Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Wednesday 14:40

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British plutocrats from Baghdad

Lyn Julius 

Green 27

Illustrated talk covering members of the Sassoon dynasty who were prominent in British society in the early 20th century, such as Sir Philip Sassoon, Rachel Beer, who owned the Sunday Times and Observer, and leading collectors Hannah Gubbay and Percival David.

Israeli filmmaker Yariv Mozer presents: my films, my identity

Yariv Mozer 

Orange 10

Recent Israeli Academy Award winner for his documentary, "Ben-Gurion, Epilogue", Yariv Mozer will share his experience as an independent filmmaker. Presenting excerpts from the films he created: "My First War", "The Invisible Men", "Snails in The Rain" and his latest "Ben-Gurion, Epilogue".

Jess Gold in Concert

Dean Staker  Jane Kelson  Jessica Gold 

Red 6

Blend Debbie Friedman, Victoria Wood & Simon and Garfunkel smoothly. This musical melange is a good teaser for Jess' concert. Jess passionately sings her own as well as popular Jewish songs. She creates funny songs that celebrate our relationship with the planet. She will be performing with Jane Kelson, an Australian musician who loves harmonising.

Jewish women taking on the patriarchy

Jacqueline Nicholls  Mekella Broomberg  Sarah Bronzite  Andrea Jacobs  Alma Reisel 

Red 1

What are the questions, struggles, and strategies women face to live a Jewish feminist life today? Five women – married, single, queer, straight, mothers and those without children - explore the messages, pressures, and challenges they encounter as they try to embody a coherent Jewish feminist identity. For all women, men welcome to listen.

Kol Rina singing workshop

Debbie Lee  Julian Gilbey 

Red 7

Kol Rina is a mixed, Jewish a capella group with strong Limmud connections, having performed at Conference several times in the 2000s. In this workshop, they will teach some of their pieces and sing them together. Kol Rina is also looking for new members, so come and along if you're interested.

One billion Chinese, one American Jew: uncovering the blossoming of Jewish inquiry and study in the People's Republic of China; what it may mean for world Jewry and Israel

Steven Windmueller 

Red 2

Dr. Windmueller taught at three of China’s twelve Jewish Studies Programs on such themes as Diaspora-Israel Relations and the American Jewish Community: a Model in Community Building. What can we learn from the Chinese fascination with Israel and Jewish Studies? What are the benefits to growing Jewish learning in the People's Republic?

Praying the Bible: participating in God's history, power and holiness

Mark Levin 

Red 4

As spiritual descendants of Abraham and Moses, we are not simply anonymous individuals lost in history, but instead are included in God's power to conquer death, as we participate in God's holiness. Could life be any better than sharing ultimate meaning?

Pride and prejudice: challenging attitudes towards Jewish identity and learning disabilities

Shoshana Bloom  Robyn Freeman 

Blue 33

As a child in the foster care system, Robyn’s Jewish identity was neglected. Her learning disabilities meant that no one believed she was capable of achieving much – especially not a Bat Mitzvah. This all changed with her third foster family and the support of Langdon. Come hear her journey to achieve her Bat Mitzvah milestone and more at the age of 27.

Shakespeare's Shylock - villain or victim?

Ilana Epstein 

Orange 11

Shakespeare's enigmatic Jew - the Venetian Jewish moneylender in The Merchant of Venice - must have been pure fantasy. With the Jews having been expelled from England in 1290, Shakespeare had probably never met a Jew. We will explore Shylock together and, most interestingly, what are the Halachic ramifications of "demanding a pound of flesh"?

Shorthand in Hebrew: Gregg from aleph to tav

Gabriel Kanter-Webber 

Yellow 22

At one time, over 20 million people worldwide were trained in Gregg shorthand. But few know that this sytem was once adapted to Hebrew! Come explore this lost chapter of out-of-print pre-state history, and write a little 'katzranut' yourself! (Familiarity with the Hebrew alphabet would be helpful. No shorthand skills necessary.)

The Jews of Canterbury

Marcus Roberts 

Green 26

The Jewish heritage of Canterbury goes back nearly a thousand years and there was an important medieval community contributing to many aspects of the life and growth of the city. This highly illustrated session presents many of the Jewish sites and some extraordinary stories across the city and the centuries!

Unorthodox thinkers

Barry Kleinberg 

Red 3

Some of the greatest minds of the last century were Jews who were not Orthodox (or affiliated to Judaism in any way). They usually had fascinating ideas about Judaism and the State of Israel. The fascinating ideas of Isaiah Berlin, George Steiner, Erich Fromm and others will shed a different light on what Judaism is and the role of Israel.

"Whoever has a Torah mind can solve any problem": The Charedi doctrine of Daas Torah

Benjamin Brown 

Red 5

The Daas Torah doctrine ascribes to the great Torah masters the ability to decide "any problem in the world, private as well as public" (the Hafetz Hayim). Where did this doctrine come from, and how did the opinion of the prominent rabbis develop from good advice for life into a compulsory, semi-halakhic decree?

Why call it occupation? The political and legal reality of Israel's rule in the West Bank

Jessica Montell 

Orange 12

This year, we marked 50 years since 1967 when Israel liberated/occupied the West Bank/Judea and Samaria. Jessica Montell, one of the leading figures in Israeli civil society, will help us make sense of the controversy surrounding these terms and the reality on the ground.

Why did Jesus and Rabbi Akiva have to meet Moses?

Chaim Hames 

Green 25

A passage in the Gospels and a section in the Babylonian Talmud. In them, both Jesus and Rabbi Akiva meet Moses (not together). What was the purpose of these meetings and why were they necessary? This is an opportunity to study texts about how religious authority is created and developed.


David Evans  Linda Berkowitz  UK Jewish Film Festival 

Orange 13

Introduced by director David Evans, this screening offers a Limmud audience the unique opportunity to see a preview of this as yet unfinished powerful documentary with Philippe Sands. Followed by a conversation with David Evans and Linda Berkowitz. Yazidi Documentary | 90 mins | UK | Dir David Evans

’We’re dancing with fascism': Totalitarian aesthetics in music

Keith Kahn-Harris 

Purple 31

The aesthetics of fascism have had a long afterlife in ‘underground' music scenes. Musicians in genres such as metal, industrial, neo-folk and power electronics - and even more mainstream acts - have explored the disturbing limits of totalitarian art. How, as Jews, should we respond to this? Come with an open mind and a listening ear...

Knit and natter - knitting circle

Social Programming Team 

Hilton Lobby

Knitting and nattering. Two great past-times. Why not combine the two and meet new people in the process? Following Monday's first session, we will continue working on our own knitting or taking part in a fantastic project knitting hats for refugees in Europe. Meet in the lobby, or join nearby in the bar.

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