival  Orange 13
Confucius, Ezra and Socrates – how to rebuild… Raphael Zarum  Orange 15
Articudate! Social Programming Team  Purple 29
Judaism's minority within a minority Carole Sterling  Graham Carpenter  Andrew Keene  Red 1
How not to date Joey Leskin  Red 2
Midrash of Thrones: Game of Thrones and Jewish ethics! Ilan Emanuel  Red 3
Trans and nonbinary organising space Zohar Mendzelevski-Steinberg  Red 4
Funny/not funny Rachel Creeger  Red 5
Late night singalong with Dan Dan Patterson  Red 7
Folk tale and fractal: how Kafkaesque are the Seven Beggars? Anthony Lazarus  Yellow 22
Michelle Citrin in concert Michelle Citrin  Yellow 24
Late night chavruta – Encountering the Divine: Partnership (2 of 3) Limmud Chavruta Team  Green 27
How well do you know Jewish jokes? David Benkof  Red 5
Acoustic Cafe Zoe Paskett  Michael Mendoza  Joey Leskin  Social Programming Team  Red 6
Challah Back Girls Libby Burkeman  Shana Boltin  Red 7
Let's talk about sex Amy Decker  Yellow 22