Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Wednesday 18:50

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Stories sung in harmony

Max Jared Einsohn  Shannyn Gelbart  Happie Hoffman  Eric Hunker 

Red 6

Two musical duos, Eric & Happie and Ahavat Hinam, based out of the United States and Australia respectively, are teaming up to perform music and tell the stories behind the songs together.

Antisemitism - the original fake news

Charlotte Henry 

Orange 10

For centuries Jews have been smeared and had false accusations thrown at us. The blood libel, holocaust denial... nasty antisemitic tropes and slurs. Do recent event help us understand this phenomenon though? Were Jews, ultimately, some of the earliest victims of fake news? Charlotte Henry, author of a new book on post-truth and fake news, discusses.

Balfour at 100

Michael Freeman  Yahya Mahamid  Lyn Julius  Richard Landes  Simon Gordon 

Red 1

What is the legacy of the 1917 Balfour Declaration? It depends whom you ask. Not only might Britons, Anglo-Jews, Israeli Jews and Arabs interpret the text and its effects differently, but even within these groups there are wildly divergent views. This panel will explore the meaning of that momentous event.

Israeli dance party (4 of 4)

Sheila Eizensharf 

Red 7

Let your hair down and have fun at our late night Israeli dance party - a mixture of old and new, circle, line and partner dances. A lot of fun for lots of people! We start with easy dances so everyone can be included, so save your energy and join our circle!

Judaism as rebellion: a plea for religious authenticity and halachic courage

Nathan Lopes Cardozo 

Orange 15

Jewish tradition and halacha have become stagnant. In truth, it is a protest movement rebelling against the religious establishment and making the religious and the secular uncomfortable. How to put new life into halachic decision making and solving many halachic problems by liberating it from its hollowness.

My personal journey - a history of how March of the Living started

Scott Saunders 

Orange 12

A history of how March of the Living UK started. My personal journey.

Aleinu - not just an excuse for Kaddish

Andy Kaufmann 

Green 27

Aleinu is probably Judaism's most frequently mumbled prayer. It is said three times daily, followed by the Mourners' Kaddish. This session will give us an opportunity to dig into the history of the prayer and discover which issues it addresses. We'll also hear its melodies, find out why it is linked to Kaddish and discuss its relevance in 2017.

Rabbi Akiva and his legends - the martyrdom (2 of 2)

Yarden Raber 

Green 25

We will analyse the story of the martyrdom of Rabbi Akiva. In light of parallel sources (Jewish and non-Jewish) we will try to trace the origin of the historical figures mentioned in the story as well as the literary motives embedded in it.

“Return the man’s wife for he is a prophet”: a study in forgiveness

Ian Gamse 

Red 2

“And if he were not a prophet, would it be right not to return her?” asks the Talmud, rhetorically. The Mishna presents the story of Avraham, Sarah and Avimelech as a paradigm for asking forgiveness from those one has wronged. But the story is not that simple…

The Beit Midrash tisch

Beit Midrash Hevra 

Purple 31

Come join the Beit Midrash chevra and Torah track presenters for a tisch. Tisch means table, so we'll sit in community around a table of nosh and drink, sing soulful songs, and share some of the sweet Torah we've learned during our time in the beis. Please arrive on time for this session so we can share the sacred space of the tisch together.

The first decade of the State of Israel through the camera lens

Karen Ettinger 

Yellow 21

Get to know about the people and events of the first decade of Israel as depicted in photographs from the collections of the National Library of Israel.

Three generations of the Kindertransport

Tania Barnett  Ruth Barnett 

Red 5

The effect on three generations of the family of Ruth Barnett coming to England on the Kindertransport.

Through the Eyes of women: a look at filmmaking and distribution in Israel

Hedva Goldschmidt 

Blue 34

Award-winning women are creating and promoting some of the best films coming out of Israel. Using clips from recent films, we will address a variety of issues: is there a glass ceiling for women in Israel's film industry? What are challenges of producing and distributing religious/political cinema? Join us for a portrait of the Israeli film scene.

Warts and all

Simon Spungin 

Orange 11

The role of the English-language media in Israel: Should Israeli journalists working in English moderate their criticism of the government or do we have a special duty to be critical?

What’s text got to do with it

Sam Grant  Georgina Bye 

Blue 33

Rene Cassin focuses on human rights in the UK. OLAM's partners work with an international development focus. Both organisations care deeply for social change through a Jewish lens. Join us as we explore the texts that guide our work and dig into why there is a Jewish imperative to help others.

Where’s the hedgehog? And 26 other things you never knew about Belarus

Jonathan Clingman  Debra Brunner 

Orange 14

An interactive A to Z of the work of The Together Plan and its projects in Belarus. Come on this 60 minute journey, which will include sweet and savoury samplings, vodka and stuff you never knew.

Who owns Jerusalem?

Natan Abenaim 

Red 4

Seventy years ago, the UN General Assembly adopted a partition plan for Palestine which eventually lead to the foundation of the State of Israel. It provided for an International Regime for Jerusalem. Oddly enough, the Talmud in Megila discusses the status of Jerusalem and considers different solutions between partition and extraterritoriality.

Write letters to refugees

Erin Zaikis 

Green 26

Come and join us as we learn about the struggles refugees face in transitioning to their new lives across Europe. We will have a session to write letters to refugees living in camps in Greece and transitional housing in Germany. Appropriate for all ages.

How did the Labour Party get into such a mess over Israel, Jews and antisemitism?

Luke Akehurst 

Orange 13

Luke Akehurst uses his unique insider knowledge as a former Labour National Executive member and expert on the forces behind anti-Zionism to explain how and why the Labour Party has got into such a dire predicament regarding Israel, Jews and antisemitism

Overeaters anonymous

Red 3

Can't stop eating? Do you do yoyo diets? Feel guilty about eating? Obsessed about your body? We will be bringing the 12 step programme OA to limmud to give you a chance to explore a solution to your eating problems.

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