Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Wednesday 10:40

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A Jewish bestiary: Art Spiegelman, Mausketeer (4 of 4)

Jay Geller 

Yellow 24

Probably the best known Jewish animal figures today populate Art Spiegelman’s graphic memoir of his Holocaust survivor parents, Maus. This session addresses how Spiegelman and some of his predecessors (Heine and Kafka) subvert the tradition of representing Jews as mice even as they seem to reproduce it.

An introduction to Jewish genealogy

Jeanette Rosenberg 

Orange 11

This talk will give lots of guidance for starting to research your Jewish family history, whether in the U.K., Europe, or further afield. More experienced researchers will also find plenty of tips on where to look next for their research.

Anyone can be a teacher: from source to source sheet

Elements @ Festival Limmud  David Levin-Kruss 

Yellow 21

Join this creative session to learn from each other and to explore how we attribute meaning to different types of texts. This session will include studying texts that each of us find meaningful, practice in building source-sheets and deep questions about what makes something Jewish.

Ask Hifsa (almost) everything you want to know about Islam and being a Muslim woman in Britain today

Hifsa Haroon-Iqbal  Laura Marks 

Red 4

If you’ve ever wondered about… how women feel about the Hijab, Muslim children and sexualisation, prayer spaces for women, Prevent, polygamous marriage, Muslim saddaqa (charity), holding onto Muslim family values…… or anything else – come and ask Hifsa. A session of honesty and mutual support.

Balfour Accomplished

Beverley-Jane Stewart 

Green 27

Beverley-Jane Stewart was commissioned to paint the story of the Balfour Declaration on behalf of the Jerusalem Biennale 2017. Known as a visual story writer, she links the past to the present. She will be explaining through her art the impact Balfour had on modern Israel.

Calling all activists: recharge and reconnect with your Neshama

Ilana Sumka 

Red 3

As environmentalists, community organisers or seekers of peace in Israel-Palestine, our work takes a toll. Using Joanna Macy’s approach, The Work That Reconnects, we will journey through gratitude/modim anachnu; honouring our pain for the world/broken luchot-tablets; seeing with new eyes/lehit’hadaysh and finally, going forth/lech lecha.

"Come let us remove him" (Experience morning intensive) (3 of 4)

Joseph Israel  Benjamin Stanley 

Red 9

R. Gamliel II, autocratic patriarch of Jabneh, is temporarily removed from office. Why? We will examine two contrasting narrative traditions in the two Talmuds. This is part of the Beit Midrash morning intensive for learners with some experience, looking to get close to texts.

Ford - American big business and the Holocaust (2 of 2)

Mark Creeger 

Blue 34

Following last year's revelations of Thomas Watson and IBM, this year we will focus on the influence of Henry Ford on both Hitler and the Nazi party. How was Ford both catalyst and stimulant in their early philosophy and development? What was his strategic and commercial contribution to the Third Reich both at home and abroad?

Has nationalism returned to Europe?

Gillian Merron  Cnaan Lipshiz  Benjamin Weinthal  Tamas Buchler  Simon Gordon 

Orange 15

Nativist governments in Eastern Europe, Brexit, and Catalonia's attempted secession have provoked claims that nationalism is on the rise. But French and Dutch elections, coupled with the EU's march toward ever-closer union, suggest otherwise. So are predictions of the return of nationalism overstated, and should European Jews be worried?

“If the Torah is empty, it’s your fault!”: Rabbi Yishmael and Rabbi Akiva in conflict (3 of 4)

Jeremy Tabick 

Red 9

Our earliest works of midrash (rabbinic, scriptural interpretation) are traditionally split into two schools: Rabbi Yishmael’s and Rabbi Akiva’s. We will learn about each school, their methods and their philosophies, and see how the conflict between the two is still alive today. Best for those with basic experience learning Rabbinic texts in original.

"I would never set foot in Poland!" A virtual walking tour of the Warsaw Ghetto

Gideon Sylvester 

Purple 31

Not everyone wants to go to Poland. Our virtual tour of Warsaw, with slides of the sites then and now, will tell the story of the Ghetto. We'll walk the streets, meet the great personalities of Warsaw Jewry including rabbis, rebels, conspirators and collaborators and hear their testimonies about life in the ghetto.

Jewish heritage from 400 feet - drones and Jewish heritage

Marcus Roberts 

Orange 10

This session explores the new and exciting use of drones and aerial photography in exploring heritage and Jewish heritage. Find out what drones are, how they can be used to record heritage and create 2D maps and 3D images to give new perspectives and insights. The presenter describes his journey training and working with this new technology.

Labour of love: Stella Creasy MP

Stella Creasy 

Red 1

Well known as a campaigning whirlwind, Stella Creasy is a prominent Labour Member and Parliament, and a good friend of the Jewish community. Come and hear her discuss life as an MP, her campaigning on women's issues and much more.

Limmud Book Club: The Power (4 of 4)

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch 

Yellow 22

This stand-alone session is a chance for book lovers to share insights. We will discuss our favourite extracts, characters and theories - for those who've already read the book and those who haven't but want to find out more. Today's choice is Naomi Alderman’s award winning novel which imagines a future where women really are the dominant sex.

Meaningful melodies - what makes them memorable and how do I write them?

Michelle Citrin 

Blue 33

Ever wondered what makes some melodies so instantly memorable? Why do some melodies reach deeply into our hearts while others don’t peak our interest at all? Together, we will listen, analyse and learn the elements of melody and learn how to craft meaningful melodies that tell a story. By the time you leave, you'll have written your own!

Naya: creativity & change in the slums of Mumbai

Adit Goschalk  Lucy Cohen 

Red 6

Naya is a women's empowerment paper recycling social enterprise based in Kalwa slum, just outside Mumbai. Started in 2016, Naya is already changing lives and attitudes. Join our workshop and learn all about the Naya process, make your own paper, see our products and learn more about women, empowerment and innovation in international development.

"Out to find the boys, but discovered ourselves"

Racheli Fraenkel 

Yellow 23

This will be an informal discussion session with Rachel, a mother of one of the teens kidnapped & murdered by terrorists in the summer of 2014. Expect a discussion of life, faith, unity, and much more.

Reincarnation and the afterlife

Jonathan Romain 

Red 5

What is the Jewish view on reincarnation: nonsense or very possible? What happens in the next world? And how does that affect how we view this world and what we do in life right now? A chance to explore Jewish views and to speculate as to what might be awaiting us.

The campaign to outlaw conversion therapy in the USA

Mathew Shurka 

Green 26

Reparative/conversion therapy has been rejected by major psychiatric bodies as ‘unscientific’ & ‘deeply damaging’. Mathew is a leading campaigner fighting to ban the practice for minors in the USA. Come and learn how they are mounting this campaign, and what we can do in the UK to ban the practice.

The use and abuse of power - Bet Midrash Beginners (3 of 4)

Roni Tabick 

Red 9

The rabbis had great power, to both use and abuse. We'll meet Rabban Gamliel II, the patriarch used to getting his own way. What are the limits of power? How can power be used as a force for good? This will be our first taste of Talmud.

Transforming the mental health landscape

Louise Palmer  Tanya Harris 

Orange 12

Mental health is currently a hot topic. But how is the Jewish community responding to this? This session will explore how we can develop a resilient community which has the capacity and capability to be emotionally healthy.

Uprooted: how 3000 years of Jewish civilisation in the Arab world vanished overnight

Lyn Julius 

Green 25

Until the exodus of Christians and Yazidis, the post-1948 displacement of 850,000 Jewish refugees from their homes was the largest population movement of non-Muslims from the Arab Middle East and North Africa, yet the subject is hardly ever discussed. Why is there a conspiracy of silence? Lyn Julius will present her new book 'UPROOTED'.

Songs of change

Happie Hoffman  Eric Hunker 

Red 7

The history of the Jewish people is one highlighted by moments of great struggle and change. Throughout times of persecution and discrimination, we, and other suffering communities, have used song and music as a means of communal strengthening. Come learn and sing songs of change and anthems of civil rights movements new and old.

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