Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Saturday 15:00
Shabbat programme

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A Black or White issue? Race in Jewish text

Zvi Solomons 

Blue 34

Black Lives Matter. Black and Beautiful. Are we Jews white? Jewish texts deal with racial matters, and so it is appropriate that we examine attitudes in Jewish tradition to this major modern issue.

“As a sign upon your hand”: taking Torah seriously, not literally

Jeremy Tabick 

Red 4

Can the literal meaning of the Torah contradict the way it is interpreted in Jewish law? We’ll enter this debate through the example of tefillin. What is at stake in taking either position? How do we navigate the balance between taking our holy book seriously, but not literally? Sources in original and English.

Finding our souls in the rhythm of life

Ilan Glazer 

Red 5

How do we stay centered in a world full of turmoil? What do we need to be happy in our personal and professional lives? How do we avoid falling into depression, burnout, and addiction (and how do we recover if we're already there)? Learn wisdom from Torah, tefilla (prayer), and tehillim (psalms), and the six human needs developed by Tony Robbins.

From welfare to rights in the Jewish tradition

Melinda Jones 

Yellow 21

In the Jewish tradition, providing for others has been seen as a matter of justice not charity. This is a very different approach to Western and Christian views. We will explore the concept of Tzedaka and consider a number of contrasts between the modern welfare state and what charity would look like if secular law was replaced by Jewish law.

Judah and Joseph: sibling rivalry is as old as the Bible

Yaffa Epstein 

Orange 11

Judah and Joseph were brothers, rivals, and the fathers of kings. But, where did this rivalry begin? This session will examine their relationship, and what it can teach us about our relationships with our siblings, and ourselves. All levels of experience with text are welcome.

Rehearsing real life: pursuing social justice through performance and play

Andrea Jacobs 

Red 7

Come and learn how to use theatre to examine the dynamics of power and oppression in our lives and communities. Drawing on Theatre of the Oppressed and Playback Theatre, we’ll play games, share stories and practice strategies for creating change in real life. No acting experience necessary, dress for movement and come ready to play.

So you fell asleep during services - do you still count for a minyan?

Danny Siegel 

Blue 33

Unusual texts for some reason rarely taught, often ignored, often distinctly off-beat but very much loaded with great Jewish values. (There is to be a great deal of give-and-take in this session).

The community in Jewish liturgy

Daniel Goldfarb 

Red 2

Did you ever come to shul to say Kaddish and were told, “sorry, we don’t have a minyan.” Who cares? In an age of individualism, do I really need nine others? We’ll look at the individual-community interaction in the synagogue and the liturgy, and the values reflected there.

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