Limmud Festival 2017 - Presenters

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Presenters: Z

Adam Zagoria-Moffet

Adam Zagoria-Moffet was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2017 and simultaneously received an MA in Jewish Thought, focusing on the intellectual history of modern kabbalah. His interests are in Sephardi halachah and culture, human rights, ethics, and mysticism.

Monday 21:50
Monday 21:50 Hakhamemes - Sephardic Hashkafah through quotable sages
Wednesday 09:20
Wednesday 09:20 Intermarriage - the state of the debate

Erin Zaikis

Erin Zaikis is the CEO of IsraAID-US, Israel's largest humanitarian relief organisation. Erin is also the founder of Sundara, a nonprofit that creates soap recycling enterprises across India, Uganda and Myanmar. She has been recognised by the Huffington Post, CNN, BBC, and Global Citizen.

Wednesday 18:50
Wednesday 18:50 Write letters to refugees

Andrea Zanardo

Tired of lecturing on Jewish history he is currently working for the Jewish future. Rabbi in Hove (actually). Loves mate tea.

Monday 17:30
Monday 17:30 Remembering the Romani genocide: how and when

Raphael Zarum

Raphael is Dean of LSJS where he lectures in Jewish Education and New Readings of Classical Texts; as well as training teachers, rabbis and educators. He has Semicha (Montefiore Kollel), a PhD (Theoretical Physics KCL), an MA (Adult Education, UCL), and is a Jerusalem Fellow (Mandel School).

Monday 10:40
Monday 10:40 Nimrod – the first dictator
Monday 20:10
Monday 20:10 Elisheva; the forgotten midwife
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 The Last Jedi – Luke leads from the Garden of Eden
Tuesday 21:50
Tuesday 21:50 Confucius, Ezra and Socrates – how to rebuild…
Wednesday 13:20
Wednesday 13:20 Seven metaphors for God

Mordechai Zeller

Mordechai Zeller is the Jewish chaplain at University of Cambridge. Before coming to the UK, Mordechai served as a rabbi and spiritual guide at Yeshivat Maaleh Gilboa, teaching Jewish Mysticism and hassidic thought. He is also a clinical and educational psychologist.

Sunday 20:10
Sunday 20:10 Overcoming moral dissonance through Midrashic interpretation: the disturbing case of the captive woman.
Monday 09:20
Monday 09:20 Dybbuks and Maggids: subversive female voices in 16th Century Safed
Tuesday 14:40
Tuesday 14:40 The secret journey of the high priest: Narnia and the Hekhalot

Simone Zimmerman

Simone Zimmerman is an organiser and activist from Los Angeles. She is one of the founders of IfNotNow, a movement to end the American Jewish community’s support for the occupation and for freedom and dignity for all Israelis and Palestinians.

Monday 12:10
Monday 12:10 Human rights under fire: maintaining our commitments under hostile governments
Tuesday 13:20
Tuesday 13:20 What I wish my Jewish day school had taught me about the Occupation.
Wednesday 17:30
Wednesday 17:30 Which side are you on, my people? Why polarisation is good for the Jews

Sadi Zinger

Sadi Zinger lives in Kibbutz Kabri in the Galilee. He works in financial management and enjoys participating in and coaching sports.

Sunday 10:40
Sunday 10:40 Kibbutz - freedom for or freedom from?

Vital Zinger

Vital is a social activist, lawyer, motivational speaker, and a world medalist in Para DanceSport. Although paralysed since childhood, that never stopped Vital from fighting for accessibility, serving in the IDF, running for the Knesset, and changing the world for the better, all on 4 wheels.

Sunday 20:10
Sunday 20:10 Rock and ROLL – dancing on wheels
Monday 12:10
Monday 12:10 Fighting for your rights
Tuesday 18:50
Tuesday 18:50 Social leadership and activism
Wednesday 12:10
Wednesday 12:10 Think positive, feel capable

Harold Zwier

Harold Zwier has a longstanding interest in civil debate and constructive dialogue. Although he works in the IT industry as a software engineer, his real interests are in ideas, politics, the Jewish community and writing. He is married, has 2 children and lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Saturday 11:30
Saturday 11:30 Ben Pekuah - Kosher meat from animals that don't need shechita (ritual slaughter)
Monday 20:10
Monday 20:10 Judaism is important, but is G-d optional?

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