Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Wednesday 13:20

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A Christian and a Jew walk into a bar....

Patrick Moriarty  Jeremy Stowe-Lindner 

Orange 10

Educating children for jobs and a community that do not exist... yet. JCoSS’s founding and current Headteachers in conversation.

A positive sexual ethic in the Talmud - part II

Hadassah Fromson  Sam Fromson 

Red 9

What does the Talmud say about how to have meaningful intimate experiences? What lessons can we learn about educating kids? How can we add a dimension of spirituality to our relationships? Both sessions are standalone. As part of the Limmud Beit Midrash programme we are excited to offer the chance for you to get stuck in to the sources yourself!

Become a Dementia Friend for the Jewish Community

Gill Yentis 

Red 7

An opportunity to become a recognised Dementia Friend through Jewish Care in association with the Alzheimer's Society. You will become one of the 2.5 million people in the UK who have become Dementia Friends. You will receive a badge and certificate to show you are 'Friend' in your local neighbourhood and community.

Campus is a good place for Jews! A chance to really understand the environment

Rob Young  Isabella Lenga  Rebecca Filer  Susy Goldstone 

Orange 12

Jewish student life is vibrant. A year of political good news has seen a strong UJS team playing their part with their many allies, especially Robbie Young. A new NUS president and a new Jewish vice president Izzy Lenga may have opened a new chapter. We are privileged to have leaders of the UJS campaign and two of the NUS Vice-Presidents!

Can a purely 'cultural Jew' exist? The possible horizons of secular Jewish identity.

Eli Philippe Fabrikant  Gabriel Wolff 

Red 2

A growing number of Jews tend to define their identity based on their collective history and culture, rather than on religious practice. In this workshop, we will ask ourselves if the Jewish identity could disconnect itself completely from religious customs, or if some degree of interdependence is necessary?

Composing a spiritual will - a hands-on session (2 of 2)

Holly Blue Hawkins 

Green 26

A spiritual will is not about literary prowess, but defining your values and hopes for future generations. Bring something to capture your thoughts in this fast-paced writing exercise, intended to give you a “jump-start” on preparing your own spiritual/ethical will. We will focus on writing; whether or not you attend the session on ethical wills.

Conversations in Germany

Yoav Landau-Pope 

Green 25

In May 2017, Yoav accompanied his 86 year old mother, a Holocaust survivor, for a week of conversations with young people in Germany. In this session he will describe some of the perspectives of this fascinating journey, share his insights and invite us to reflect on these encounters.

Genealogy consultation drop-in

Leigh Dworkin  Jeanette Rosenberg  Daniel Morgan-Thomas 

Blue 32

If you've ever had any queries about your family's origins, why not come to talk to some of our experienced genealogists who give you some guidance on how to get started or where to look next. You are welcome to bring any documents or pictures you may have to help you get the most out of your consultation session.

Henna for Jews

Harry Lampert 

Yellow 22

From the Ancient Egyptians to modern Indian traditions, henna has played an important role in many cultures. It is a lesser known fact the henna has been a standard part of several types of Jewish tradition. In this session, we will explore the history of henna and then have the opportunity to practice some designs. Bring a friend!

How to grow your community in 150 funerals

Daniel Epstein 

Red 4

Surely, a community would only grow from 150 births? Epstein takes you on a journey of how the lives of hundreds of families and their friends have been rejuvenated through the transformative vulnerability of end-of-life moments. A surprisingly uplifting and inspiring look at Jewish journeys that are not ending, but often just beginning.

Irena Sendler - resistance, rescue and righteousness

Antony Lishak 

Blue 33

2018 is the Year of Irena Sendler. She coordinated the rescue of hundreds of Jewish children from the Warsaw Ghetto. Antony, whose charity Learning from the Righteous will be commemorating her life throughout the year, will talk about her remarkable deeds, their historical context and the lessons that can be gleaned from such an example of altruism.

Is the Torah really from heaven?

Nathan Lopes Cardozo 

Orange 15

What happened? What does it mean? Is it important? From Spinoza to Rabbi Louis Jacobs, Rabbi A.Y. Kook and Rabbi Moshe Cordovero to Rabbi Zadok HaCohen from Lublin - bible criticism, archaeology, immoral commandments and far-fetched halachic Loopholes.

Meet a Syrian refugee

Richard Verber 

Yellow 23

Our guest was forced to flee their home in Syria before being selected by the UK government to move to Britain as part of the 20,000 Syrian refugees to be given sanctuary here by 2020. Meet them, hear their story, and ask them questions about the crisis.

Misogynist Film Club: unashamedly queer

Mekella Broomberg  Alex Davidson  Jacqueline Nicholls 

Orange 13

According to Hollywood, every gal needs a gay best friend to shop and support them, and every fag needs a hag to love and hate. This MFC puts a feminist perspective on how cinema portrays, and betrays, the lives of LGBTQ people, and those who love them.

'One of us': A harrowing documentary on the journey of three ex-Hasidic Jews

Emily Green 

Blue 34

A documentary of three Hasidic Jews and the trauma and abuse, ostracism, anxiety and danger they face as they attempt to leave their community. Emily Green, founder of GesherEU, which supports those leaving the Charedi world, will speak after film. She will focus on parents who choose to leave, and the impact this has on the relationship with their children.

Parshat Vayechi with the Hasidic masters (2 of 2)

Yael Roberts 

Red 9

The Hasidic masters revolutionised Judaism, opening us to a more embodied and ecstatic practice. Looking closely at their writings on the parsha, we'll explore key concepts of Hasidic theology. We'll also develop skills for engaging with Hasidic text in the original, learning how to parse, translate, and locate key sources quoted in the text.

Seven metaphors for God

Raphael Zarum 

Yellow 24

Do you find it hard to understand or relate to what God ‘is’? So do I. So I’ve explored seven different traditional Jewish conceptions of God and thought about the implications for each on the way we live our lives. Come and learn them with me, and let me know what you think...

Should we be teaching the next generation to be zionists?

Anna Roiser  Nina Morris-Evans 

Green 27

For most British Jews, Israel is part of our Jewish identity. Is that simply a product of our Jewish education, or does it go deeper? Should our connection be affected by Israel’s political situation? Should our Judaism be affected by Israel’s policies? And what message should we send to the next generation about their relationship with Israel?

Stress in our families and how to handle it

Tanya Harris  Louise Palmer 

Red 5

Interactive session identifying why we get stressed and the impact it has on our families. Participants will leave with a greater understanding of what triggers stress in their families and strategies to manage it.

The (Jewish) art of design

Irene Wise 

Orange 11

Many of the items we assume to be quintessentially British, were in fact designed by Jewish, often émigré, designers. This includes our familiar bus stop and street signs, logos, packaging, posters and books. Discover the versatility, wit and ingenuity of these creative men and women: come along, be surprised and be inspired!

"Transparent" goes to Israel

Julia Wagner 

Orange 14

Just when you thought "Transparent"’s identity politics couldn’t get any more complex, the latest season takes the Pfeffermans - TV’s number one Jewish family – to Israel and Palestine. This session will feature clips, analysis and thought-provoking discussion of sexuality, Jewish history and identity. There will be spoilers but all are welcome!

Women - still, seen and not heard!

Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal  Carole Sterling  Eve Sacks  Laura Marks 

Red 1

Three very loud, and very different women speak about why it is still so hard for women to be heard – in the media, in meetings, on issues of policy, on sexism and, particularly, in the Jewish community.

Write here, write now

Rachel Creeger 

Purple 31

Do you have a scene, character or storyline concept that you're developing? Are you experiencing writer’s block or looking for new ideas? In this session open to writers of all levels/genres, we’ll workshop our writing to move it forwards. The model comes from Rachel's involvement as a writer/director with SundaySurgeryScripts (

Rabbinic rebels and rebellious rabbis: understanding authority in the Talmud (3 of 3)

Yaffa Epstein 

Red 3

The rabbis established a clear set of rules about how to ask for rain. Along came Honi who completely bucks the trend, and the rabbis of his time wanted to excommunicate him! This session will explore this story and what it can teach us about rabbinic authority. All levels of experience with text welcome; texts provided with English translation.

For singing's sake

Mich Sampson  Zöe Jacobs 

Red 6

If you love to sing, come and learn simple harmonies and rounds for new and well-loved contemporary prayer repertoire that you could easily introduce into your own communities. Participation will not require musical sight-reading; simply bring your voice, your ears, and your enthusiasm!

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