Limmud Festival 2017
Thursday 28 December 2017

Morning news review! Jewish Telegraphic Agency's Cnaan Lipshiz Cnaan Lipshiz  Social Programming Team  Blue 32
V'yarutz v'yomer: and he ran and he talked, or "run and chat" (4 of 4) Abigail Morris  Hilton Lobby
The China Perspective - Starting a business in China and how being Jewish can actually help Yael Farjun  Blue 33
Navigate change with confidence (work-life) (2 of 2) George Halfin  Matthew Halfin  Blue 34
Naomi Shemer – the songwriter who wrote the soundtrack of the State of Israel Karen Ettinger  Green 25
The secret life of money Michael Ross  Green 26
How Moses invented freedom of information Gabriel Kanter-Webber  Green 27
Who am I responsible for? Jewish obligations to help non-Jews Steve Miller  Orange 10
Between the Rav-Kav (the Israeli oyster card) to the autonomous car: how will we move in the 21st century? Oded Gvaram  Orange 11
K'mo b'bayit- what does home mean to you? Luz Toff  Orange 12
Breaking The Silence presents: The 'ghost town' of Hebron Frima Bubis  Orange 13
Jewish nonviolence: you shall love…Israeli violence? Ilana Sumka  Orange 14
Divine abstraction Charles Justin  Purple 31
Messianic Judaism - where is our border? Roderick Young  Red 3
New Jewish visibilities/visual Jewish outing Eli Philippe Fabrikant  Gabriel Wolff  Red 4
How did a non-Jew end up working as director of We Believe in Israel and how can we get more non-Jews involved in campaigning for Israel? Luke Akehurst  Red 5
The calves of our lips? Making sense of sacrifice Leon Morris  Red 6
Long distance relationship survival guide Max Jared Einsohn  Shannyn Gelbart  Yellow 21
We have rights too! Using the law to beat BDS in the UK Jonathan Turner  Blue 33
An idiot’s guide to kashrut Shira Solomons  Green 25
Guess who (and their food allergies) is coming to (Shabbat) dinner? Luz Toff  Penelope Toff  Green 26
Lies, damned lies, and opinion polls Daniel Bernstein Vulkan  Green 27
Antisemitism in Germany/Europe Benjamin Weinthal  Orange 10
Where is my Gypsy wife tonight? Hosea, Ezekiel, and Leonard Cohen on betrayed love, human and divine. Naftali Brawer  Orange 11
Overeaters anonymous Orange 13
Hadarat Nashim: the exclusion and inclusion of women in Jewish life Jill Jacobs  Yaffa Epstein  Dina Brawer  Dena Weiss  Atira Winchester  Orange 15
John Mann MP - Ken Livingstone's nightmare! John Mann  Andrew Gilbert  Red 1
Creating sacred spaces Happie Hoffman  Eric Hunker  Red 3
Landgericht discussion Ruth Barnett  Red 4
Mishlei/Proverbs: weaving the web of wisdom Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz  Red 5
High Holy Days Nusach Jaclyn Chernett  Red 6
The game of "growing" Africa's emergent leadership Genna Barnett  Red 7
A rabbinic revolution - Bet Midrash beginners (4 of 4) Roni Tabick  Red 9
Who is Rabbi Eliezer? Mnemonist and magician (4 of 4) Jeremy Tabick  Red 9
"On that day" (Experienced Morning Intensive) (4 of 4) Joseph Israel  Benjamin Stanley  Red 9
Homeopathy in Jewish Life Francis Treuherz  Yellow 21
Crafting and designing Zionism: the early years of the Bezalel Sharoni Sibony  Blue 33
We're back in the USSR: The survival and revival of Jewish life in Belarus Debra Brunner  Jonathan Clingman  Sophie Teff  Jake Goldman  Blue 34
How important are the settlements, really? Amos Schonfield  Green 25
The wife of God Colin Purkey  Green 26
Our Brilliant Friend: The unmasking of Elena Ferrante Julia Wagner  Aviva Dautch  Green 27
The role of a youth movement Elinor Knox  Orange 10
How much antisemitism is there in the United Kingdom? Noru Tsalic  Orange 11
Beyond good and evil Naftali Brawer  Orange 12
Film screening: Lonely but not alone Nathan Lopes Cardozo  Orange 13
The Czech Kindertransport and its resonance today Barbara Winton  Orange 15
Red lines: the eight categories of media bias Simon Plosker  Purple 31
A History of Judaism Martin Goodman  Red 1
Marvelous Mishnahs and where to find them Dina Brawer  Red 2
The Garden of Eden story: learning who we are Michael M. Cohen  Red 4
The problem of many gods Zev Warren Harvey  Red 5
Daf yomi - Shevuot 30 Lea Taragin-Zeller  Red 6
It’s not over until the progressive lady sings! Graham Carpenter  Yellow 21