Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Tuesday 09:20

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Bibliodrama: Book of Ruth

Raya Even David 

Green 25

Bibliodrama is a form of modern midrash. In this session we will read the book of Ruth and express our own opinions in the first person, enabling us to better to connect with the text whilst enjoying a semi-theatrical take on the Bible.

Coexistence between Jews and Muslims in Morocco

Laziza Dalil 

Orange 11

The role of civil society in promoting interfaith dialogue and coexistence between Jews and Muslims in Morocco.


Social Programming Team 

Red 9

Kick back and keep your mind ticking and sharp by indulging in some mental acrobatics!

Is every Torah scroll the same?

Michael Hilton 

Green 27

Scholars known as the Masoretes are said to have established a correct text of the Torah over a thousand years ago. But did they? Why do differences still remain? Hear the fascinating story of the search for the correct text and how Jewish scholars responded to Muslim criticism that the text of Torah was wrong.

Israeli economy: a short analysis

Leonid Okneanski 

Orange 10

Asset managers regularly analyse economies when choosing where to invest. In this session, we will take a look at the Israeli economy just as an asset manager would: its fiscal and monetary policies, inflation rates, foreign direct investment, inequality, housing bubbles and more.

Maimonides' prize student: Joseph ben Judah

Zev Warren Harvey 

Red 2

This session focuses on Maimonides’ dedicatory epistle in the Guide of the Perplexed, addressed to his prize student, Joseph ben Judah. Who was he? And what does the letter tell us about the purpose of the Guide?

Miracle workers or mischief makers? A journey through Tractate Taanit Nachum of Gimzo and the challenge of evil (Taanit 21a) (1 of 3)

Margaret Jacobi 

Red 4

Nachum of Gimzo believed ‘gam zo l’tovah, this is for the best’. Yet he suffered a cruel fate for a moment’s hesitation. Find out why, as well as how he defeated kings, as we explore his story. No previous experience of Talmud needed.

My Nazi Legacy

David Evans  UK Jewish Film Festival 

Orange 13

Introduced by Linda Berkowitz, this highly acclaimed film will be followed by a talk from director David Evans. My Nazi Legacy | 96 mins | UK | 2015 (No captions provided)| Dir David Evans

New frontiers in hadracha/experiential Jewish education

Sarah Mali 

Green 26

Two sets of observations are at the heart of this session: how we teach and how our students learn. My hypothesis for exploration is that there is a growing gap between the two that requires bridging work. I will share a few teaching practices and experiments that may shed light upon how to keep both students and teachers at their learning edge.

Science, religion and personal experience: the resolution

Michael Capek 

Yellow 21

This is the second of 2 sessions looking at this intricate relationship. Topics to be covered include God, Consciousness, Free Will, Near Death etc., Is it science or religion that better explains personal experience? This second session will see if science can accommodate religion and personal experience without diminishing either.

Tefillin in Progressive synagogues

Anthony Lazarus 

Blue 34

In 2016, protesting Egalitarianism at the Kotel, former MK Eli Yishai warned that “The next thing we’ll see is Reform Jews putting tefillin on dogs...” We'll discuss some of the halachic and extra-halachic motivations Progressive Jews might find for laying Tefillin - canines sadly excluded.

The Chosen People? New perspectives on old philosophies

Eliza McCarroll 

Red 5

Join us for a journey throughout the ages as we explore our sources, both ancient and modern, which address the key concept of "Chosenness" within Judaism. Whilst critical to the Jewish people, this subject can sometimes prove troubling, so come along to learn more about where this notion fits in (or maybe doesn't) with our contemporary lives.

The Labour Party 101: discipline, trigger ballots and your CLP (2 of 2)

Peter Mason 

Orange 12

What is really going on inside the Labour Party? Who really wields power? A three-part training workshop that will take you inside the labour movement to see how it really works. This session will explore how the Party organises at a local level, how MPs are selected, as well as how the Party deals with discipline.

The news media's contribution to the Middle East conflict

Richard Landes 

Blue 33

After showing a 20 minute video that examines how the BBC and CNN covered the passage of UN Resolution 2334 and Secretary of State John Kerry's speech, which documents the extensive overlap between the journalists and Palestinian propaganda, the floor will be open to comments and discussion.

The Rabbi who couldn't grow a beard

Jacqueline Tabick 

Red 3

In 1975, Jackie Tabick was the first woman ordained as a rabbi in the UK; since then, the Jewish world has changed dramatically. Come and hear the experiences of Jackie's 40 years in the rabbinate, reflect on how far we've come and where we still need to go.

Writing workshop - moral dilemmas

Lewis Warshauer 

Red 6

What is a moral dilemma? Explore that question and read and discuss examples. We will also have a go at writing our own examples.

Yoga and Kabbalah

Michael Picardie 

Red 7

The philosophy and practice of yoga and its use in understanding Kabbalah. The sefirot associated with Hatselem Adonai, Adam Kadmon and Chavva Kadmona refer to mythological biblical characters like Avraham, Sarah, Yitzchak, Yaakov/Yisrael and the matriarchs who express philosophical virtues.

Overeaters anonymous

Red 1

Can't stop eating? Do you do yo-yo diets? Feel guilty about eating? Obsessed about your body? We will be bringing the 12 step programme OA to Limmud Festival to give you a chance to explore a solution to your eating problems.

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