Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 23:10

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A complete history of Jewish music in seven Adon Olam tunes

Isaac Treuherz 

Yellow 21

Most of you have probably noticed that there's a few different tunes for Adon Olam. You know, just one or two. In this session, we'll use seven to look through the centuries and around the world at the evolution of different traditions of our music. Come prepared to listen, sing along, and broaden your horizons. No musical background necessary.

American Bar/Bat Mitzvah party games

Kevin Lieberman 

Red 7

Come to learn and play games that are popular at American Bar/Bat Mitzvah parties! Whether you were the coolest kid in classroom, or just plain awkward like the rest of us when we were twelve and thirteen, you'll want to wear clothes that won't restrict your movement for this fun, high energy program.

Another Limmud dating session? Sounds sketchy if you ask me...

Social Programming Team 

Purple 29

They say that a picture can tell a thousand words. Come and learn the language of love... by playing Pictionary! Art skills not required! Advised ages 20 - 35 but all welcome.

Jewish Stock Exchange

Amos Schonfield  Daniel Fenster Simons 

Orange 13

Think you know what year Steven Speilberg released his first film? What year did Monica Lewinsky become a household name? As the years tick away through the session, buy and sell shares in famous (and not so famous) Jewish personalities and try to make the most money as shares rise and fall in value based on an individual's notoriety.

Midnight meaning metaphor and meandering

Samuel Barth 

Yellow 22

At midnight, the mind and soul are free to explore texts in a different state of consciousness. Join together to dive into paradoxes of paradise, the secrets of the siddur. No Hebrew or experience needed - only an open mind... and even half-open eyes.

Song and speeches: how the psalms inspired rap, reggae, pop, the blues... and US Presidents

Dan Heller 

Green 25

U2 singer Bono once wrote that the psalms feel like the Blues to him. Boney M, Coolio and Idan Raichel, Donald Trump and Barack Obama have all used excerpts from the psalms in their songs and speeches. Why did they pick these passages to convey their messages? What are the stories and meanings behind the psalms they used?

Why do we love a TV show that is sexist, homophobic and lacking in diversity?

Lucy Prevezer 

Green 26

Everyone loves Friends (the TV show), including myself. However, if we look back at those 90's episodes they can now been seen as incredibly offensive to many groups in society. Come and discuss how times have changed for Sitcom TV and why we still love and feel nostalgic when watching this programme?

Late night kumsitz (sing-along)

Zöe Jacobs  Shira Kline  Michelle Citrin  Josh Nelson 

Red 6

If you've been waiting all year to sing like you're in the shower with your favourite few hundred musical Jews, have we got a kumsitz for you! Come and sing great Jewish music - old and new - with Josh, Michelle, Shira and Zoe.


Daniel Shine 

Purple 31

One day we'll all experience it. For some reason it's a taboo subject. A space will be created for us to share about what death means to us. It usually involves a whole array of emotions.

Late night laughs at Limmud

Rachel Creeger 

Yellow 23

Join award-winning stand up comic Rachel Creeger for a bit of a gig. She's the only practising modern orthodox Jewish female comedian currently on the UK circuit, performing in pubs and clubs around the country. Her parents couldn't be more proud. It probably won't lead to mixed dancing, just partnership laughing.

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