Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 16:00

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An introduction to modern jive (1 of 2)

Jonathan Hunter  Dan Mackenzie 

Red 7

Come along for a fun lesson in this partner dance. Its simple timing and footwork structure means it can be danced to lots of different music types and is easy to learn the basics, while taking a lifetime to master. Get ready to show off at the disco later with a nice routine of some cool new moves.

Bridge and Kaluki

Social Programming Team 

Blue 32

Come along and play two of Britain's most popular card games - bridge and kaluki. No partner needed; just your best card play!

Confessions of a siddur creator

Michael Haruni 

Green 27

Creating and translating Siddur Nehalel, in which photos direct our thoughts to the meanings of the texts, Mike began doubting its underlying conception — the commonplace that praying is telling our thoughts. He then evolved a different account of prayer, which envisages a richer encounter with God. Photos do have a role, but not the one expected.

Exploring Hummus

Denise Phillips 

Red 5

A demonstration of a trio of hummus recipes discussing the history and flavours of this wonderful, popular, vegan dip.

Foraging, wild food and Jews

Michael Green 

Green 26

From salty samphire to fragrant elderflower, more people are turning to wild foods for authentic culinary experiences. Jews, too, have a tradition of foraging and discovering wild food is an inspiring way to connect with nature and our roots. Learn about the common edible plants growing around us and how to identify and enjoy them.

Israel's place in the modern media maelstrom

Richard Miron 

Red 2

The depiction of Israel in the Western media is studied almost as much as the news about the place itself. Journalists are simultaneously depicted by some as inherently biased for Israel, while others believe they constantly favour the Palestinians. Why is this? What are the factors that affect the coverage, and where does ‘the truth’ lie?

An audience with Jo Johnson MP

Jo Johnson 

Orange 15

Join Jo Johnson, MP for Orpington and Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation at the Department for Education and the Department for Business, Energy and Industry Strategy. His speech will be followed by a Q&A open to all participants. Please note that this session will only last 30 to 40 minutes.

Literary Lives: Ted Hughes and the Jews (3 of 3)

Aviva Dautch 

Red 3

Was Ted Hughes the greatest literary philo-Semite of the 20th century? He and Sylvia Plath surrounded themselves with Jewish artists and writers and, in Hughes’ own words, “the poet whose books I open most often” was Yehuda Amichai. We will explore the many key Jewish figures in Ted Hughes’ life and the impact they had on his creative work.

Religion and State: Halacha and secular power

Jill Jacobs 

Red 4

We will look at selected teshuvot (legal opinions) by Rabbi Chaim David HaLevy, former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, as a means of examining questions about how Jewish law intersects with secular power, and about Jewish legal responses to peacemaking, and to relations with Palestinians.

Spiritual Resilience (3 of 3)

Jonathan Wittenberg 

Orange 12

Known later as the Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto, Kalonymus Kalman Shapira, kept teaching Torah until he was murdered at Trawniki in 1943. We look at his pre-war teaching on spirituality and inner discipline, as well as the Torah teachings he buried in the ghetto, found and later published as The Holy Fire

Stand Up! Education against discrimination - teaching about antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate to students in mainstream schools

Roxana Jebreel  Nathan Servi 

Blue 33

Stand Up! is a new, government funded, anti-discrimination programme led by Streetwise and supported by Tell MAMA. This interactive session will explore the impact, experiences, definitions utilised during the session and discuss the importance of teaching young people how to tackle hate crime in today’s society.

The Norwegian Shoah: the war's long shadows

Berit Reisel 

Blue 34

This session will present a 55 min documentary chronicling the reflections of five survivors, telling their stories of how the Second World War has affected their lives. Moving and powerful, the documentary was nominated for several prizes. Followed by discussion.

What is the responsibility of British Jews who support a 2-state solution to help secure the other state?

Jon Lansman  Stephen Grabiner  Robin Moss  Michael Wegier  Jessica Montell  Andrew Gilbert 

Red 1

We can spend our time being disappointed at successive Israeli governments. We can be saddened by the lack of peace partners that share our vision. We can be underwhelmed by the role of the UN, USA, EU, Russia. We can point to all the problems such a solution might face, but what is the responsibility of British Jews to help secure the other state?

Would the London Beth Din have accepted biblical Ruth’s conversion?

Daniel Anderson 

Orange 10

Ruth is the Moabite princess, the paradigm of the "righteous convert" who forsakes her former life and identity, marries Boaz, a judge of Israel, and ends up the great-grandmother of King David. But the question is: would the London Beth Din have accepted her conversion?

We have rights too! Using the law to beat BDS around the world

Jonathan Turner 

Orange 11

This session will discuss how the law has been used to counter the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) and other efforts to undermine Israel around the world, based on case studies drawn from the experience of UK Lawyers for Israel and other organisations

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