Limmud Festival 2017 - Presenters

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Presenters: H

Joel Haber

Joel Haber is a licensed Israeli tourguide, and speaks on related topics, including Jewish food, Land of Israel, and Tanach. Born in the US, Joel made Aliyah in 2009. Joel has presented at Limmud LA, JLM, TLV, and Barcelona, and he believes/hopes that Limmud is the future of the Jewish people.

Tuesday 12:10 A land of milk and mufleta: at the crossroads of Israeli cuisine and culture

Caroline Hagard

Caroline has been teaching for many years in religion schools. She is a storyteller, writes Jewish songs for young children, and writes/runs children’s services for the High Holydays/chagim. Passionate about Judaism, her sessions are great fun. In her spare time she is a full-time medical secretary.

Friday 15:45 Friday Night Delight
Saturday 10:00 Shabbat Morning Family Service
Saturday 11:30 Once upon a Shabbat

George Halfin

George runs an online counselling & groupwork programme at a national charity for people struggling with addictions. She is a qualified Innate Health teacher, author of blog Confessions of an Overthinker, & co-founder of community for fellow overthinkers, Overthinkers Anonymous & mum of 2 young boys

Sunday 18:50 Navigate change with confidence (personal/family life) (1 of 2)
Thursday 09:20 Navigate change with confidence (work-life) (2 of 2)

Matthew Halfin

Matt has spent his career building services in industries undergoing fundamental changes. He now mentors individuals and businesses to help them navigate the unknown with resilience and clarity, whilst still having fun! He is a qualified Innate Health coach and co-founder of Overthinkers Anonymous.

Sunday 18:50 Navigate change with confidence (personal/family life) (1 of 2)
Thursday 09:20 Navigate change with confidence (work-life) (2 of 2)

Lauren Hamburger

Lauren is Director of PJ Library in the UK, bringing Jewish books to 5,000 children and their families. Lauren is a graduate of the Suzi Bradfield Educational leadership Programme. Outside of the office, Lauren works with different organisations to expand opportunities for women in Judaism.

Monday 18:45 Bedtime Stories with PJ Library

Mia Hamburger

Mia Hamburger is Community Outreach Administrator for UK registered charity Goods For Good, which sends overstocks from British Industry overseas to refugees and vulnerable communities. A major recipient of these donations are Holocaust survivors from the Soviet Union living in appalling conditions.

Sunday 13:20 Goods For Good: how British industry is keeping Holocaust survivors in Moldova warm this winter

Chaim Hames

Chaim lives in Beersheba and is currently Dean of the Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Director of the Center for the Study of Conversion. Chaim was born in London, made aliyah at twelve and is happily married with two children.

Friday 21:15 Judaism and Israel: myth meets reality
Sunday 09:20 By who, when, where and why were sections of the Talmud translated into Latin?
Monday 13:20 Why did the Pope die? What happened in Rome in 1280?
Wednesday 14:40 Why did Jesus and Rabbi Akiva have to meet Moses?

Lahav Harkov

Lahav Harkov is the Senior Knesset reporter and analyst for The Jerusalem Post, whose insights as a lecturer and television and radio commentator are sought after around the world. The Jewish Telegraphic Agency has named her the 5th-most influential person on “Jewish Twitter."

Sunday 21:50 Is Bibi's time up?
Monday 10:40 Israel and antisemitism
Monday 16:00 Behind the scenes at the Knesset

Joshua Harmon

Joshua Harmon's plays include Bad Jews (Roundabout, West End), Significant Other (Roundabout, Broadway/Booth), and Ivanka (staged readings across the USA, Election Eve, 2016). Upcoming productions: Admissions at Lincoln Center in February, and Skintight at Roundabout in May. Graduate of Juilliard.

Sunday 20:10 Raymond Simonson in conversation with Joshua Harmon
Monday 14:40 Playwriting 101
Monday 17:30 Creating Culture: Jewish Arts for Wider Audiences

Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal

Hifsa is a trustee of Nisa-Nashim an organisation that brings Jewish and Muslim communities together by building personal friendships. She is a well-known figure and in 2011 was awarded an MBE and appointed a Deputy Lieutenant. She has published widely, including about radicalisation and counter-terrorism.

Wednesday 10:40 Ask Hifsa (almost) everything you want to know about Islam and being a Muslim woman in Britain today
Wednesday 13:20 Women - still, seen and not heard!

Eve Harow

Eve is an Israeli tour guide, hosts an internet show, and is passionate about her people, faith, & land. A longtime resident of Gush Etzion & mother of 7, she speaks knowledgeably about the complexities of life in Judea; blending Tanach & modern Israel. Hobbies include ideological eating & drinking.

Monday 18:50 50 Years of liberation or occupation?
Tuesday 20:10 Towards coexistence: can there be peace without it?
Wednesday 09:20 Tu B’Av; the holiday of love is reborn
Wednesday 17:30 Is East Jerusalem a settlement?

Michael Harris

Michael Harris is rabbi of The Hampstead (United) Synagogue, research fellow at LSJS and affiliated lecturer in the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge. He is co-author, with Daniel Rynhold, of the forthcoming book "Nietzsche, Soloveitchik and Contemporary Jewish Philosophy" (CUP).

Sunday 16:00 Nietzsche and Soloveitchik I: Morality
Monday 16:00 Nietzsche and Soloveitchik II: life-affirmation, asceticism and the passions (2 of 3)
Tuesday 10:40 Nietzsche and Soloveitchik III: Suffering
Tuesday 17:30 “In the Eyes of God and Man": Orthodoxy, Torah min HaShamayim, and academic Bible studies

Paul Harris

Paul is a criminal defence lawyer working in the East End of London. He has led the campaign in recent years against legal aid cuts and restricting access to justice. He is also joint chair of New North London Synagogue and last year helped to launch the Yellow candle project.

Sunday 14:40 Yellow candles - a Holocaust memorial phenomenon

Tanya Harris

Tanya is Head of Services at Jami, the mental health charity. She is committed to developing services which reduce stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness. Tanya graduated from Brunel University with an MSc in Occupational Therapy. She is a keen rugby fan and an alpaca breeder.

Wednesday 10:40 Transforming the mental health landscape
Wednesday 13:20 Stress in our families and how to handle it

Michael Haruni

While creating Siddur Nehalel (Nevarech/Ktav), where photos depict meanings of texts, Mike became possessed by the questions, what is davening? Why pray? And how? His PhD thesis in Philosophy analysed pain, and his plays include The Stonemason (Finborough, London), and Sta"m (Beit Lessin, Tel Aviv).

Tuesday 16:00 Confessions of a siddur creator
Wednesday 17:30 Voicing love of God: prayer, history, intimacy

Zev Warren Harvey

Zev was born in New York and studied philosophy at Columbia University (Ph.D. 1973). He taught at McGill University, Montreal, and since 1977, is professor of Jewish Thought at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He writes about Jewish philosphers, e.g. Maimonides, Hasdai Crescas, Spinoza, Levinas.

Friday 17:15 Judah's great speech
Sunday 10:40 Rabbi Judah Halevi at Mount Sinai
Monday 17:30 The parable of the castle: Maimonides vs. Crescas
Tuesday 09:20 Maimonides' prize student: Joseph ben Judah
Thursday 12:10 The problem of many gods

Holly Blue Hawkins

Natural Deathcare advocate, author, educator and rosha of a Chevra Kaddisha in Santa Cruz, California, Holly Blue provides training in a wide variety of end-of-life subjects, to both Jewish and secular settings, including Kavod v’Nichum conferences, and studies with Gamliel Institute.

Saturday 21:45 Taharah - a journey of body and soul
Sunday 10:40 Taharah in the 21st century - challenges and possibilities
Monday 13:20 Death Cafe
Tuesday 14:40 Ethical wills - history and modern trends (1 of 2)
Wednesday 13:20 Composing a spiritual will - a hands-on session (2 of 2)

Dan Heller

Dan is one of Limmud Festival 2017's Programming co-chairs. By day he works on NHS initiatives about children and young people's physical and mental health. When not doing Limmud programming, he enjoys running, and flying the flag for south Londoners contributing to the wider Jewish community.

Sunday 23:10 Song and speeches: how the psalms inspired rap, reggae, pop, the blues... and US Presidents
Monday 21:50 Young Jews chatting s***

Rebecca Heller

Rebecca is one of Limmud Festival 2017's Shabbat co-chairs - this will be her first time presenting at a Limmud event! Outside of Limmud, Rebecca works in digital marketing for Miss Selfridge, has recently rediscovered netball, and enjoys listening to a variety of podcasts.

Monday 21:50 Young Jews chatting s***

Charlotte Henry

Charlotte Henry is a writer and communications professional. She has worked for a variety of major publications detailing the collision between technology, politics, and the media. Her first book, "Not Buying It", is a look at post-truth and fake news will be published by Unbound next year.

Wednesday 17:30 Hacking Judaism: A discussion with the tech community
Wednesday 18:50 Antisemitism - the original fake news

Beit Midrash Hevra

A group of educators, Torah enthusiasts, and lovers of text who come together at Limmud to create an intentional community with Torah at its centre. The Hevra is open to anyone regardless of denomination or Torah learning experience.

Wednesday 18:50 The Beit Midrash tisch

Claire Hilton

Claire has recently retired from her post as an old age psychiatrist in the NHS. She is currently lead editor for a mental health e-learning project with, is undertaking inspections with the CQC and is researching the history of psychiatry in England.

Tuesday 10:40 Shrink wrap or shrink proof? Tikkun olam for our NHS mental health services

Emily Hilton

Emily Hilton is a graduate of the Frontline social work programme and now lives in Moishe House London. Emily is a board member of Yachad UK and has previously sat on the NEC of the Jewish Labour Movement. She has written for the Independent, the Guardian, the Jewish News, and +972 Magazine.

Tuesday 21:50 V is for vagina
Wednesday 17:30 Is East Jerusalem a settlement?
Wednesday 21:50 Virginity is f****d: deconstructing cultural views on sex and purity

Michael Hilton

Michael Hilton lectures at Leo Baeck College and is an Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Manchester. After 30 years as a congregational rabbi he now pursues interfaith work, and will lead a three faiths week in Oxford in 2018. His most recent book is “Bar Mitzvah: A History” (2014).

Monday 21:50 Jews Have Celebrated Christmas!
Tuesday 09:20 Is every Torah scroll the same?

David Hirsh

David Hirsh is a senior lecturer in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London. He writes on the topic of contemporary antisemitism.

Sunday 21:50 Ken, Ken, Len: antisemitism denial in Labour
Monday 10:40 Israel and antisemitism
Monday 14:40 Whitewashed - antisemitism in the Labour Party
Monday 17:30 Researching antisemitism: who, what, why and how many?
Monday 18:50 Is campus a safe space for Jews?

Liron Hoch

Liron Hoch lives in Kibbutz Kabri in the Galilee. He teaches Jewish philosophy and thought in Zfat and is also a karate instructor.

Sunday 10:40 Kibbutz - freedom for or freedom from?

Happie Hoffman

Happie Hoffman is half of the musical duo, Eric & Happie, and a full time musician, Jewish educator and spiritual leader based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Eric & Happie's debut album reached #11 on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart, and the duo released their first album of Jewish music this December.

Monday 21:50 Eric and Happie in concert
Wednesday 10:40 Songs of change
Wednesday 18:50 Stories sung in harmony
Thursday 10:40 Creating sacred spaces

Renato Huarte Cuéllar

Renato Huarte Cuéllar is a full-time tenured professor of Philosophy of Education at UNAM, Mexico's National Autonomous University. He is one of the founders of Limmud Mexico, and since 2015 he has been the liaison with the Limmud groups in Latin America.

Sunday 13:20 Jewish communities in Latin America (1 of 2)
Wednesday 17:30 Jewish communities in Latin America (2 of 2)

Eric Hunker

Born in Washington D.C., Eric has been traveling the world, teaching, learning, and performing Jewish music for the last decade. Recently he has been touring as half of the duo Eric & Happie, now based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Monday 21:50 Eric and Happie in concert
Wednesday 10:40 Songs of change
Wednesday 18:50 Stories sung in harmony
Thursday 10:40 Creating sacred spaces

Jonathan Hunter

Jonathan spends much of his non-Limmud leisure time at various modern jive events around the country, and is very much looking forward to sharing the fun of dancing with all at Limmud Festival this year!

Tuesday 16:00 An introduction to modern jive (1 of 2)
Wednesday 16:00 More modern jive (2 of 2)

Joseph Hyman

Joe Hyman is an Orthodox LGBT activist working towards greater inclusion for LGBT Jews in our community. He grew up in an Orthodox community where he has grappled with issues of sexuality and religion his whole life.

Sunday 16:00 ‘Praying the gay away’ - experiences of conversion therapy for same sex attraction
Tuesday 17:30 What does the future hold for religious LGBT Jews?

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