Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Wednesday 12:10

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"Beyn Dam leDam" - budgeting for life

Racheli Fraenkel 

Red 1

We will discuss the halachic ethics of public health policy through the study of Talmudic text and halachic responsa.

Café ivrit

Raya Even David 

Yellow 22

Conversational Hebrew for fluent speakers (at a slow pace). Raya has been teaching ivrit as part of Edgware Masorti's adult ed programme for over 3 years. This lesson is a taster of what her classes usually look like, with words written on the board so you can jot them down on a notepad etc...

Can Labour win back the Jewish community?

Jeremy Newmark  Rhea Wolfson  Jon Lansman  Stella Creasy  Andrew Gilbert 

Yellow 24

An unexpected General Election, the worst Tory campaign in history, a weak and wobbly Prime Minister would have led to the 'Beigel Belt' North London seats going Labour if it had not been for the charges of antisemitism - what happens next?

Effective media relations for charities

Dan Brown 

Green 26

Developing strategies for positive media coverage.

From helplessness to resilience and vice versa: the Manchester community

Moshe Farchi 

Yellow 23

You are needed here – now! These were the words of Rabbi Dov ben Yaakov, the founder of the charity Heads Up, hours after the terror attack in the arena. Was the trip really needed? Can the Manchester community return to normal function without external intervention? These questions, and more, will be discussed during the session

How to be a human - pluralism (3 of 3)

Matt Plen 

Orange 11

If part of being human is building community and taking common action, we need to manage pluralism and diversity. But is pluralism a challenge to be overcome, a defining feature of a just society or a means to the end of social and economic justice? We'll explore the conflicting views of rabbis, feminists, community organisers, and Jewish socialists.

Is Judaism a religion? A very brief introduction to modern Jewish thought

Tamra Wright 

Red 2

Does Judaism have doctrines? Is it a religion in the same sense in which Protestantism is a religion? We will draw on the work of Menachem Kellner, Howard Wettstein, and Leora Batnitzky to answer these questions, before galloping through three centuries of modern Jewish thought, with Batnitzky as our guide.

Israel in the eyes of an Arab

Yahya Mahamid 

Orange 10

Yahya Mahamid, an Israeli Arab from the City of Umm Al-Fahm in northern Israel, grew up in a society where he was taught hate towards Jews and Israel. Today, Yahya is a brave young voice for the true image of Israel, speaking out against antisemitism and for peace and coexistence. This is the story of his journey.

Jamming workshop

Harry Style  Dean Staker  James Charles  Nathan Finkel 

Red 6

Following on from our successful session last year, the House Band are back to teach the basics of following a tune and playing together in a group. All ages and abilities encouraged, please bring your own instruments if you've got them!

Jewish-Italian communities as a 'Laboratory of Modernity' in early modern period

Roni Weinstein 

Red 3

When did Jewish life and culture start their march towards modernity? The common answer would relate it to modernisation processes of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Europe. This session will present a different perspective, linking Jewish modernity to the sixteenth century, and taking Jewish-Italian communities as a case in point.

Jews and Chinese food

Phil Peters 

Red 4

Is there any truth in the common stereotype that Jews love Chinese food? As the Managing Director of the fastest growing Chinese takeout brand in the UK, Phil has spent lots of time uncovering the answer to this question and will share his findings with you as well as sharing some stories from the kitchen.

Land of milk & honey? Bet you’ve never been to Yeruham…

Graham Carpenter 

Yellow 21

The “60 year old injustice” of disproportionate tax revenue in Israel’s development towns compared to the sparsely populated regional councils around them is a deep, voiceless threat to national civic equality. Join New Israel Fund to explore this systematic isolation and the innovative new leadership and social change putting them back on the map.

Leo Baeck: not just teacher of Theresienstadt

Harry Jacobi 

Purple 31

One of the 20th century’s most eminent rabbis, Dr. Leo Baeck (1873 – 1956) led German Jewry as Hitler’s power grew. He ministered in Theresienstadt, teaching and caring through to the end of the war. We will look at his life and important writings and discover why he has organisations bearing his name around the world.

Lunch and learn

David Cassuto  Social Programming Team 

Blue 32

Get yourself a Grab and Go lunch, head on down to Millers cafe and have a lively and informative discussion over your lunch! A great chance to meet new people! Facilitator David Cassuto will lead discussions about concepts of manliness, from Talmudic times to today and contemporary issues.

Mindful Judaism - a Jewish guide to beating stress and anxiety

Marvin Shaw 

Red 7

The author of the new groundbreaking book Mindful Judaism facilitates us in staying calm and in the moment - whilst realising our unique spiritual and creative potential.

Rebbe Nachman: reconstruction or rejection?

David Bigman 

Orange 12

A discussion on Rabbi Nachman of Breslov's radical approach to heretical philosophy of his time.

Russian revolutionaries

Steve Miller 

Red 5

1917 is the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. We'll look at some of the lesser known Jewish revolutionaries who took part in those momentous events.

Science is #fakenews

Ben Lewis 

Blue 33

As we enter the 'post-truth' era, is it game over for science? We'll go on a fun, whistle-stop tour of past scientific controversies to see what lessons we can learn to promote evidence-based thinking in today's fact-hostile environment.

The Conversation: a unique Jewish retreat

Gary Rosenblatt 

Green 25

Since 2005, more than 700 creative and accomplished American Jews have attended an annual two-day retreat sponsored by The Jewish Week (NY). Off the record and with no planned programs, panels or speakers, it has become a rare safe space for deep discussion and debate without acrimony on major Jewish issues. This session will explain how and why.

The emerging tech and startup scene in Jerusalem (2 of 2)

Rachel Rosenzweig 

Green 27

The number of Jerusalem tech startups has grown from 100 to 500 in just five years. This session will explore the importance of a startup ecosystem for an entrepreneur to succeed - how to set it up, how to nurture it and the background as to how the thriving Jerusalem startup community was built from the grassroots up.

Think positive, feel capable

Vital Zinger 

Blue 34

Vital will share her life journey and demonstrate how positive thinking and action out of a sense of competence are in fact the key to a full life, regardless of any disability we might have. She will demonstrate through personal stories how each obstacle can be turned into an opportunity, and how each of us can leverage every challenge we face.

What makes a great leader and believer a deviant?

Nathan Lopes Cardozo  Elie Jesner 

Orange 15

R. Dweck has been labelled, as was R. Jacobs zl, as "poisonous". Where are the boundaries of Orthodox acceptability, historically and today? Our conversation will describe exclusions they have witnessed, examining reasons and reactions. Is there hope for the avoidance of labelling everyone and the stigma caused through much of Orthodoxy’s tight criteria?

Daniel Cainer - Even More Gefilte Fish & Chips

Daniel Cainer 

Red 6

A second chance to see this award-winning master songwriter, with a slightly different programme, and a bit of Q & A? Cainer's deeply moving and very funny story-songs are a joy. For anyone who has ever wrestled with their home, their heritage and their heart. ‘An hour in his company is a true pleasure’ - The Stage (No actual gefilte fish involved)

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