Limmud Festival 2017
Saturday 23 December 2017

Partnership Minyan Shacharit Orange 14
Orthodox Shacharit Purple 31
Progressive Shacharit Red 3
Masorti Shacharit Yellow 21
Shabbat Morning Family Service Caroline Hagard  Green 27
Shabbat stroll Limmud Shabbat Team  Hilton Lobby
The origin of complex life on earth: how did it happen, and what can it teach us about encouraging social harmony? Joel Peck  Blue 33
Once upon a Shabbat Caroline Hagard  Green 27
"Get to know you" walk Social Programming Team  Hilton Lobby
Ben Pekuah - Kosher meat from animals that don't need shechita (ritual slaughter) Harold Zwier  Orange 10
Stories of influence Cnaan Lipshiz  Sarah Klegman  Andrea Kamens  Aviva Dautch  Orange 13
Confessions of a Jewish journalist Gary Rosenblatt  Red 2
Mindfulness and the Jewish year Sheila Weinberg  Red 4
Israel is a Jewish democratic state? Zehorit Sorek  Yellow 21
Exploring prayer on Shabbat - Chavruta Limmud Shabbat Team  Yellow 22
Partnership Minyan Mincha Orange 14
Orthodox Mincha Purple 31
Progressive Mincha Red 3
Masorti Mincha Yellow 21
So you fell asleep during services - do you still count for a minyan? Danny Siegel  Blue 33
A Black or White issue? Race in Jewish text Zvi Solomons  Blue 34
Judah and Joseph: sibling rivalry is as old as the Bible Yaffa Epstein  Orange 11
The community in Jewish liturgy Daniel Goldfarb  Red 2
“As a sign upon your hand”: taking Torah seriously, not literally Jeremy Tabick  Red 4
Finding our souls in the rhythm of life Ilan Glazer  Red 5
Rehearsing real life: pursuing social justice through performance and play Andrea Jacobs  Red 7
From welfare to rights in the Jewish tradition Melinda Jones  Yellow 21
Families Seudah Shlishit Shira Solomons  Green 27
Speed dating seudah Limmud Shabbat Team  Orange 13
Stories and songs Seudah Shlishit Limmud Shabbat Team  Purple 29
UNO - the number one game Simon Rosenstone  Red 2
Partnership Minyan Maariv Orange 14
Orthodox Maariv Purple 31
Progressive Maariv Red 3
Masorti Maariv Yellow 21
Havdallah Limmud Shabbat Team  Yellow 24
My Ethiopian experience Offer David  Blue 33
Introduction to Karaite Judaism Norman Green  Blue 34
Biblical law and tanachitic law in the Koran and in the Islamic Tradition Gideon Libson  Orange 10
Mar'it Ayin: what's the religious value of keeping up appearances? Dena Weiss  Orange 11
Darwin and Genesis: Eve, Adam and the origin of language Richard Landes  Orange 12
The brilliance of ‘Cabaret’... followed by screening! Irene Wise  Orange 13
Are we better together? Tirtsa Posklinsky Shehory  Clive Lawton  Daniel Goldman  Sarah Charak  Orange 14
Come and join the Limmud bag packing party! Limmud Volunteers Team  Red 1
The state of liberal Judaism in America: new challenges, emerging opportunities Steven Windmueller  Red 2
Stolpersteine (stumble stones): personal Holocaust memorials Rachel Green  Red 4
Limmudniks sing Schubert Debbie Lee  Red 6
Cultivating a creative practice Max Jared Einsohn  Shannyn Gelbart  Yellow 21
Stories of Spadina: Toronto's Jewish community Sharoni Sibony  Blue 34
"Be strong, be manly" to be a Jewish man from Tanach to today David Cassuto  Green 26
Jihad comes to Europe Benjamin Weinthal  Orange 10
Jewish China - past and present situation Yael Farjun  Orange 11
Oh brother! Conflicts and resolution in Bereshit Natan Abenaim  Orange 12
Jewish Broadway in 2018 - learn and sing along David Benkof  Red 6
Taharah - a journey of body and soul Holly Blue Hawkins  Yellow 21
Saturday night is Quiz night Limmud Shabbat Team  Orange 12
Shavua tov DIY dance party Limmud Shabbat Team  Red 7