Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Wednesday 21:50

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Bis Bas (Live)

Jonny Mosesson 

Orange 14

From soulful Sephardic songs to lively Balkan rhythms, Bis-Bas present their spicy fusion of Klezmer and Middle Eastern music, a potent mix of rhythm & song from their upcoming debut album. Featuring Chazan & vocalist Jonny Mosesson, virtuoso violinist Bogdan Vacarescu, Jazz trumpeter Jake Painter & Klezmer/Flamenco guitarist Peter Michaels.

Chant Circle with Nava Tehila

Nava Tehila  Ilan Glazer  Daphna Rosenberg  Yoel Sykes  Ruth Gan Kagan 

Red 7

Unplugged gathering, where all are invited to join their voices in song. This night-time musical journey will take us through wonder, struggle, joy, elation, ecstasy, tranquility, and eventually peace. No prior experience necessary. Singers and musicians who took our chant leaders’ workshop earlier this week will be co-leading with us.

Hallelujah, it’s Leonard Cohen

Melinda Jones 

Yellow 21

Through the music and the words of Leonard Cohen’s songs, we will explore his spiritual journey and how and why it speaks to us all. We will be doing this through a close reading of Hallelujah, using the tools of text study, and a range of songs up to and including You Want it Darker

Language under siege

Michael Feuer 

Red 3

Have you noticed that people seem to be losing the ability to talk to those with whom they don't agree? This problem lies at the root of what we mourn this Thursday on the fast of the 10th of Tevet. Join me in unpacking the meaning of this fateful day and in exploring new ways to speak to one another.

Let's talk about sex

Elie Jesner 

Blue 34

Freud thought that the denial and suppression of human sexuality was the source of tremendous pain and a good deal of illness. He thought that talking about it more openly and honestly would improve our wellbeing. We will explore this view, and consider how compatible it is with Jewish life, both public and private.

The new volunteers - youth volunteering in the 21st century in Israel

Reut Mor 

Orange 13

Since the pre-State days of Israel, it was clear that the establishing a new State of Israel could not happen without the work of a volunteering community. So who are the new volunteers? What are they interested in? How can we keep this volunteering community going? This session will explore the new generation of volunteering and activism in Israel

Virginity is f****d: deconstructing cultural views on sex and purity

Emily Hilton 

Green 25

Using different Jewish and secular texts, this session will explore the ways in which heteronormative and restrictive ideas about virginity and sex are passed down through generations. Can we still relate to these ideas, knowing that they may not sit well with us?

Who is Torah? A beloved maiden concealed in her (ice?) palace (2 of 2)

Daniel Lichman 

Purple 31

Is Torah a person? There rabbinic parables that compare Torah to a woman. The Zohar takes this further and imagines her as a maiden concealed in a palace. How might we interpret this text from the perspective of the woman? Can this help us to construct a contemporary mashal/parable of Torah?

You can make a difference; motivation and perseverence

Adi Lustig 

Green 26

The individual has the power to make a difference despite laws, bureaucratic indifference and what may at times appear insurmountable obstacles. The process is demotivating and the approach to be able to persevere over the length of the process is the key element described during the session.

Ahead of Time: The Extraordinary Journey of Ruth Gruber (73 mins) & Q&A

Patricia A. Kenner 

Blue 33

For 7 decades foreign correspondent & photojournalist Ruth Gruber didn’t just report news, she made it! Reporting from Soviet Arctic, escorting Holocaust refugees on wartime missions & changed the world with dispatches from Palestine-bound ship Exodus. The film follows Ruth's journey. Followed by a Q&A with daughter Celia Michaels & producer Patti Kenner

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