Limmud Festival 2017 - Presenters

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Presenters: W

Adam Wagner

Adam is a human rights barrister and commentator. He is the founder of RightsInfo, a multi-award winning charity which builds knowledge of and support for human rights in the UK.

Monday 12:10 When religion and law collide
Tuesday 14:40 Fighting hate with rights

Julia Wagner

Julia Wagner is a writer and lecturer specialising in film. She teaches Film Studies at JW3 and the Phoenix Cinema, and is film reviewer for the Jewish Quarterly journal. Julia’s blog on film and TV is published on the Huffington Post UK. She holds an MA in Italian and a PhD in Film Studies.

Tuesday 10:40 #MeToo in Hollywood: Will 2018 see the dawn of a new era?”
Wednesday 13:20 "Transparent" goes to Israel
Thursday 12:10 Our Brilliant Friend: The unmasking of Elena Ferrante

Yda Walt

Yda Walt is an artist/designer who lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has a small printmaking business where she designs textiles which are hand screen-printed in her studio, and made up into products. She co-created the WHERE IS KOVNO? project

Monday 10:40 Where is Kovno? The journey back

Lewis Warshauer

Lewis teaches adult education seminars in Judaism and is based in New York. He has presented at Limmud on topics ranging from art of the Bible to matters of faith. His collected essays "Torah, Talk and Talmud" has just been published.

Tuesday 09:20 Writing workshop - moral dilemmas

Gabriel Webber

Gabriel has just started training as a rabbi, and is particularly interested in the connections between Jewish teachings and modern legal issues. In his spare time he dabbles in journalism and is currently winning a legal battle against Number 10, about former Prime Ministers' expenses.

Sunday 09:20 Two very different fanatics for justice
Wednesday 14:40 Shorthand in Hebrew: Gregg from aleph to tav
Thursday 09:20 How Moses invented freedom of information

Gary Webber

Gary is a mediator dealing primarily with property disputes and families. He is a recovered barrister and a long-term Limmudnik.

Sunday 17:30 Are you willing to be complicit?

Naomi Webber

Naomi is a lawyer and lifetime Limmudnik, and writes for the acclaimed human rights website, RightsInfo. She has a particular interest in situations in which religion comes into conflict with domestic law.

Monday 12:10 When religion and law collide

Lilach Weber

Lilach Weber is a writer, editor, and co-founder of Goddess of Mastik, a literary magazine based in Haifa. Her first poetry book "Not Bad is Okay" was published in Autumn 2017.

Sunday 10:40 Godess of Mastik and alternative culture in Haifa
Sunday 18:50 Arab-Jewish shared society – where is Israel going?
Wednesday 23:10 Limmud's Late Night Cabaret

Michael Wegier

Michael is the Chief Executive of UJIA and has been active in Jewish education and community service for many years having worked in the USA, Israel and the UK. He is a graduate of UCL, the Hebrew University and the Mandel Jerusalem Fellows.

Monday 20:10 "Ben-Gurion, Epilogue" followed by Q&A with Director, Yariv Mozer
Tuesday 13:20 Noam Shalit in conversation with Michael Wegier
Tuesday 16:00 What is the responsibility of British Jews who support a 2-state solution to help secure the other state?

Sheila Weinberg

After 17 years as a congregational rabbi, Sheila brought mindfulness to the Jewish world at the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. She has published two books: "Surprisingly Happy" and "God Loves the Stranger". She lives in Philadelphia, is a spiritual director, and has six grandchildren.

Saturday 11:30 Mindfulness and the Jewish year
Sunday 09:20 Jewish mindfulness meditation
Monday 10:40 Jewish spiritual direction practicum
Wednesday 16:00 God Loves the Stranger: Writing Workshop

Saul Weiner

Saul Weiner, MD is an internist and paediatrician at the University of Illinois at Chicago, IL USA. His wife, Suzanne Griffel, is currently Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Michigan City, Indiana USA. Their daughter, Karen Weiner, attended a Jewish Day School and is now at Oberlin College in Ohio, USA.

Wednesday 09:20 There's an atheist in the house: spanning religious differences in families

Roni Weinstein

Roni is an historian of Jewish people during the early modern period. For many years his work focused on Jewish-Italian communities during & after Renaissance period. In recent years he dedicated his research to the history of Jewish religion around the Mediterranean basin & modernisation processes.

Monday 09:20 Law and legality – the modernising turning point of the Shulchan Aruch
Monday 14:40 Unity of variety of Jewish halachah – the Sephardi versus the Ashkenazi viewpoint
Tuesday 10:40 From piyyutim to yeshiva a capella: the evolution of Jewish music
Tuesday 17:30 The rise of the Jewish saint in sixteenth century
Wednesday 12:10 Jewish-Italian communities as a 'Laboratory of Modernity' in early modern period

Benjamin Weinthal

Benjamin Weinthal is a European correspondent at The Jerusalem Post and a fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Saturday 21:45 Jihad comes to Europe
Sunday 10:40 The fight against BDS in Europe
Monday 14:40 Is Europe safe for Jews?
Wednesday 10:40 Has nationalism returned to Europe?
Thursday 10:40 Antisemitism in Germany/Europe

Dena Weiss

Dena Weiss is the Rosh Beit Midrash (director of full-time immersives) at Mechon Hadar, an institution for higher Jewish learning based in NYC where she teaches Talmud, Midrash, and Hassidut. Dena earned her BA in Religious Studies from NYU and a MA in Theology from Harvard Divinity School.

Saturday 20:30 Mar'it Ayin: what's the religious value of keeping up appearances?
Monday 10:40 Who is Rabbi Akiva? Legend and law (1 of 4)
Monday 17:30 Daf yomi - Shevuot 27
Tuesday 10:40 Who is Rabbi Yishmael? Preacher and Priest (2 of 4)
Tuesday 17:30 Oral Torah or Written Torah: how God communicates with us, how we communicate with each other
Thursday 10:40 Hadarat Nashim: the exclusion and inclusion of women in Jewish life

Judy Weleminsky

Founder of Pro Israel, Pro Palestinian, Pro Peace which engages the public on our city streets providing information & advocacy about Israel. Chair of University of Roehampton Jewish Resource Centre. Trustee Jewish Renaissance magazine. Voluntary Sector career including CE of 5 national charities.

Monday 13:20 From Hate to Shalom

Michael Whine

Michael Whine is Government and International Affairs director at CST, and UK Member of ECRI at the Council of Europe. He is currently involved in promoting 'Words into Action', designed to enhance protection for European Jewish communities for the OSCE, the European regional security agency.

Monday 16:00 How serious is the terrorist threat to Jews?
Monday 17:30 Researching antisemitism: who, what, why and how many?

Atira Winchester

Atira Winchester has been Director of Programming for New Israel Fund in the UK since 2015 and was previously she was Head of Creative Learning for JW3. Atira holds an MA in English Literature, has a great passion for the Hebrew language, and lived in Jerusalem between 2000-2008.

Monday 18:45 Laila tov stories
Monday 20:10 The Fish Position: feminist Hebrew poems
Tuesday 12:10 50 years of Occupation - where to now?
Thursday 10:40 Hadarat Nashim: the exclusion and inclusion of women in Jewish life

Steven Windmueller

Steven Windmueller, retired dean of the HUC-JIR LA, has a distinguished career as a communal professional and academic. Author of articles and four books on Jewish political and social trends, he holds the Rabbi Alfred Gottschalk Emeritus Chair in Jewish Communal Studies.

Saturday 20:30 The state of liberal Judaism in America: new challenges, emerging opportunities
Sunday 09:20 American Jewish legacy organisations and Israel
Monday 20:10 The Donald and the Jews
Tuesday 18:50 American Jewish political behaviour: reflections on two competing ideologies: American Jewish liberalism vs. conservative Jewish political thought
Wednesday 14:40 One billion Chinese, one American Jew: uncovering the blossoming of Jewish inquiry and study in the People's Republic of China; what it may mean for world Jewry and Israel

Barbara Winton

Barbara is the daughter & biographer of Nicholas Winton, organiser of the Czech Kindertransport in 1939 which brought 669 endangered children to safety in the UK. She discusses her father’s achievements in relation to the current refugee crisis & what can be applied today from how he succeeded then.

Thursday 12:10 The Czech Kindertransport and its resonance today

Irene Wise

Irene Wise is an artist and senior lecturer in Media and Culture at University of Roehampton. She is Creative Educator at the British Library and an Imperial War Museum Fellow in Holocaust Education. Irene exhibits artwork and publishes illustration, and writes on a variety of cultural subjects.

Saturday 20:30 The brilliance of ‘Cabaret’... followed by screening!
Sunday 10:40 Film titles and the animated art of Saul Bass
Monday 16:00 The Frisco Kid
Wednesday 13:20 The (Jewish) art of design

Jonathan Wittenberg

Being a child of German-Jewish refugees profoundly influenced his life. He likes trying to understand & build relationships, between us, our Judaism & our spirituality; between different faiths; between refugees & hope; between humans, plants & animals. Just published "Things My Dog Has Taught Me".

Sunday 14:40 Things my dog has taught me - about being a better human
Sunday 17:30 Spiritual resilience (1 of 3)
Monday 13:20 Words worth hearing: ‘No Time for Tears: Childhood in a Rabbi’s Family’ by Sidney Bloch
Monday 17:30 Spiritual Resilience (2 of 3)
Tuesday 16:00 Spiritual Resilience (3 of 3)

Gabriel Wolff

Gabriel Wolff is a Jewish tattoo artist. He supplies Jews all over the world with Hebrew calligraphy designs for their tattoos. He has talked about identity with thousands of his clients worldwide about their tattoos and thus managed to gain an insight to an evolving avant-garde of Jewish identity.

Sunday 16:00 “That’s no job for a nice Jewish…”: Jews in creative industries
Tuesday 18:50 What does a Jew look like?
Wednesday 13:20 Can a purely 'cultural Jew' exist? The possible horizons of secular Jewish identity.
Thursday 09:20 New Jewish visibilities/visual Jewish outing

Rhea Wolfson

Rhea grew up in Glasgow Reform Synagogue. She was previously Mazkira of RSY-Netzer before working for New Israel Fund. Rhea is now a GMB Trade Union Organiser and in 2016 was elected to the Labour Party's National Executive Committee. She stood for parliament in 2017 and is a member of Momentum.

Wednesday 12:10 Can Labour win back the Jewish community?

Tamra Wright

Tamra Wright is Director of Academic Studies at LSJS and a visiting lecturer at King’s College London. She teaches modules on Jewish philosophy as part of the LSJS/King’s MA in Jewish Studies, and is programme leader for the LSJS MA in Jewish Education validated by Middlesex University.

Monday 09:20 “Like a rising moon on a starry night”: Martin Buber’s philosophy of religion
Tuesday 12:10 “Now we’re talking pedagogy!”: Levinasian ethics and Jewish education
Wednesday 12:10 Is Judaism a religion? A very brief introduction to modern Jewish thought

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