Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 08:00

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Freeing up your back: Feldenkrais at Limmud (4 of 5)

Emma Alter 

Red 7

Take your back back! Last year 8.8 million work days were lost to musculo-skeletal problems. This is an area in Feldenkrais can help. This session asks you to look at your own habits of moving in detail. We increase your self-awareness in a gentle back exploration, helping you let go of old habits and to discover new, easier patterns of movement.

Morning news review! Simon Spungin from Haaretz

Simon Spungin  Social Programming Team 

Blue 32

Rise and shine! Hear from top journalists about a news story in their publication and have a chat with other early risers about the story and surrounding issues. Meet new people and get your morning off to a sociable start! This morning Simon Spungin, from Haaretz online, shares his chosen story and delves into it.

V'yarutz v'yomer: and he ran and he talked, or "run and chat" (2 of 4)

Abigail Morris 

Hilton Lobby

For those who want to stretch their legs as well as their minds, come and run with Abigail. We can discuss Jewish topics, our running schedules or just enjoy being outside. Please be prepared to run for an hour and maybe get muddy.

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