Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 14:40

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Anti-occupation activism in the West Bank

Robert Abrams  Nina Morris-Evans  Anna Roiser 

Green 26

Hear from three British Jews who took part in peaceful anti-occupation activism in the West Bank this year whilst living in Jerusalem. We will describe what we did, what we saw and how it felt. Learn how you could get involved, including through joining organised programmes and connecting directly with activist organisations.

Can I have Yom Kippur off? No, you're the Rabbi - when religion and employment clash

Jason Braier 

Purple 31

Required to work on Shabbat? Told to clean out the non-kosher work fridge? Refused Yom Kippur off? Told to shave off your beard in line with a clean shaven policy? This session looks at the role of discrimination law when religious practice and employment practice collide.

Conscientious objection in medicine - right or wrong?

David Katz 

Orange 10

Much recent public debate about medical ethics focuses - justifiably - on recognising the rights of the patient and their family. Jewish tradition often supports this. However, what happens when the doctor (or any other healthcare professional/carer) is asked to act in conflict with their conscience and beliefs? Is there a "Jewish perspective"?

Holy war: the Jewish view (1 of 2)

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz 

Red 3

We hear a lot about jihad these days, but very little about the Jewish tradition of religious war (and indeed genocide - what about exterminating Amalek?). We’ll explore the biblical origins of Jewish holy war, learn how the rabbis tried to moderate it and find out about the return of ancient ideas (some quite alarming) in modern Israel.

How to enthuse the Jews in the pews? Making our synagogues flourish

Aaron Goldstein  Matt Plen  Laura Janner-Klausner  Keith Kahn-Harris  Richard Verber  Philip Rosenberg 

Orange 15

Leading representatives of the major Jewish denominations will discuss their vision for building flourishing synagogues, with reference to the Board of Deputies/Institute of Jewish Policy Research 2017 report on synagogue membership in the United Kingdom.

I'm a grown-up woman - shouldn't I know what job I want by now? Anytime of life is the right time to find the work you were born to do.

Penelope Toff 

Blue 33

Reb Zusha highlighted the importance of realising our unique potential. Are you a woman aged 25 – 85 who is stuck in a job-rut, unfulfilled in your chosen career, or returning to work after a break and want to change direction? Come and take the first steps towards finding work you love, with the support of an experienced life and careers coach.

INS Dakar - 3 decades of search for a lost Israeli submarine

Offer David 

Green 25

INS Dakar was lost at sea in 1968. What is this submarine? Why was she lost? Why did it take more than 30 years to find her? In the memory of her crew!

Introduction to Jewish peoplehood

Noa Metuki  Hadas Nir 

Red 5

As Jews, most of our life as a nation, has been lived in a reality of dispersion. This is in our D.N.A as a people, our historical narrative. Is this really how we were meant to be? Through an engaging look at the source text, learners will analyse what decisions in our Jewish history led us here, and explore our personal role in it today.

Religion, schools and the law: an Antipodean view of an unholy alliance

Jacquie Seemann Charak 

Green 27

Can Jewish schools admit only halachically Jewish students? What happens when evolution meets creation? What happens in a state school at Christmas? All schools juggle; Jewish schools, more so - teaching religious and secular curricula (think citizenship, ethics, sex) while keeping kids safe and protecting against harassment... Does the law help?

Remember Baghdad: screening and discussion

Edwin Shuker 

Blue 34

The untold story of Iraq’s ancient Jewish community in which Edwin Shuker returns to buy a house with the dream of reestablishing a Jewish presence in his forefathers’ land. Shuker leads an interactive discussion on the history and memory of Baghdad asking why we should ensure the Arab world remembers its Jewish legacy through physical presence.

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Social Programming Team 

Hilton Lobby

First time at the event? First time at this site? Need a refresh? Join us to get to know the space we're in, and meet people as you go! (Unlikely to take the full hour)


Maurice Stone 

Red 7

Bou Lirkod! Enjoy all the atmosphere of Tel Aviv’s Tayelet, learning dances regularly danced in Israel; suitable for newcomers and returnees with a relaxed and fun atmosphere. This is an introduction to Israeli dance for the young and young at heart. Have fun! Learn all the basic moves, but with some new music.

Things my dog has taught me - about being a better human

Jonathan Wittenberg 

Red 4

Even in the most liberal opinions, dogs are exempt from the mitzvot, but they obey lots of commands and do many good deeds. Jonathan Wittenberg reads from his new book, which alongside recording amusing – and embarrassing - K9 incidents, testifies to what dogs bring us: practically, spiritually and emotionally.

What’s the secret formula? The CEO/Chair relationship

Michelle Janes 

Red 6

Following research involving a number of UK Jewish communal organisations, Michelle will present findings from her MBA consultancy project in this area including key messages and success factors she discovered.

Yellow candles - a Holocaust memorial phenomenon

Paul Harris  Nick Gendler 

Orange 12

In early 2016, two guys tentatively imported a long standing tradition from the USA - the Yellow Candles that we light in memory of those who perished in the Holocaust. They had no idea that the idea would inspire the community to the extent it did. Come and hear the story of this phenomenal success.

L’Dor vador: the reality of an intergenerational community where pre-schoolers and 3rd agers live, learn and play together

Judith Ish-Horowicz 

Orange 13

In September 2017, we opened the doors of a new daycare setting in the grounds of a Jewish Care home with 20% of nursery places dedicated to care home staff and a focus on daily intergenerational interactions. Media coverage has been unprecedented and now you too can hear about our journey, our challenges, our tears and laughter… and our plans!

Every and Enduring

Eric Fingerhut 

Red 1

Hillel's vision is to inspire every Jewish student to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning and Israel. "Every? Really? But what about all those political disagreements?" A look at the Torah and the practice of building an inclusive Jewish community that welcomes and attracts all.

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