Limmud Festival 2017 - Presenters

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Presenters: F

Eli Philippe Fabrikant

Eli was born to a Jewish Ukrainian family in Riga, grew up in Jerusalem and after years of political activism he moved to Europe to rediscover his Jewish identity through Klezmer and Jewish art. He is the artistic manager of Gabriel Wolff at

Wednesday 13:20 Can a purely 'cultural Jew' exist? The possible horizons of secular Jewish identity.
Thursday 09:20 New Jewish visibilities/visual Jewish outing

Limmud Families Team

The Limmud Families Team has put together a wide-ranging programme of sessions designed to be inter-generational so that families can enjoy Limmud together - learning, playing and creating.

Sunday 09:30 Arts and crafts
Sunday 10:30 Families Welcome (1 of 2)
Sunday 14:40 Families welcome session (2 of 2)
Sunday 17:00 Arts and crafts
Sunday 17:00 Cartoons
Monday 17:00 Arts and crafts
Monday 17:00 Cartoons
Tuesday 17:00 Arts and crafts
Tuesday 17:00 Cartoons
Wednesday 17:00 Arts and crafts
Wednesday 17:00 Cartoons

Moshe Farchi

Moshe Farchi, PhD, is the head of Stress, Trauma & Resilience Studies at Tel Hai College, Israel and is an expert in Psychological First Aid (PFA). He developed the Six C's model for immediate PFA which has been approved and utilised by the Israeli Ministry of Health as the national PFA model.

Sunday 09:20 Resiliency, flexibility and heart rate variability
Monday 13:20 Emotional self-defence tools for first responders
Tuesday 17:30 The SIX C's model: Psychological First Aid (PFA) for layman
Wednesday 12:10 From helplessness to resilience and vice versa: the Manchester community

Yael Farjun

Yael Farjun is Israeli and a graduate of Haifa university in both Asia studies and political science, specialising in China. She is the owner of the travel startup and a member of the organising committee of Jewish Young Professional network in Shanghai.

Saturday 21:45 Jewish China - past and present situation
Sunday 16:00 Mao's China - propaganda and culture
Monday 12:10 Archiving Jewish China - personal project
Thursday 09:20 The China Perspective - Starting a business in China and how being Jewish can actually help

Tali Farkash

Tali Farkash, 36, is a journalist with Ynet, the digital version of the Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot, Where she writes mainly on Judaism. She deals with topics, such social issues concerning religion, the conflict between state and religion, and global Jewish communities. Farkash is also a social activist in Israel's strictly Orthodox community. She is married and has two children.

Sunday 20:10 Charedim and the Jewish future
Monday 08:00 Morning news review! YNet's Tali Farkash
Monday 12:10 The Charedi media as a reflection of religious challenges in a modern world
Monday 14:40 There is no reverse “birthright "

Howard Feldman

Howard is a consultant in Satellite Communications and has worked with SpaceIL toward their goal of landing an Israeli unmanned spacecraft on the moon.

Sunday 12:10 Israel reaches for the moon

Shirley Fenster

Shirley Fenster is Co-Chair of Masorti Judaism and on the Board of Masorti Europe.

Sunday 12:10 Israel reaches for the moon

Daniel Fenster Simons

Dan Simons is STEM programme manager at the Marine Society and Sea Cadets but in his spare time is a member of Kol Nefesh Masorti and former movement worker for Noam Masorti Youth.

Sunday 23:10 Jewish Stock Exchange
Monday 21:50 Young Jews chatting s***

Michael Feuer

Mike is a teacher at the Pardes Institute and a creative content consultant. He pioneered a new approach to Jewish history in his podcast ‘The Jewish Story’ and is co-author of the biblical fiction novel 'The Lamp of Darkness'. His mission is breaking down walls to build up consciousness.

Sunday 17:30 See the Divine through the eyes of Rav Kook (1 of 2)
Monday 13:20 See the Divine through the eyes of Rav Kook (2 of 2)
Tuesday 13:20 The Beit Midrashification of the world: can Torah study unite us?
Wednesday 09:20 Where have all the Prophets gone?
Wednesday 21:50 Language under siege

Wendy Fidler

Wendy has been involved in interfaith work for more than 50 years! After a career in the NHS she took an MA in Jewish-Christian Relations followed by a Ph.D. She has been the chair of Oxford CCJ and has served on the Advisory Council and Board of Trustees of National CCJ.

Wednesday 09:20 Contemporary Jewish dialogue in Oxford: things aren't quite what they seem

Rebecca Filer

Rebecca is a campaigns officers at the Union of Jewish Students. She studied History at the University of Bristol. Rebecca is a key national leader in the Jewish Student Community, the Jewish Labour Movement, Labour Students and NUS.

Tuesday 14:40 Jewish and Labour - under assault? A very narrow bridge (Gesher Tsar Meod)
Wednesday 13:20 Campus is a good place for Jews! A chance to really understand the environment

Eric Fingerhut

A former Ohio State Senator and US Congressman, Eric D. Fingerhut, President and CEO of Hillel International, has devoted his professional life to public service and higher education. Entering his fifth year with Hillel, he's now dedicated to helping ensure the future of the Jewish people.

Sunday 12:10 94 years young
Sunday 14:40 Every and Enduring

Daniel Fingeroth

Danny Fingeroth was a writer and editor for Marvel Comics. He’s the author of “Disguised as Clark Kent: Jews Comics and the Creation of the Superhero”, and an upcoming bio of Marvel’s Stan Lee. Fingeroth has spoken on comics-related topics at venues including Columbia University and YIVO Institute.

Sunday 18:50 To the heart of America: Will Eisner and Jewish-American literature
Monday 16:00 Superheroes/Hebrews: The role of Jews in film and comics
Tuesday 14:40 Jack Ruby’s Rabbi: A Graphic Novel in Progress
Tuesday 18:50 What does a Jew look like?
Tuesday 20:10 The Comic Book and Me: Bob Dylan and Comics (Jewish Version)

David Finkel

David was born in Dublin, Ireland, then emigrated to the USA after college. After a career in hi-tech, he began his own bar and batmitzvah photography business 12 years ago. David is also the co-director of the Austin Jewish Film Festival.

Sunday 18:50 An art display as a D’var Torah? Creating more meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah experiences

Kelly Finkel

Kelly Finkel, RJE is the director of B'nei Mitzvah Studies at Temple Beth Shalom in Austin, Texas. Kelly has masters degrees in Elementary Education and Jewish Studies and is a long time Jewish educator. Kelly loves cooking, Jewish crafts, and travel when she finds time in her busy schedule.

Sunday 18:50 An art display as a D’var Torah? Creating more meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah experiences

Nathan Finkel

Nathan Finkel is a musician who has been part of the House Band at Limmd for 10 years. As well as playing with many of the artists that are performing at Limmud, Nathan produces his own music on a variety of instruments. Nathan also has a passion for science, especially mycology, the study of fungi.

Monday 23:10 Strange sounds
Wednesday 12:10 Jamming workshop
Wednesday 23:10 Beatles tribute concert

Yoel Finkelman

Yoel Finkelman is the curator of the Haim and Hanna Salomon Judaica collection at the National Library of Israel. Formerly a lecturer at Bar Ilan University, he is the author of "Strictly Kosher Reading: Popular Literature and the Condition of Contemporary Orthodoxy".

Sunday 20:10 A brief introduction to Hebrew manuscripts
Monday 14:40 Jewish Magic, or how to create a Golem in three easy steps
Monday 21:50 Is the Kotel an Orthodox synagogue?

David Finlay

David is a writer of songs and performance pieces which bring to life aspects of Jewish history. As we reach 100 years since the Balfour Declaration and 50 years since the Six Day War, David presents A Promised Land: those who dared to dream telling the story of the creation of the State of Israel.

Sunday 12:10 A Promised Land: those who dared to dream

Ellen Flax

Ellen is a long-time member of Limmud's international Chavruta team and directs the Hadassah Foundation, which support programmes for women and girls in the United States and in Israel. She received her rabbinical ordination from Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.

Sunday 10:40 Wandering Jews: Judaism and travel
Monday 20:10 The Donald and the Jews

Dalia Fleming

Dalia is KeshetUK’s first executive director, working to ensure no Jewish LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans) person has to choose between their Jewish & LGBT+ identities. Responsible for the strategic direction of KeshetUK, Dalia has been involved in the UK Jewish & LGBT+ community for over 10yrs

Sunday 20:10 Chanukah - a step back in time for LGBT+ inclusion?
Monday 10:40 KeshetUK diversity and LGBT inclusion training
Monday 16:00 Superheroes/Hebrews: The role of Jews in film and comics
Tuesday 20:10 Gender and sexuality: introduction (for families)

Pam Fox

Pam works fulltime researching and writing Jewish history. Since 2014 she has published 4 books and is working on a fifth. Her book on the Jews of Golders Green, published in 2016, has been very successful and received several favourable reviews. Pam is in wide demand for speaking about her book.

Tuesday 17:30 The Jewish community of Golders Green: some well-known people

Racheli Fraenkel

Racheli Sprecher Fraenkel is a Yoetzet Halachah & teacher of Talmud and halachah at Nishmat, and is also the director of Matan's Hilkhata advanced halachah programme. She is one of the founders of The Jerusalem Unity Prize and Unity Day. A mother of seven, she lives with her family in Nof Ayalon.

Wednesday 10:40 "Out to find the boys, but discovered ourselves"
Wednesday 12:10 "Beyn Dam leDam" - budgeting for life

Vanessa Freedman

Vanessa is Hebrew & Jewish Studies Librarian at University College London. She studied Classics at Cambridge and Library & Information Studies at UCL and was Assistant Librarian at Leo Baeck College. She is a member of Radlett Reform Synagogue and has been an enthusiastic Limmudnik since 1995.

Monday 16:00 Jews in Victorian England in 10 objects

Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman is an Israeli diplomat serving as the Counsellor for Civil Society Affairs at the Embassy in London. He previously served in South Africa as Deputy Ambassador. Michael was born and raised in Barnet before making Aliyah at the age of 26. He is married and has two young children.

Sunday 21:50 Balfour, Sadat, Herzl and Allenby: a year of anniversaries
Monday 12:10 Israel and the UK media - does Israel get a fair hearing?
Wednesday 18:50 Balfour at 100

Robyn Freeman

Robyn is supported by Langdon, an organisation empowering Jewish adults with learning disabilities to become more independent. Robyn is passionate about changing attitudes towards people with learning disabilities and inspired many at her adult Bat Mitzvah this year. Robyn volunteers at Jewish Care.

Wednesday 14:40 Pride and prejudice: challenging attitudes towards Jewish identity and learning disabilities

Sigalit Freeman

Sigalit Freeman is the Jewish Agency and Students shlicha in the UK, responsible for increasing positive Israel awareness on campuses. Previously, Sigalit organised Birthright in Israel and served as a Jewish Agency shlicha in Miami. She was born in Ashkelon and is married with two young children.

Tuesday 20:10 From Bourekas to Oscars

Eva Frojmovic

Eva Frojmovic teaches at the University of Leeds. Her main topics are Jewish art, Jewish manuscripts and other beautiful books, and Jewish museums.

Tuesday 13:20 'Living With The God[s]', the Jewish way
Wednesday 17:15 Act the Torah part!

Hadassah Fromson

Hadassah is part of the rabbinic team at Golders Green United Synagogue. She is training as a psychologist and writing a thesis on sexual satisfaction in the Jewish community. She grew up in Gibraltar and studied at UCL and Michlalah.

Monday 14:40 Why did Cain kill Abel? Sibling rivalry and how to avoid it
Tuesday 13:20 A positive sexual ethic in the Talmud - part I
Wednesday 13:20 A positive sexual ethic in the Talmud - part II

Sam Fromson

Sam has two kids, Arielle & Nadavya, runs a tech startup, and is the assistant rabbi at Golders Green United Synagogue. He studied at Cambridge and yeshivot in Israel.

Monday 14:40 Why did Cain kill Abel? Sibling rivalry and how to avoid it
Tuesday 13:20 A positive sexual ethic in the Talmud - part I
Wednesday 13:20 A positive sexual ethic in the Talmud - part II

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