Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 10:40

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1917 - Balfour vs Bolsheviks: which event had the most lasting impact?

Arieh Miller  Steve Miller 

Red 3

Arieh – Director of the Zionist Federation; and Steve – a socialist of sorts, will argue with each other (not difficult!) about whether the Balfour Declaration or the Russian Revolution had the most lasting global or Jewish impact over the last 100 years.

Anyone can be a teacher: DIY Dvar Torah

Elements @ Festival Limmud  David Levin-Kruss 

Yellow 21

The ability to stand up and share an idea linked to a Jewish concept can be daunting to some! This interactive session shares a simple formula that enables anybody, yes anybody, to give a thoughtful Torah thought.

"A plastered well to a cracked oven..." (Experienced Morning Intensive) (2 of 4)

Joseph Israel  Benjamin Stanley 

Red 9

In this session we will focus on the tragic figure of Eliezer ben Hrycanus, his origins, approach to halacha and his ultimate excommunication.

Around the world in 7 tales

Hannah Gaventa  Abi Symons  Lucy Cohen  Adit Goschalk  Joey Leskin  Georgina Bye 

Orange 15

7 Jews, 7 countries, 7 unique experiences, 1 wholly unoriginal station-rotation format. Experiencing Limmud Conference in the shadow of the Great Wall of China, the challenges of being Jewish in a Muslim country, relief work in the Philippines, Indian-Jewish celebrations, and Jewish history in Azerbaijan and Georgia will all be explored and more!

Breaking the rules to keep the rules - Bet Midrash Beginners (2 of 4)

Roni Tabick 

Red 9

When do we encourage people to break the rules? How do we create social policy that will be followed? Our journey through the Mishnah continues as we discover the rules of witnesses who saw the New Moon.

Chaim Bermant, chronicler of Anglo-Jewry

Danny Bermant 

Green 25

Twenty years ago, Chaim Bermant - the most celebrated of all Jewish Chronicle writers - died suddenly, a month short of his 69th birthday. He was known for his sharp and witty style, his articles often the topic of heated discussion at the Friday night table. Danny Bermant discusses his life and times and shares a few of his favourite articles. At the end of the session we will drink a l'chaim in his memory.

The changing nature of Jewish museums

Richard Cohen 

Yellow 24

The session will discuss the changing agenda of Jewish museums from their inception at the end of the 19th century to the present. Issues that will be of concern: impact of the Holocaust on Jewish museums, geographic distribution, innovative architectural designs, thematic concerns of the museums and the guiding theoretical directions.

Cheshbon ha Nefesh: a face of Jewish meditation (1 of 2)

Mira Niculescu 

Red 7

Cheshbon ha nefesh (lit. "accounting of the soul"), is one of the oldest Jewish meditation techniques. Maimonides recommended to do this ethical work every night. Come deepen or discover Jewish spiritual introspective practices as we build together a contemplative community during Limmud Festival!

Emet veYatziv. A short Talmudic discourse.

David Bigman 

Red 6

David will demonstrate his methodology for the study of Talmud in one short and relative easy discourse in Berachot. Some previous experience in Talmud necessary. Particularly recommended for people interested in the Limmud Beit Midrash sessions.

Finding meaning in a (possibly) meaningless world

Jeremy Tabick 

Red 5

When Rebecca our matriarch experienced suffering, she went “to seek God”, to try to derive meaning from an otherwise meaningless experience. We will explore how Rebecca can help us in our own struggles to find meaning in a world that may or may not easily give it to us. Sources in original and English.

From piyyutim to yeshiva a capella: the evolution of Jewish music

Josh Nelson  Daphna Rosenberg  Roni Weinstein  Shai Tsabari 

Red 1

Come along to hear this panel of talented musicians and music lovers discuss liturgy and its relationship to modern Jewish music. With religious music now reaching YouTube viral heights, have its aims changed? And what is the future of the Jewish music scene?

Hinech Yafa: text into song

Lawrence Cohen 

Blue 34

YouTube is awash with musical interpretations of classical Hebrew text. This is a whistle stop tour through some of the catchiest, ranging from love poetry to G-d poetry (psalms). We'll take a brief look at the Hebrew and English before watching and listening to some amazing performers. Anyone attempting to sing along will be encouraged.

How to be a human - relationships and community (2 of 3)

Matt Plen 

Orange 11

Jewish social activists of different political and religious stripes are united by the aim of helping every individual realise their humanity. Being human means being in relationship and community. We'll explore the clashing views of philosophers Hannah Arendt and Martin Buber on the meaning of community and why it's so important for social justice.

Limmud book club: A Horse Walks Into A Bar (3 of 4)

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch 

Orange 14

This stand-alone session is a chance for book lovers to share insights. We will discuss our favourite extracts, characters and theories - for those who've already read the book and those who haven't but want to find out more. Today's choice is David Grossman’s International Man Booker prize winning exploration of the life of a stand-up comic.

Mizrahi representation in Israel's culture, education and politics

Roi Grufi 

Green 26

What does it mean to be seen? Is it your image? Your voice? Your culture? For decades Mizrahi Jews in Israel haven't been properly, or fairly, represented in Israel's culture, education and politics. This session will explore the changes in the representation of Mizrahim through the years, and its effect on Israel's society.

Nietzsche and Soloveitchik III: Suffering

Michael Harris 

Red 2

The philosophy of the confirmed atheist Nietzsche appears to have little in common with that of the leading Modern Orthodox thinker Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. This series argues, however, that it is surprisingly fruitful to consider some central aspects of Soloveitchik's thought through a Nietzschean lens. This session focuses on suffering.

Shrink wrap or shrink proof? Tikkun olam for our NHS mental health services

Robin Powell  Claire Hilton 

Blue 32

Bring your reflections about working in NHS mental health services, to an informal discussion on how we might improve them. Should staff speak out about inadequate policy/practice? Are there Jewish views on whistle-blowing? This discussion is for staff at all stages of their careers in mental health services, and others interested in the subject.

Torah from Heaven: progressive views

Daniel Lichman  Adam Chalom  Dennis Sasso  Deborah Kahn-Harris 

Red 4

Torah from Heaven is a central tenet of traditional Jewish belief. Across the spectrum of the progressive world exists a range of ways of considering what that might mean for us today. Come and engage as a Reconstructionist, Humanistic, and British Reform rabbi discuss the options and their own personal stories of engagement with the Torah.

Who is Rabbi Yishmael? Preacher and Priest (2 of 4)

Dena Weiss 

Red 9

Rabbi Yishmael is known for his rules of Biblical hermeneutics and his great legal acumen as displayed in his book of Midrash Halakhah. But he is also a man of prayer, high principle, and legendary good looks. So much to understand and uncover about this man in white! (Best for those with basic experience learning rabbinic texts in original).

Women and tzitzit

Eve Sacks 

Orange 12

What do the sources say on women wearing tzitzit and tallit? Is this different to the other time bound mitzvot?

#MeToo in Hollywood: Will 2018 see the dawn of a new era?”

Julia Wagner 

Yellow 23

Harvey Weinstein, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Dustin Hoffman: allegations of sexual harassment keep on coming. Will there be lasting change in Hollywood? How can we continue to watch classic films? And how do we deal with the issue as a Jewish community?

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