Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 20:10

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A brief introduction to Hebrew manuscripts

Yoel Finkelman 

Green 26

Prior to the founding of the printing press, the only way to transmit written texts involved copying them by hand onto papyrus, parchment, or paper. What are Hebrew manuscripts? Who created them, how, when, and why? Who used them and for what purposes? What can they teach us about Jewish intellectual and spiritual life in the last 2000 years?

Between the Kingdom of G-d and the kingdom of Man

Tova Ganzel 

Red 2

What can we learn from the experience of the kings described in our Bible throughout the generations?

Chanukah - a step back in time for LGBT+ inclusion?

Dalia Fleming  Benjamin Ellis 

Red 5

Chanukah recalls how Jewish zealots fought and won the battle to drive out Greek culture from Jewish life. Given that Greek culture celebrated some types of homosexuality, was this a backward step for Jewish civilisation? Come and explore how to celebrate LGBT+ inclusion in the festival of Chanukah.

Charedim and the Jewish future

Tali Farkash  Menachem Bombach  Benjamin Brown  Ben Crowne 

Red 1

Charedi Jews are the fastest-growing part of the Jewish world, one of the most dynamic, and one of the least understood. What are the implications of their growth and increasing influence for our religious, social, political and cultural future? Join an academic, a community activist and journalist to discuss these issues and more.

Explore the Jewish world of Leonard Cohen through his life and songs

Peter Sevitt 

Purple 31

Leonard Cohen was a fellow traveller for so many of us and so his death last year hit hard. A true Canadian icon. In a tribute to his work over six decades we will explore his background, look at the religious aspect of the man and listen to his songs and poems.

"Girls I've Loved and Lost" - a poetic memoir in spoken verse

Marvin Shaw 

Red 6

Poet and author Marvin J Shaw presents a fun, lighthearted and meaningful part of his Poetic Memoir. Enjoy and become inspired to write your own!

Godness Grief

Benjamin Stanley 

Red 4

We will explore some mini-narratives (parables) from the early Rabbinic work, Lamentations Rabbah, in which G-d grieves, experiencing their rhetorical, theological and spiritual power. If grief can make us feel so weak, and G-d, we are told, is great, then how is it possible that the Ultimate should mourn and cry?

Israel's story through a lens

Amir Levi 

Blue 34

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words". It's been nearly 200 years since someone pressed a button and became the first to frame a single moment. Many moments in Israel's history have been successfully captured by various talented photographers. This session will introduce you to outstanding, mysterious and unique photos that tell Israel's story.

Overcoming moral dissonance through Midrashic interpretation: the disturbing case of the captive woman.

Mordechai Zeller 

Red 3

The story of the captive woman has caused much discomfort among Jewish scholars. During this session, we will explore the ways Rashi, Reb Nachman and the Zohar have each attempted to bridge these moral gaps through creative interpretations of the text.

Positively parlour games!

Social Programming Team 

Red 7

Never get to play musical chairs or pass the parcel now that you're a fully grown adult? Tonight, we put that right - get ready for a session of silliness and laughter! This is a great session to meet new people!

Raymond Simonson in conversation with Joshua Harmon

Raymond Simonson  Joshua Harmon 

Orange 15

Join JW3 CEO Raymond Simonson for a Q&A session with the author of Bad Jews and Significant Other about his work, new plays, and the American Theatre. Come with your questions!

Rock and ROLL – dancing on wheels

Vital Zinger 

Orange 11

I will talk about the empowering role of sport in my life, and share my experience as a world medalist representing Israel in competitive Latin Dance on wheelchairs (Para DanceSport) for over a decade now, winning dozens of medals including the Silver medal at the European Championship and both Bronze and Silver medals at the World Championship.


Frima Bubis  Jessica Montell  Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival 

Orange 13

Introduced by Linda Berkowitz and screened in partnership with the New Israel Fund, this powerful film will be followed by a panel discussion with invited speakers including Jessica Montell and Frima Bubis. Muhi | 89 mins | Germany & Israel | 2017 (English subtitles provided)| Dir Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander Tamir Elterman

Shai Tsabari Trio

Nir Mantzur  Hod Moshonov  Shai Tsabari 

Yellow 24

In the last few years Israeli audiences have discovered the distinctive voice & personality of Shai Tsabari through his collaborations with artists such as Berry Sakharof, Ahuva Ozeri, Hadag Nahash, and Idan Reichel, and also through his highly-acclaimed debut album “Shaharit” and energetic concerts known for virtuoso playing and singing.

The evolution of the Wandering Jew - visual and cultural interpretations

Richard Cohen 

Green 27

How did the myth of the Wandering Jew evolve in European society in its visual context? Who exploited the theme and for what purpose? The lecture will show how non-Jews and later artists of Jewish origin turned to the myth to evoke aspects of Jewish life. Artists of Jewish origin began in the 19th century to incorporate the mythic figure in their art.

The Temple Mount: past, present and future

Lawrence Schiffman 

Blue 33

This illustrated lecture will examine the history and archaeology of the Temple Mount; its role in Judaism, Christianity and Islam; and the issues pertaining to administration and construction of the Temple Mount in modern times.

Who was David Ricardo and why should you care?

Simon Gordon 

Orange 12

Stockbroker, parliamentarian, and one of the most influential economists ever. Not bad for a Jewish boy born in 18th-century London. This session profiles David Ricardo - 200 years since the publication of his magnum opus - and explores the urgency of his crusade for free trade today.

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