Limmud Festival 2017 - Presenters

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Louise Palmer

Louise Palmer is deputy head of services for Jami, a mental health charity. Louise is an occupational therapist with a strong commitment to finding & developing innovative ways to support people with mental illness. She is a proud mum of an 11 year old boy, enjoys reading historical fiction & baking

Wednesday 10:40 Transforming the mental health landscape
Wednesday 13:20 Stress in our families and how to handle it

Jonathan Pam

Jon is the Community Development Director at Masorti Judaism, designing and delivering services to support our communities. He is also surprisingly good at hiding, looks good in any hat and is the creator of last year's Facebook phenomenon #KnitwearofLimmud.

Sunday 16:00 RoboEthics and rabbis: being Jewish during the robot apocalypse
Monday 16:00 Superheroes/Hebrews: The role of Jews in film and comics
Tuesday 13:20 Volunteering at its best: what can we learn?

Zoe Paskett

Zoe is a singer and arts&culture editor. She works for the Ham&High, writing about music, theatre, art, books and comedy. When she isn’t doing that, she writes stories and songs with piano. She’s been Limmud-ing (almost) every year since she was eight, but it's 2017 and we've had enough of experts.

Tuesday 23:10 Acoustic Cafe

Jackie Passman

Jackie taught in both mainstream and deaf education. She acted as an Independent Person in adjudication for children in care and an expert witness regarding deaf issues. The discovery of her father’s wartime diary sparked her recent interest in POW life in the Far East.

Monday 10:40 Under the heel of Hirohito

Dan Patterson

Dan Patterson is an award winning TV producer and playwright. He is best known at Limmud, however, for his late night singalongs based firmly on his youthful years, many years ago, spent song leading in Habonim-Dror.

Monday 21:50 Late night singalong with Dan and Simon
Tuesday 21:50 Late night singalong with Dan

Sally Patterson

Sally is Bristol University's elected Women's Officer. After being Chair of UCS JSoc, she was elected as Education Officer for Bristol Jsoc, and has spent two years on National Council for UJS. Sally co-founded the first student Nisa-Nashim group, uniting Jewish and Muslim women against prejudice.

Monday 18:50 Is campus a safe space for Jews?
Monday 21:50 Wait, did my boss just call me a Princess? A candid discussion on gender bias and our roles in perpetuating and preventing it.
Tuesday 18:50 Women - airing our dirty laundry (safely)

Joel Peck

Joel Peck is an evolutionary biologist working at Cambridge University. He has published in major journals, including Nature, Science, Evolution, and Genetics. His research focuses on issues including the origin of life, the evolution of “altruism”, cultural change, and the design of societies.

Saturday 11:30 The origin of complex life on earth: how did it happen, and what can it teach us about encouraging social harmony?
Monday 12:10 Is life impossible?
Tuesday 12:10 Salsa fiesta!

Chari Pere

Chari Pere creates cartoons for Red Bull and is best known for her viral cartoon "Miscarried, The Comic". She lives in Los Angeles with a mission to use her powers for all that is good and/or funny in the world (preferably both).

Friday 21:15 Community or culture - what is more relevant in Judaism today?
Sunday 16:00 “That’s no job for a nice Jewish…”: Jews in creative industries
Monday 12:10 Man plans and G-d laughs: when plan D is the new plan A
Tuesday 17:30 'Miscarried, The Comic': when procreating isn't as simple as 'Pru U'rvu' - a woman's perspective (1 of 2)
Wednesday 17:30 'Miscarried, The Comic': when procreating isn't as simple as 'Pru U'rvu' - a man's perspective (2 of 2)

Ariella Perry

Ariella is National Director for Sex Therapy at Leumit National Healthcare, an accredited sex therapist through the American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists, and a clinical social worker with over 13 years of experience working with youth, elderly and in mental health.

Sunday 21:50 50 shades of great: exploring Jewish sexuality
Monday 09:20 Living in Israel: perception versus reality – through the eyes of an Anglo-Israeli couple

Ashley Perry

A former advisor to Israel's Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Ashley now advises heads of state, former leaders, governments, members of parliament and organisations around the world. He is also President of Reconectar, an organisation reconnecting with over 100 million Anousim.

Sunday 18:50 How to end the 100 year Middle East conflict, by a political insider
Monday 09:20 Living in Israel: perception versus reality – through the eyes of an Anglo-Israeli couple

Phil Peters

Despite his mother's protestations, Phil gave up a 'steady' job at Tesco to join Zing Zing last year and has overseen the Chinese takeaway chain’s rapid growth in 2017. In his spare time, Phil is the vice chair of the Maccabi Football League and one of Limmud Festival's Finance and Commerce chairs.

Wednesday 12:10 Jews and Chinese food

Denise Phillips

Through her books, multiple food columns and master classes, Denise has gained a reputation as the doyenne of Jewish cookery. Her 'hands on' classes provide inspiration for many. Date On A Plate is unique in offering singles a success proven way of networking, cooking & meeting new people.

Tuesday 16:00 Exploring Hummus

Michael Picardie

Michael Picardie has a M.Phil and a Ph.D. in theatre aesthetics and post-modernist critical theory and a M.A. in psychiatric social work. He taught social and developmental psychology at Barnett House, Oxford University, and at Cardiff and Botswana Universities. He teaches yoga and kabbalah.

Monday 09:20 Jewish Meditation
Tuesday 09:20 Yoga and Kabbalah

Idit (Edie) Pick

Idit is an educator on Arab-Jewish relations in Israel, currently establishing UJIA’s new educational programme on Arab-Jewish shared society. She comes from the Israeli voluntary sector, and previously worked for the Mandel School for Educational Leadership in Jerusalem.

Sunday 13:20 Inconvenient truths: when Jews in Britain and Arabs in Israel connect
Sunday 18:50 Arab-Jewish shared society – where is Israel going?
Monday 09:20 Israel is not pizza: why is the diversity approach not enough?

Sargam Picker

Sargam is a creative arts therapist, tutor, & healer. Her background in counselling, psychology and creative arts therapy helps clients integrate the physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual, making sense of their healing process on all levels. She also offers personal rituals focusing on fertility.

Sunday 17:30 Creative approaches to fertility issues

Paula Plaskow

Paula began her career at Jewish Care in 2002. She is team manager of North West Social Work and End of Life Care Team working in collaboration to assist the coordination of people's general needs and at end of life.

Wednesday 16:00 Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you've got to start young.

Matt Plen

Matt Plen is the Chief Executive of Masorti Judaism in the UK, a Jewish educator with over 20 years' experience teaching young people and adults in Israel, the USA and the UK, and a PhD student at UCL-Institute of Education where he is completing his thesis on Jewish Social Justice Education.

Sunday 14:40 How to enthuse the Jews in the pews? Making our synagogues flourish
Monday 10:40 How to be a human - social action (1 of 3)
Tuesday 10:40 How to be a human - relationships and community (2 of 3)
Wednesday 12:10 How to be a human - pluralism (3 of 3)

Simon Plosker

Since 2005 Simon has been the Managing Editor of HonestReporting, the largest global grassroots organisation defending Israel from media bias. He has also worked for the Board of Deputies, BICOM, NGO Monitor and IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. With degrees from Birmingham University and LSE, he made aliyah in 2001.

Sunday 21:50 Is Bibi's time up?
Monday 10:40 Israel and antisemitism
Tuesday 21:50 Fighting anti-Israel media bias: time for some honest reporting (1 of 2)
Thursday 12:10 Red lines: the eight categories of media bias

Marcia Plumb

Marcia Plumb is the rabbi of Congregation Mishkan Tefila in Boston. She is a fellow of the Clergy Leadership Incubator, a trained spiritual director and meditation teacher. She has studied and taught Mussar for 30 years and is passionate about it.

Wednesday 17:30 A spiritual journey through the teenage years

Tirtsa Posklinsky-Shehory

Tirtsa Posklinsky-Shehory is a poet and lecturer on issues of humanistic Judaism. Her book "Transparent Medusa Goes" was published at 2016, and she holds a masters degree in industrial engineering and management from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Friday 21:15 Let's play with the devil - a small Talmudic legend with a great message
Saturday 20:30 Are we better together?
Sunday 13:20 Transparent jellyfish goes

Robin Powell

Having recently retired from his NHS post as a psychiatrist, Robin works in London as a consultant in the private sector (proving that there is life outside of the NHS) as well as assisting in his family business, baking bread, and making cheese.

Tuesday 10:40 Shrink wrap or shrink proof? Tikkun olam for our NHS mental health services

Lucy Prevezer

Lucy is currently a second year movement worker for RSY-Netzer. She has been involved in the youth movement since she was 14 years old. She graduated from Leeds University in June 2016 after studying Managing Performance.

Sunday 23:10 Why do we love a TV show that is sexist, homophobic and lacking in diversity?
Tuesday 18:50 Jewticulate

Social Programming Team

The Limmud Social Programming Team are here to make your Limmud experience a more social one! Look out for a range activities and sessions that will help you to meet new people, try out new skills, have some time to relax and much more!

Saturday 11:30 "Get to know you" walk
Sunday 12:10 "Get to know you" walk
Sunday 14:40 Site sat nav
Sunday 16:00 Speed friending!
Sunday 16:00 Crafternoon tea: candle making!
Sunday 20:10 Positively parlour games!
Sunday 23:10 Another Limmud dating session? Sounds sketchy if you ask me...
Monday 08:00 Morning news review! YNet's Tali Farkash
Monday 09:20 "Get to know you" walk
Monday 12:10 Lunch and learn
Monday 14:40 Knit and natter - knitting circle
Monday 16:00 Crafternoon tea: Jewish origami! How to make an origami Magen David
Monday 17:30 Backgammon/Shesh Besh
Monday 21:50 Speed debating!
Monday 23:10 Hypothetical dating!
Monday 00:00 Midnight pub quiz
Tuesday 08:00 Morning news review! Simon Spungin from Haaretz
Tuesday 09:20 Crossword/Sudoku
Tuesday 12:10 Lunch and learn
Tuesday 12:10 Site sat nav
Tuesday 14:40 Board Games
Tuesday 14:40 Knit and natter - knitting circle
Tuesday 16:00 Bridge and Kaluki
Tuesday 21:50 Adon Olam karaoke
Tuesday 21:50 Articudate!
Tuesday 23:10 Acoustic Cafe
Wednesday 08:00 Morning news review! Gary Rosenblatt of the Jewish Week
Wednesday 12:10 Lunch and learn
Wednesday 14:40 Knit and natter - knitting circle
Wednesday 16:00 Crafternoon tea: hamsa decorating!
Thursday 08:00 Morning news review! Jewish Telegraphic Agency's Cnaan Lipshiz

Colin Purkey

In his teens Colin became interested in mysticism and wanted to study the kabbalah. Later on he became interested in the mythology of Lilith in the Zohar. This led him into an investigation of the Shekhinah and the importance of her role in our relationship with God.

Thursday 12:10 The wife of God

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