Limmud Festival 2017 - Presenters

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Presenters: J

Harry Jacobi

An escapee from Germany, then Holland, the path of Harry's life was changed by a speech of Leo Baeck's in 1949. In 2011, he completed 50 years of ministry, serving as rabbi in the UK and Switzerland. Two children, Margaret and Richard, followed him into the rabbinate and he is a great-grandfather!

Tuesday 18:50 The partitioning of India - one Jewish family’s story
Wednesday 12:10 Leo Baeck: not just teacher of Theresienstadt

Margaret Jacobi

Margaret Jacobi is rabbi of Birmingham Progressive Synagogue, and enjoys the interfaith opportunities Birmingham offers. Originally trained as a medical doctor, she has a PhD in Talmud and teaches rabbinic texts at Leo Baeck College. She loves the ambiguity of seemingly simple talmudic stories.

Tuesday 09:20 Miracle workers or mischief makers? A journey through Tractate Taanit Nachum of Gimzo and the challenge of evil (Taanit 21a) (1 of 3)
Tuesday 18:50 The partitioning of India - one Jewish family’s story
Wednesday 09:20 Miracle workers or mischief makers? A journey through Tractate Taanit 2. Hanina ben Dosa’s Wife (Taanit 24b-25a). (2 of 3)

Richard Jacobi

After a first career training managers, Richard is one of the rabbis at the newly formed East London and Essex Liberal Synagogue and a member of faculty at Leo Baeck College. He and Lyn are parents to Josh, Abigail and Hannah, and grandparents to Zach, courtesy of Philippa and Josh!

Friday 21:15 Community or culture - what is more relevant in Judaism today?
Tuesday 18:50 The partitioning of India - one Jewish family’s story

Andrea Jacobs

Andrea is a feminist educator and consultant, using a systemic lens to examine issues of social justice and leadership. She has a PhD in linguistics, thinks a lot about language and identity, and performs with a Playback Theatre troupe in Philadelphia, using theatre as a strategy for social change.

Saturday 15:00 Rehearsing real life: pursuing social justice through performance and play
Sunday 12:10 “You can’t wear that to shul!” :Tzni’ut, bat mitzvah dress codes and gender policing
Monday 17:30 Wrestling with grammar, gender and identity in Hebrew prayer
Tuesday 18:50 Are Jews white?
Wednesday 09:20 Intermarriage - the state of the debate
Wednesday 14:40 Jewish women taking on the patriarchy

Ivor Jacobs

Now partially retired from his software and print business, Ivor is director of Friends of which runs a major educational website offering resources as well as a lecture programme discussing issues of theology. With Ian Gold the Rubens are 60's music songsters.

Sunday 21:50 Singalong with the Rubens

Jill Jacobs

Jill Jacobs is a rabbi and Executive Director of T’ruah, which mobilises 1,800 rabbis and their communities to protect human rights in North America, Israel, & the occupied territories. She is the author of two books on Judaism and social justice: Where Justice Dwells and There Shall Be No Needy.

Sunday 18:50 Stuck in the middle with Jew: understanding the old/new anti-semitism
Monday 12:10 Human rights under fire: maintaining our commitments under hostile governments
Monday 21:50 Is the Kotel an Orthodox synagogue?
Tuesday 16:00 Religion and State: Halacha and secular power
Thursday 10:40 Hadarat Nashim: the exclusion and inclusion of women in Jewish life

Zöe Jacobs

Zöe Jacobs holds a unique place as the only ordained cantor in the Reform Movement; a statistic she is working hard to change! Zoe received semicha in 2009 from HUC-JIR in NY & can mostly be found on the bima of FRS. She seeks any opportunity to create harmony with fellow musicians and friends!

Sunday 23:10 Late night kumsitz (sing-along)
Monday 17:30 Radical ritual: elevating life's smaller moments
Tuesday 14:40 Prayer as protest, melody as mutiny, anthem as appeal
Wednesday 13:20 For singing's sake

Jonathan Jacobson

Jonathan has spent his life trying to make sense of the world he lives in. An ongoing search for truth, through developing his understanding of God, life, and the universe and connection therewith.

Monday 21:50 Conspiracy theories

Michelle Janes

Michelle is the new Director of Programmes and Consultancy at Lead (formerly Operations Director at Masorti Judaism). A qualified school teacher with an MBA focused on the CEO/Chair relationship, she’s passionate about training and enabling others, including her children who constantly amaze her.

Sunday 14:40 What’s the secret formula? The CEO/Chair relationship

Neil Janes

Neil Janes is the founder of the Lyons Learning Project & rabbi at West London Synagogue. He is a PhD student, lecturer, and writer. He is passionate about bringing textual literacy to progressive Judaism and an informed Jewish conversation to thinking about issues around social justice and Judaism.

Sunday 10:40 The 21st century: age of identity? Reflecting on our sources
Monday 20:10 Mah nomar lefanecha - in the face of terror and tragedy can we still speak to G-d?
Tuesday 18:45 The Sage of Pendigo Lake

Laura Janner-Klausner

Laura Janner-Klausner is Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism. Passionate about social justice, community cohesion, Israel and LGBT issues, she worked in Israel with youth leaders and in Israeli-Palestinian dialogue. She is said to be “fast becoming the most high-profile Jewish leader in the country".

Sunday 14:40 How to enthuse the Jews in the pews? Making our synagogues flourish
Sunday 21:50 Braitah in the bar: a spirited session of Talmud
Monday 12:10 Desert Island Discs: Anthony Mordechai Tsvi Russell
Monday 21:50 Wait, did my boss just call me a Princess? A candid discussion on gender bias and our roles in perpetuating and preventing it.
Tuesday 13:20 State of the nation: how segregated is Britain, and should Jews be worried?

Colin Jaque

Educated at Clifton College, Colin is a solicitor specialising in chancery litigation. He has co-authored a paper prompting the Woolf Reform for Litigation and two books on chancery procedure, as well as a book proving that the Exodus fits into Egyptian history.

Monday 09:20 Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?

Max Jared Einsohn

Ahavat Hinam is the project of Max Jared (USA) and (Melbourne, Australia) who create music inspired by Judaism, pop, rock, love, and social action. Since their formation, they have performed all over the world, from Texas to Sydney, and are currently launching their debut album.

Saturday 20:30 Cultivating a creative practice
Sunday 18:50 Ahavat Hinam Live Concert
Tuesday 16:30 Ahavat Hinam for kids!
Wednesday 18:50 Stories sung in harmony
Thursday 09:20 Long distance relationship survival guide

Elliot Jebreel

Elliot is a bureaucrat by trade and a proud Jewranian. In his spare time he helps make the Jewish community embrace diversity; fighting ashkenormative & heteronormative attitudes in our structures and mindsets. He’s a trustee of Sephardi Voices UK, and alum of the Adam Science Leadership Programme.

Sunday 16:00 ‘Praying the gay away’ - experiences of conversion therapy for same sex attraction
Monday 17:30 Are Mizrachi and Sephardi Jews ignored in our “ashkenormative” Jewish world?
Tuesday 21:50 Sephardi voices: stories from our archive

Roxana Jebreel

Roxana works for Stand Up! Education Against Discrimination, facilitating sessions in mainstream schools around challenging antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate. She is also interested in identity and bringing Mizrachi culture and tradition into mainstream Jewish spaces and institutions.

Monday 17:30 Are Mizrachi and Sephardi Jews ignored in our “ashkenormative” Jewish world?
Tuesday 16:00 Stand Up! Education against discrimination - teaching about antisemitism and anti-Muslim hate to students in mainstream schools

Sandra Jerusalmi

Sandra is a French coordinator of educational projects at the Alliance. She studied at Paideia, Matan, Pardes, and is a Moishe House resident and a ROIer. She writes articles about religious feminism and French Jewry. She joined LectureSefer to organise Torah readings by Orthodox women in France.

Sunday 12:10 Create new traditions: the Jewish henna designs
Monday 14:40 Henna Judaica

Elie Jesner

Elie Jesner is a UKCP psychoanalytic psychotherapist and Jewish educator. He studied at Yeshivat Har Etzion, Cambridge and Warwick.  He is a research fellow at Leo Baeck College and is studying for Semikha at Bet Midrash Harel in Jerusalem. He is a founder member of Finchley Partnership Minyan.

Tuesday 21:50 What is the point of Jewish education?
Wednesday 12:10 What makes a great leader and believer a deviant?
Wednesday 21:50 Let's talk about sex

UK Jewish Film Festival

UK Jewish Film showcases a wide range of films, representing stories of Jewish culture and life. Through the medium of film we aim to build greater understanding across communities, combat antisemitism and racism, and educate audiences across the UK about Jewish culture and heritage.

Sunday 16:00 Pears Short Film Fund and other shorts
Sunday 17:30 An Act of Defiance
Sunday 20:10 Muhi
Monday 10:30 Bogdan's Journey
Monday 13:20 Wall and Rhoda
Monday 16:00 The Frisco Kid
Tuesday 09:20 My Nazi Legacy
Tuesday 21:50 Love is Thicker than Water
Wednesday 09:20 Landgericht
Wednesday 14:40 Yazidi

Jo Johnson

Jo Johnson is the MP for Orpington. He is the Minister for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation at the Department for Education and the Department for Business, Energy & Industry Strategy. In this role, he has worked to address the rise of antisemitism on campus.

Tuesday 16:00 An audience with Jo Johnson MP

Melinda Jones

Melinda is a human rights lawyer with expertise in gender, disability & children’s rights. Her current research looks at inclusive Judaism; gender & children’s rights. She taught law at UNSW, was Editor-in-Chief of the Australian Journal of Human Rights & Director of Australian Human Rights Centre.

Friday 21:15 Circumcision, genital mutilation and human rights
Saturday 15:00 From welfare to rights in the Jewish tradition
Tuesday 17:30 The four corners of disability & inclusion in Jewish law
Wednesday 21:50 Hallelujah, it’s Leonard Cohen

Leah Jordan

Leah Jordan currently works as a University chaplain for the Alliance of Liberal and Reform Judaism and as the rabbi of Norwich Liberal Jewish Community. She has studied in Jerusalem and as a Fellow at Yeshivat Hadar in New York City. She lives in London with her partner, Rabbi Benji Stanley.

Sunday 13:20 The other (acher): Elisha ben Abuyah & heresy (1 of 2)
Monday 13:20 The other (acher): Elisha ben Abuyah & heresy (2 of 2)

Lyn Julius

Lyn is a writer specialising in Jews from the Middle East and North Africa. She has just published 'Uprooted: How 3000 years of Jewish civilisation in the Arab world vanished overnight' (Vallentine Mitchell). She has blogged for the Guardian, the Huffington Post, Times of Israel, and Jerusalem Post.

Wednesday 10:40 Uprooted: how 3000 years of Jewish civilisation in the Arab world vanished overnight
Wednesday 14:40 British plutocrats from Baghdad
Wednesday 18:50 Balfour at 100

Charles Justin

Charles Justin is cofounder of SJB and Plus, major architectural practices in Australia, and a past president of the Jewish Museum of Australia. He is an avid contemporary art collector & cofounder with wife Leah of the Justin Art House Museum in Melbourne, a not for profit public art house museum.

Thursday 09:20 Divine abstraction

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