Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 21:50

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50 shades of great: exploring Jewish sexuality

Ariella Perry 

Green 26

The presentation will take a deeper look at Judaism's attitude sexuality and sensuality.

Balfour, Sadat, Herzl and Allenby: a year of anniversaries

Michael Freeman 

Yellow 21

2017/8 marks hugely significant events in Israeli and Zionist history, but what is the relevance for us today? In this session, Israeli diplomat, Michael Freeman will look at these events and explain the very real relevance for Israel and the UK today and how they can point us in the direction of peace.

Braitah in the bar: a spirited session of Talmud

Laura Janner-Klausner  Yaffa Epstein 

Blue 32

A Reform Rabbi and an Orthodox Rabba walk into a bar - sounds like the beginning of a joke right? Come join Laura and Yaffa as they teach their favourite Talmudic stories about Rabbis who enjoyed a good pint now and then! Open to all, whether you love the Talmud, love your drink, or just want to have some fun! All texts available in translation.

Confessions of a Rabbi

Jonathan Romain 

Red 3

Congregational life is laid bare, and the true life of a rabbi is revealed: a roller-coaster of crises, emotional traumas, moral dilemmas, attempts at seduction, multiple murders, Machiavellian families, funerals that go wrong, weddings that are hijacked, and fighting a way through other people’s sexual fantasies

In a Spiritual Bind? Zohar as Mystical Midrash (1 of 2)

Larry Tabick 

Green 25

The central book of kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition, brought a new perspective to the Bible text, and thereby created a new kind of midrash. Focusing on the binding of Isaac, we explore its roots in earlier midrash texts, and examine the new elements the Zohar brings to bear.

Is Bibi's time up?

Simon Spungin  Lahav Harkov  Arieh King  Simon Plosker 

Red 1

Submarines, cigars and Sara - are Netanyahu's troubles closing in on him? Meanwhile, is Israel having a "New Labour" moment? Perhaps a newly-minted leader who believes the settlements should stay and the Jordan Valley must remain Israel's will give Bibi a real challenge.

Israeli dance party (1 of 4)

Sheila Eizensharf 

Red 7

Let your hair down and have fun at our late night Israeli dance party - a mixture of old and new, circle, line and partner dances. A lot of fun for lots of people! We start with easy dances so everyone can be included. So save your energy and join our circle!

Jewish journalism’s eye in the sky

Cnaan Lipshiz 

Orange 10

JTA is an early adopter of new technology that's changing how journalists tell stories. JTA's Europe correspondent, Cnaan Liphshiz, has since 2012 been using cutting-edge tools, including drone photography, 360 videos, Facebook Live transmission and time lapse videography to help readers connect visually with some of modern Jewry’s hidden wonders.

Ken, Ken, Len: antisemitism denial in Labour

Peter Mason  David Hirsh  Ella Rose 

Orange 15

Livingstone, Loach and McCluskey have all said that antisemitism inside the Labour Party doesn’t exist, and that JLM and others are weaponising the issue to attack Jeremy Corbyn. Is antisemitism inside Labour endemic or not, and what can be done about it? Join David Hirsh and Jewish Labour Movement experts to discuss.

My untold Jewish story: infertility and miscarriage (1 of 3)

Sarah Bronzite 

Blue 34

My untold Jewish story is a safe and private space to explore challenging conversations that deepen, diversify and complicate our Jewish identities. A few brave speakers have chosen to share their stories relating to infertility and miscarriage with the support of our session moderator Sarah. Come along to share your Jewish story, or just to listen to and reflect upon fresh perspectives.

Papa Can You Hear Me - My Journey from Gemara to Gowns

Moshiel Newman Daphna 

Orange 12

Come hear the riveting story of how a frum yeshiva boy named Moshe becomes Drag's Jewish American Princess Lady SinAGaga. A lecture about metamorphosis, perseverance, and always knowing when to pull out the stilettos. Moshiel recounts his unique life story, and will make you smile, laugh, cry, but most importantly think. Be ready to be entertained!

Singalong with the Rubens

Ian Gold  Ivor Jacobs 

Red 6

The Rubens present their exhilarating and fun singalong to music composed by great Jewish rock 'n' rollers. All ages welcome to sing the night away. An event to attend with your phones turned on (for the lyrics!).

"Thank G-d, for not making me a slave"

Sam Grant 

Yellow 22

Slavery looms large in Jewish text, history and memory. Join us as we examine what form modern day slavery takes in 2017. We’ll discuss where slavery exists and look into our Jewish text for possible responses to the issue. Finally, we’ll discuss what the Jewish community can do about this issue.

The IDF as a melting pot?

Omer Drori 

Blue 33

We will talk about the different options that the IDF gives to different people within Israeli society and what effect that has on the Israeli people and the society. Sharing personal experiences and perspectives as a Commander in the educational core we will look at the IDF and how it gives them a second chance in life; a pathway into Israeli society.

The nose knows!

Mark Oppenheimer 

Orange 11

The prevalence of nose jobs is way down in the Jewish community, but it's still a thing (along with numerous other cosmetic changes that money can buy). It's a topic that brings up issues of ethnicity, shame, self-loathing, class, gender—everything. A short lecture about the history of the nose job in Jewish culture, followed by a group discussion. Curious parties may wish to listen to a recent episode of Oppenheimer's podcast, Unorthodox, that deals with the subject of nose jobs (episode #117).

The West Bank rabbis who are making peace with Palestinians

Gideon Sylvester 

Green 27

West Bank Settlers are often portrayed as violent and resistant to peacemaking. But some settler rabbis are reaching into Jewish sources to come up with radical recipes for peacebuilding with Palestinians. They are having regular meetings with the Palestinian leadership. Who are they? What`s making the change and who opposes their activities?

What's so funny about Jewish humour?

Gary Rosenblatt 

Red 4

Part analysis, and mostly a fun offering of both classic and original, cutting-edge Jewish wit. This session will include a chance for attendees to offer their best examples of Jewish jokes (as in, "Well, I heard it told this way...").

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