Limmud Festival 2017 - Presenters

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Presenters: A

Natan Abenaim

After spending years advising companies how to develop their businesses, Natan now helps people expanding their horizons. He teaches Torah and Talmud in Paris and Brussels. He has an MSc from Ecole Centrale de Paris and a semicha from Kolel Montefiore in London.

Saturday 21:45
Saturday 21:45 Oh brother! Conflicts and resolution in Bereshit
Wednesday 18:50
Wednesday 18:50 Who owns Jerusalem?

Nic Abery

Nic Abery is the director of LooktoLearn; an integrated education company. With over 20 years of experience in education, she combines religious themes and secular education through the exploration of museum art, objects, and culture.

Sunday 17:15
Sunday 17:15 Aliyah of food
Monday 09:20
Monday 09:20 Israel70: building artistic connections
Monday 18:50
Monday 18:50 PaJeS teacher cluster at Limmud Festival
Tuesday 17:30
Tuesday 17:30 Jewish history through hairstyling

Robert Abrams

Originally from North London, Rob got involved with the group All That’s Left (ATL) after spending time in Jerusalem; a collective of diaspora Jews based in Israel and Palestine opposed to the occupation. Rob will talk about his experiences as an Arabic-speaking British Jew in Palestinian spaces.

Sunday 14:40
Sunday 14:40 Anti-occupation activism in the West Bank

Keith Ackerman

Keith has been running dialogue-based sports and arts interfaith projects for young people in Leeds since 2008. In 2015 he set up the charity Bridging Difference to further develop this work. Keith is also a sculptor, principally in stone.

Sunday 13:20
Sunday 13:20 Dialogue and interfaith work

Reuben Ackerman

I have been involved in interfaith projects since 2008. Dialogue and inter-religious harmony resonated in my history and international relations degrees from Oxford and the LSE. They have also been pertinent to my work promoting freedom of religion and belief as Parliamentary Officer for the CIFoRB.

Sunday 13:20
Sunday 13:20 Dialogue and interfaith work

Luke Akehurst

Luke Akehurst has been director of We Believe in Israel since 2011. We Believe in Israel is a broad coalition of over 16,000 grassroots supporters of Israel. Outside of work he was a Hackney Councillor for 12 years, has stood for Parliament twice and served on the Labour Party NEC.

Wednesday 18:50
Wednesday 18:50 How did the Labour Party get into such a mess over Israel, Jews and antisemitism?
Thursday 09:20
Thursday 09:20 How did a non-Jew end up working as director of We Believe in Israel and how can we get more non-Jews involved in campaigning for Israel?

Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen is a consultant psychiatrist working in the NHS and privately. He has recently been collaborating with the Israeli firm, Neuronix, to provide a new, evidence-based treatment which can actually reverse the early symptoms of dementia.

Sunday 12:10
Sunday 12:10 An exciting new treatment for dementia - invented in Israel

Dennis Allon

Dennis is a charity operative with over 25 years of experience and is currently director of Fundraising & Resource Development at the Israel Guide Dog Centre for the blind. Working in partnership with the CEO, he coordinates and assists our International Friends organisations with responsibility for fundraising in Israel.

Monday 12:10
Monday 12:10 How a guide dog gave me back my independence

Emma Alter

Emma Alter is a qualified Feldenkrais practitioner, and professional classical musician. She specialises in performers, whilst working with people from all walks of life, looking for self improvement. She runs regular classes, workshops and bespoke one-on-one sessions in central and North London.

Sunday 08:00
Sunday 08:00 From the feet up: Feldenkrais @ Limmud (2 of 5)
Sunday 16:00
Sunday 16:00 An introduction to Feldenkrais (1 of 5)
Monday 08:00
Monday 08:00 Are You Sitting Comfortably? Feldenkrais @ Limmud (3 of 5)
Tuesday 08:00
Tuesday 08:00 Freeing up your back: Feldenkrais at Limmud (4 of 5)
Wednesday 08:00
Wednesday 08:00 Take the world off your shoulders: Feldenkrais @ Limmud (5 of 5)

Daniel Anderson

Daniel presents and facilitates thought-provoking lectures, discussions, and workshops. He aims to leave attendees with more questions than answers and can be found at CNSS in London. A former Limmud Programming chair, Daniel is an elected member holding the Environment portfolio on Enfield Council.

Sunday 18:50
Sunday 18:50 What makes Hebrew holy? Maimonides versus Halevi
Monday 18:50
Monday 18:50 I’m not a number, I’m a free man! But is individuality compatible with Judaism?
Tuesday 16:00
Tuesday 16:00 Would the London Beth Din have accepted biblical Ruth’s conversion?

John Angel

John Angel is a wondering Jew, wondering what it is all about, wandering from shul to shul, and proudly describes himself as a ‘Brixton boy’ with origins in Zagare, Dombrovitz and Achnamenye. He has an abiding interest in Jewish culture and history

Sunday 18:50
Sunday 18:50 Murder in the East End of London – the Lipski murder

Mary Azaria

Mary Azaria has been active in Limmud Galil since its beginnings. She worked at UJIA Israel and the Jewish Agency for many years, coordinating projects which connect Jewish communities in the UK with communities in the Galil.

Sunday 10:40
Sunday 10:40 Kibbutz - freedom for or freedom from?

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