Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 14:40

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A story of an IDF paratrooper in Gaza – reflection and vision for the future in the UK

Tamir Oren 

Orange 10

Tamir will provide an insight into the IDF's encounters with Hamas in Gaza and his personal reflection from leading his soldiers as an officer in the Paratroopers' Brigade. Tamir will share his thoughts as to how to deal with anti Israel activities on UK campuses.

Board Games

Social Programming Team 

Blue 32

Bring along your favourite board or table-top games, invite people to join and play away. It's as simple as that!

Ethical wills - history and modern trends (1 of 2)

Holly Blue Hawkins 

Green 25

Deathbed admonitions and blessings are a tradition ancient as Torah. Written ethical wills provide us with an intimate historical glimpse into our shared past, dating back over a thousand years. This session will examine this evolving genre, from earliest records through post-modern innovations; pondering the personal and historic relevance of the practice today.

Expulsion and culpability: a re-reading of Bemidbar 5:1-4

Ian Gamse 

Red 5

The paragraph that follows the account of the arrangement of the camp around the Tabernacle is a strange instruction which appears to be a purely legal passage. But… the instruction is given in the form of a narrative, and the Talmudic law differs from the apparent meaning of the text.

Fighting hate with rights

Adam Wagner 

Green 26

The amazing story of a 2016 Limmud session that turned into a social media campaign reaching millions of people that turned into a crowdfunder which raised £20,000 that turned into a film featuring genocide survivors. Or: how building support for human rights can fight the rise of extremism.

'The Invisible Men' film screening followed by Q&A with director Yariv Mozer

Yariv Mozer 

Orange 13

The film depicts gay Palestinians running from danger in their society and skirting authorities while hiding in Israel. Their struggle is the elusive quest for safety with nowhere to go, no place to hide. The film was the winner of San Francisco's Frameline 'Outstanding Documentary Feature' award. A Q&A with director Yariv Mozer will follow the screening.

How to write a poetic memoir

Marvin Shaw 

Yellow 22

'Pick a theme. Dream your dream.' Begin to create your own autobiography through this simple, yet powerful, mode of poetry. Marvin J Shaw, author of Poetry for Health puts you on the road to an exciting and fulfilling journey.

Jack Ruby’s Rabbi: A Graphic Novel in Progress

Daniel Fingeroth 

Orange 12

Fifty years after gunning down John Kennedy’s assassin on live TV, Jack Ruby remains an enigma. Drawing from the notes of Ruby’s rabbi, Danny Fingeroth has been developing a graphic novel with artist Rick Geary that explores the bizarre life of the Chicago-born Jew who changed history. Fingeroth discusses Ruby & previews art from the graphic novel.

Jerusalem: from destruction to redemption

Tova Ganzel 

Green 27

In this shiur, we shall examine the distinct character of the city of Jerusalem as it appears in the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel. Since the starting point of the three prophets is different, therefore the nature of the redemption for Jerusalem in the future is also different.

Jesus and Judaism: getting the history right (-3 of 4)

Amy-Jill Levine 

Red 4

Christian preaching often presents Judaism as xenophobic, legalistic, elitist, militaristic and misogynist, while it depicts Jesus as proclaiming love of neighbour, freedom from the law, solidarity with the poor, peace, and respect for women. Where does this obscene depiction of Judaism originate and how does knowledge of Jewish history correct it?

Jewish and Labour - under assault? A very narrow bridge (Gesher Tsar Meod)

Rebecca Filer  Jeremy Newmark  Adrian Cohen  Ella Rose  Laura Marks  Andrew Gilbert 

Yellow 23

It continues to be a challenging time for Jewish Labour supporters both under fire inside the Labour Party and inside the community. This panel brings together various communal figures who have felt the pressure.

Martin Luther... good or bad for the Jews?

Sybil Sheridan 

Orange 11

As we commemorate the nailing of Martin Luther’s 95 theses onto the Church in Wittenberg, we look at all that followed. The fragmentation of the Church, the possibility of pluralism, the legacy that led to Hitler and to inter-faith dialogue… good or bad? The jury is still out.

Ohavim lirkod

Maurice Stone 

Red 7

Come and experience the new Israel 70 programme launched by the Israeli Dance Institute for Schools, Youth Movements and everyone who wants to engage with Israel. You do not have to be an expert to join but you may be when you leave! Dance is a celebration – join the circle!

Prayer as protest, melody as mutiny, anthem as appeal

Josh Nelson  Zöe Jacobs 

Red 6

Judaism has long been a religion that speaks truth to power. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks says; “The history of the Jewish spirit is written in its songs." Come and hear, learn, and sing melodies of our social justice movement, both Jewish and folk, traditional and contemporary, as we sing of struggle, determination, and the courage to make change.

Gaza strip - living the conflict

Omer Drori 

Blue 34

We hear about it on the news all the time, but what is actually happening in and around the Gaza strip area? Omer will share her knowledge and experience from living in the Gaza envelope and will talk about the questions she has been asking about this crazy reality - including some of the answers she found.

Secular versus Charedi - can they connect?

Menachem Bombach 

Red 2

Being that human nature instinctively views those wearing distinctive dress as one, genuine dialogue programs are promoted to create personal relationships between the religious and the secular. This is to help heal Israel's deep social rift. What role would Hassidic education have to change the crisis of the Israeli community?

The greatest comeback: the story of Bela Guttmann

David Bolchover 

Red 1

David Bolchover will talk about his recent book “The Greatest Comeback”, a biography of the great football coach Bela Guttmann. Guttmann, a Hungarian Jew, survived the Holocaust and then went on to lead Benfica to two European Cup triumphs in the early 1960s. The session will also discuss the huge Jewish influence on football before the Holocaust.

The secret journey of the high priest: Narnia and the Hekhalot

Mordechai Zeller 

Red 3

Once a year on Yom Kippur, for only a brief moment, the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies. What happened inside? The Hekhalot - early Jewish mystical writings, seem to describe a surprisingly different account. Through varied Jewish texts and the work of C.S.Lewis, we will peek into one of the most mysterious occurrences in Jewish history.

Unorthodox Live!

Gabby Edlin  Anthony Mordechai Tsvi Russell  Mark Oppenheimer 

Blue 33

Join Mark Oppenheimer for a live taping of an episode of Unorthodox, Tablet magazine's hit podcast, with close to a million downloads so far. Featuring musician Anthony Mordechai Tsvi Russell and activist Gabby Edlin — and featuring audience members like YOU! Come be part of the show.

Knit and natter - knitting circle

Social Programming Team 

Hilton Lobby

Knitting and nattering. Two great past-times. Why not combine the two and meet new people in the process? Following Monday's first session, we will continue working on our own knitting or taking part in a fantastic project knitting hats for refugees in Europe. Meet in the lobby, or join nearby in the bar.

The Last Jedi – Luke leads from the Garden of Eden

Raphael Zarum 

Orange 15

In Episode VIII we finally face the faith of the Jedi. With sacred texts, an ancient Tree, incessant backsliding, and an island Eden, it has many associations with Judaism. In this session we lift the lid on myth, religion and see how the Talmud tackled Luke’s dilemma – are the Jedi really worth it?

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