Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 13:20

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A Jewish bestiary: Kafka’s primatology (3 of 4)

Jay Geller 

Orange 14

Like Heine, Franz Kafka drew upon animals to explore the problematic position of Jews in the Gentile Europe of his time. This session focuses on the short story he published in Buber’s Der Jude, Kafka’s redaction of the ape Red Peter’s “Report to an Academy” on his rise from simian savagery to “the cultural level of an average European.”

A positive sexual ethic in the Talmud - part I

Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson 

Red 9

What does the Talmud say about how to have meaningful intimate experiences? What lessons can we learn about educating kids? How can we add a dimension of spirituality to our relationships? Both sessions are standalone. As part of the Limmud Bet Midrash programme we are excited to offer the chance for you to get stuck in to the sources yourself!

Art Journaling

Ruth Borthwick 

Yellow 22

Art Journaling is becoming a big movement all over the world. In this session we will explore our feelings in the moment and using collage techniques and will create an art piece which mirrors back to us our state of being. This is a hands-on session for those willing to explore their feelings in a visual way.

Better Know a Jewish Charity

Ben Crowne 

Red 1

"Better Know a Jewish Charity" takes a forensic look at the UK Jewish community. Join us to discuss essential questions: How does it all fit together? Where does the money come from, and go to? What do charities say about the state of Jewish life in the UK? Plus, a preview of BKaJC's January schedule: burial, property companies, refugees and eruvs.

Chair yoga

Estelle Eugene 

Red 7

A Chair yoga offering meditation, attainable postures and breathing techniques for anyone who would love to partake of yoga even if slightly incapacitated or in senior years. Suitable for everybody. A delightful haven of peace amid the hurly burly of the day.

How I learned to stop worrying and love Kohelet

Deborah Kahn-Harris 

Yellow 23

Having an early career/midlife/relationship/existential crisis? Concerned about the meaning of life? Apprehensive about the essence of everything? Looking for a roadmap to be less stressed out about it all? Never fear, Ecclesiastes is here! Come and find out what the original existentialist philosopher has to say and soothe your worrying soul.

How informal is Informal Jewish Education?

Josh Martin 

Blue 33

Informal Jewish Education is a staple of the Jewish community in the UK. Our youth movements do it, our communities do it, and now our schools do it too. But what is informal education? What are its limitations? Is it a model that we should continue to use? We will explore some challenges that educators face, and help each other find solutions.

How to stop a military coup using FaceTime: Turkey’s new reality

Joey Leskin 

Orange 10

In July 2016 Turkey faced a military coup, the most severe symptom of a rapidly deteriorating democratic system that has officially disintegrated after a referendum this year. This comes amidst 12 terror attacks in two years. Join Joey for a discussion on current realities in Turkey, a country only four years ago seen as a pending member of the EU.

Immunity to change workshop

Sarah Mali 

Green 27

"It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it hundreds of times.” Mark Twain. Why is change so elusive even when we desperately desire it? This workshop provides participants with a Harvard-developed theory and practice that enables us to uncover and then manage that which is holding us back from personal and/or organisational change.

Noam Shalit in conversation with Michael Wegier

Michael Wegier  Noam Shalit 

Orange 15

The effort to bring Gilad Shalit home took his father Noam on the international campaign trail. In this session, Michael Wegier, Chief Executive of the UJIA will speak with Noam about that campaign.

Letters to Sir Moses Montefiore from Jewish petitioners living in Israel in the 1830s and 1840s

Sally Style 

Green 26

A look at what these mostly Hebrew letters reveal about their authors, and their attitude to Moses Montefiore as they appeal to him for help. An analysis of language, touching on the historical environment, and raising theological questions.

LGBT+ inclusion in schools workshop

Benjamin Ellis  Alma Reisel 

Green 25

To inform our work, KeshetUK invite all educators and school students to a workshop on inclusion in Jewish schools. How can Jewish schools be more inclusive of LGBT+ people and their families? What needs to change and how can we support? What are the barriers? Opportunities? Come along with your ideas and ready to challenge.

'Living With The God[s]', the Jewish way

Eva Frojmovic 

Orange 13

This year, Neil MacGregor is broadcasting a series on belief, presented through objects. Lots of eye-opening ideas – but, as usual, Jewish belief and culture gets little attention. What if we rewrote some of his ideas around Judaism? What, fire worship and the like? Come and be surprised.

MBT-What-Am-I? Introversion & Extroversion in Jewish Leadership

Andrew Keene 

Red 2

We are each created B’tzelem Elohim ("In the Image of God"), but is God an introvert or an extrovert? Using the framework of Meyers Briggs, we’ll look at Jewish leaders, biblical and contemporary, through a lens of introversion and extroversion. In the process, you’ll gain an understanding of your own profile and how it influences your life!

My summer in 'Amish Country'

Daniella Shaw 

Red 6

As part of her thesis exploring how 'traditional' communities negotiate a rapidly changing modern world, Daniella spent summer 2016 in 'Amish Country', Pennsylvania. In this session, she will share some of her experiences and we will discuss what parallels we can (and can't) draw between our communities' attempts to maintain tradition in a fluid world.

Parshat Vayechi with the Hasidic masters (1 of 2)

Yael Roberts 

Red 9

The Hasidic masters revolutionised Judaism, opening us to a more embodied and ecstatic practice. Looking closely at their writings on the parshah, we'll explore key concepts of Hasidic theology. We'll also develop skills for engaging with Hasidic text in the original, learning how to parse, translate, and locate key sources quoted in the text.

State of the nation: how segregated is Britain, and should Jews be worried?

Laura Janner-Klausner 

Orange 12

As integration becomes a national obsession, how does it affect Britain and Jews? Join Laura Janner-Klausner, whose focus is increasingly on Jewish-Muslim relations, as we take an honest - and painful - look at segregated Britain. We will discuss different views on immigration and Muslim integration, and consider roles for the Jewish community.

The Beit Midrashification of the world: can Torah study unite us?

Michael Feuer  Leon Morris  Yaffa Epstein 

Red 5

A Reform rabbi, an Orthodox rabbi, and a female Orthodox rabba who all teach at the same Torah institution? Inconceivable! The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies presents an inspiring encounter with ONE text on "The Role of Jewish Law in Our Lives" through THREE fresh perspectives. Come explore how our differences can bring us together!

Volunteering at its best: what can we learn?

Hannah Gaventa  Elements @ Festival Limmud  Genna Barnett  Jonathan Pam  Georgina Bye 

Yellow 21

Active participation, volunteering - it's a central tenet of Limmud, but it's not always that straight forward. Jon, Genna, Faustine and Georgina are community organisers and have extensive experience working with volunteers, across different communities and organisations. So what can we learn from them? Join this panel to pick their brains and their best practices!

We can stop talking about periods when we've ended period poverty

Gabby Edlin 

Orange 11

Getting access to sanitary products for refugee and asylum seeker women can be incredibly difficult. Come along to hear Gabby Edlin, founder of the charity Bloody Good Period, explain how poverty impacts menstrual health and why our community should be doing its best to support refugees.

What I wish my Jewish day school had taught me about the Occupation.

Simone Zimmerman 

Red 4

The Israel that young Diaspora Jews are coming to know is nothing like the Israel we were taught to love. We cannot ignore Israel’s denial of freedom from millions of Palestinians. Learning to honestly engage with Israel of is one of our communities’ great challenges today. Join Simone Zimmerman for a conversation and workshop.

What is really going on in the left of the Labour Party - should Jews be concerned?

Jon Lansman  Andrew Gilbert 

Yellow 24

A year ago Jon Lansman the founder of Momentum came and discussed the left of the Labour party. Now he returns with a strong Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party and many Jewish members and supporters feel uncomfortable... In conversation with Andrew Gilbert.

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