Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 12:10

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50 years of Occupation - where to now?

Frima Bubis  Jessica Montell  Atira Winchester 

Red 5

Now in its 50th year, the Occupation of the West Bank has had an eroding effect on Israel’s moral fibre. In this session, representatives from some of Israel’s most prominent human rights NGOs will be joined by New Israel Fund and Yachad to explore how we move forward to effect change on the ground.

A land of milk and mufleta: at the crossroads of Israeli cuisine and culture

Joel Haber 

Blue 34

Israeli chefs have recently conquered the culinary world, but what about all those foods they left behind at home? What do these dishes say about Israel itself? From falafel to petitim, meurav Yerushalmi to mufleta, tour guide Joel Haber reveals the culture behind the distinctive foods that make Israel so deliciously… Israeli. (Sorry, no tastings.)

Britain's eight Jewish "tribes"

Daniel Bernstein Vulkan 

Blue 33

We all know that, for every two Jews, there are three opinions. What do we have in common though, and can this knowledge let us identify different Jewish tribes or classes in today's Britain? We'll look at what the statistical technique of cluster analysis, applied to the results of the last census, can tell us about 21st century Jewish geography.

Caliphaters and Jews: global Jihad as an apocalyptic millennial movement

Richard Landes 

Orange 10

Caliphaters believe that they will establish a global Caliphate in this generation and infidels will convert to Islam, accept the status of dhimmis, or die. While Caliphaters might be wrong, like other millennial groups, they can do immense damage on their path to failure. Caliphaters have a particular problem with Jews, especially autonomous ones.

Human-centred design and your Jewish community

Kevin Lieberman 

Green 25

Is your Jewish community looking for new ways to reach potential community members? Spice up an annual holiday programme that is always the same? Join us for this interactive, energetic session where we will learn how a human-centred design process can help you create new engaging programmes for your community.

It ain't necessarily so

Zvi Solomons 

Red 2

So the things that you're liable to read in the Bible or the Talmud - G-d has a good laugh with us. We review humour in the less likely corners of Jewish text.

Jews: White (other)?

Clive Gabay 

Orange 11

Jews come in many colours. Why then are Jews popularly portrayed as White/Ashkenazi? From Topol to Saul Barenson, this ‘whitewashing’ (schmalzification?) renders Jews as familiar but different. This session explores how and when Jews became 'White', and what it might mean to reclaim a form of political agency that celebrates Jewish Otherness.

Lunch and learn

Debra Brunner  Social Programming Team 

Blue 32

Get yourself a Grab and Go lunch, head on down to Millers cafe and have a lively and informative discussion over your lunch! A great chance to meet new people! This session, facilitated by Debra Brunner, will explore questions around testimony and transparency, reviving Jewish life where it was previously banned, and building trust.

New horizons - Israeli art in the early years of the State of Israel

Helena Miller 

Yellow 23

Some history, some sociology and some politics. But mostly some great paintings. We will explore how Israeli artists responded to the creation of the State of Israel through their work. No artistic expertise required!

“Now we’re talking pedagogy!”: Levinasian ethics and Jewish education

Tamra Wright 

Yellow 22

Long before achieving fame as one of the leading French philosophers of the 20th century, Emmanuel Levinas was an influential figure in Jewish education. We will explore the relationship between his ethical philosophy and his essays on Judaism, and ponder their significance for parents and Jewish educators at all levels.

Sephardi Voices: are Arab countries rediscovering their Jewish heritage?

Edwin Shuker  Alec Nacamuli 

Orange 14

For decades Arab countries have erased the Jewish communities from their history. But the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry has just started repairing the Alexandria synagogue. Iraq is translating books from Hebrew and showing Jewish related films in public. Are these countries beginning to acknowledge the Jewish contribution to their societies?

Should Torah scholars have authority?

Aryeh Klapper 

Red 3

A free-wheeling conversation about whether some people’s understanding of Judaism should have the capacity to limit other people’s ability to practice Judaism as they please.

Site sat nav

Social Programming Team 

Hilton Lobby

First time at the event? First time at this site? Need a refresh? Join us to get to know the space we're in, and meet people as you go! (Unlikely to take the full hour)

Smashing borders and binaries, or Tikkun Olam

Dex Grodner 

Red 4

State-imposed barriers mediate most aspects of our life. They affect how we experience the world as gendered, racialised and classed beings. They are both physical and cultural. This discussion aims to assess the Jewish motivation for activism and liberatory political action, and why the personal is always political.

The emerging tech and startup scene in Jerusalem (1 of 2)

Rachel Rosenzweig 

Green 26

The number of Jerusalem tech startups has grown from 100 to 500 in just five years. This session will explore why the revolution has happened, how the community is being built, how Charedi and Arab minorities are represented and the success stories the city has seen.

The High Holy Days - does Yom Kippur make any sense? (2 of 2)

Clive Lawton 

Orange 15

Probably the most 'popular' Jewish day, it manifests virtually none of the features we think of as 'typically Jewish'. What's going on, what is it for and does it work? Yom Kippur will never be the same again!

The wondering Jew: how I survived the Holocaust, found G-d, love and kabbalah

Genine Gita Zohara Barel 

Red 6

In her one woman performance, Gita Zohara shares the journey that took her from the existential struggle of a second generation Holocaust survivor in New York, to finding her place in the Israeli homeland, to seeking spirituality in India, and a finally to a measure of contentment and kabbalah (acceptance) in Tsfat, the city of seekers and mystics.

Three Jews, four problems: is it worth it to be part of a community?

David Levin-Kruss 

Orange 13

This class examines why community is so important in Judaism and what is unique and special about this. We will also brainstorm ways to use the strengths of community to the community's advantage.

What you need to know for your children's online safety!

Nathan Servi 

Orange 12

Does your child use a computer, tablet or smartphone? Do you know what websites, games and social media they use? Do you want to keep your child safe when online? This session is designed for parents of primary and secondary school children who want to know how to best support their young in their discovery of the World Wide Web.

Who is a Jew? Do we agree with Hitler or Orthodoxy?

Jeremy Stowe-Lindner 

Yellow 24

When Ben Gurion asked 60 wise people to answer this question, the answer he received from Shai Agnon was ‘drop this question – it will only get you into trouble.’ Come along to this session and see if the problem has become any simpler in recent times.

Choosing the right Bible translation for you!

Lindsey Taylor-Guthartz 

Red 1

Artscroll, Hertz, Plaut - there are lots of Jewish translations out there. But which one is right for you? We’ll explore what people want from a translation, find out what shapes (and distorts?) different translations, and investigate a range of options so that you can weigh up the evidence and find the biblical voice that speaks to you.

Salsa fiesta!

Joel Peck  Yoav Oved 

Red 7

Tired of sitting in sessions? Come and learn some spicy salsa moves! No partner or experience required for this short class followed by free social dancing.

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