Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Wednesday 09:20

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Charedi Startups

Menachem Bombach 

Yellow 23

Times have changed from when venture capital funds weren’t interested in Charedi startups. Israel’s top executives - including the country manager of Facebook Israel and the government - are now investing in Charedi entrepreneurs.

Hashkata: A face of Jewish meditation (2 of 2)

Mira Niculescu 

Red 7

Hashkata is a Chassidic meditation technique by the Piascesner Rebbe, which invites us to find to the "quiet" within us. Come and deepen or discover these beautiful teachings from our heritage, and grow in your meditation practice! Join me as we build together a contemplative community during the Limmud Festival!

Contemporary Jewish dialogue in Oxford: things aren't quite what they seem

Wendy Fidler 

Yellow 21

This study tells the story of the attitudes towards interfaith involvement of the Jews of Oxford across the denominations of Judaism. It has identified new techniques and assessments of dialogue which are appropriate across all religions.

Famous Jewish scientists (and some notorious ones…)

Karen Ettinger 

Red 1

Stories of famous and infamous Jewish scientists from the archives of the National Library of Israel.

Go green: ecological innovations in Israel

Oded Gvaram 

Green 27

Israel is known for its tech capabilities in desalination and recycling. Did you know there are many civilian groups that work for a cleaner and greener world? We will learn about different communities in Israel that choose to live more ecologically, the renaissance of community gardens in Jerusalem and the biggest compost project in the Middle East.

If you quill it, it is no dream

Hannah Myerson 

Yellow 22

An introduction to quilling, a craft using strips of paper which are rolled and shaped to form beautiful, unique designs. Participants will be taught to create gift tags, hear a brief history of quilling and learn how the technique brings lonely older Jews together in Ukraine.

Intermarriage - the state of the debate

Aryeh Klapper  Andrea Jacobs  Adam Zagoria-Moffet  Mark Levin 

Orange 15

Halachah, demographics, sociology - how can we begin to debate the question of intermarriage? This panel will bring together numerous Jewish leaders to discuss and explain where the debate stands today. It will give information and context to the question of intermarriage, aiming to clarify the various positions and their respective reasonings.

Isaac and Rebecca attend family therapy

Alma Reisel 

Blue 34

As part of her foundation training in systemic family therapy and experience as a family social worker, Alma imagines what a therapist might make of Isaac and Rebecca. How might Isaac's personal history affect his parenting? What characterises the parental relationship? How are their children affected? Come with ideas, no prior knowledge needed.

Jewish heretics from Abraham to Amichai

Adam Chalom 

Orange 11

Jewish culture has always included those willing to challenge human and even divine authority. Some remained part of the canon, while others were expelled. What can past examples of Jewish chutzpah offer those willing to challenge today’s pieties in the name of truth and righteousness?

Kol yisrael arevim zeh bazeh? How do we co-produce LGBT+ inclusive Jewish communities and organisations?

Neil Levitan 

Blue 33

The last 10 years has seen major socio-political progress for the rights of LGBT+ people. However, work still needs to be done at the grassroots level to improve the inclusion of Jewish LGBT+ people and their families. This interactive workshop will explore case studies from Jewish communal organisations using KeshetUK’s spectrum of inclusion tool.

Ketogenic and kosher - treating a Jewish person with epilepsy through diet

Sharon Ross 

Orange 12

Sharon Ross has epilepsy and is now on a ketogenic diet (a low carb/high fat diet) as part of her treatment. The premise of the diet is that if fat is the main source of energy rather than carbs then ketones are produced and ketones have an anti-seizure mechanism. In this session I will explain the many misconceptions of epilepsy and about how the diet works in practice for someone who is also strictly kosher.

Looking at the challenges that face British Jewry today and into the future

Sara Leviten  Jo Nissim 

Red 6

With 1500 workers, 3000 volunteers and 9000 clients, Jewish Care is at the forefront of some of the issues facing the Jewish community. Jewish Care's Sara Leviten and Jo Nissim discuss these and their implications for the future of the community in the UK.

Miracle workers or mischief makers? A journey through Tractate Taanit 2. Hanina ben Dosa’s Wife (Taanit 24b-25a). (2 of 3)

Margaret Jacobi 

Red 3

Hanina ben Dosa was a famous rabbi but his wife was the real heroine, who took the miracle of the loaves for granted. Find out what made her so remarkable. No previous experience of Talmud needed.

Providing a Kad Shemen for Jewish life - dance as food for the soul

Maurice Stone 

Purple 31

Watch some amazing performances and learn some of its history and how and why Israeli dance is Israel’s major cultural export. Find out about the impact of Israeli dance in the former Soviet Union, Brazil and Cuba! Finally see and hear how dance can be used to engage children and youth with Israel and the role of Limmud in contributing to this.


Tania Barnett  Linda Berkowitz  Ruth Barnett  UK Jewish Film Festival 

Orange 13

Introduced by Linda Berkowitz, this screening will be followed by a discussion with Ruth Barnett on whose family story the film is based. Landgericht | 150 mins | 2017 (English subtitles provided)| Dir Matthias Glasner

Teshuva: encountering the Divine Presence within - for real!

Yiscah Smith 

Red 4

This session explores the spiritual practice of Teshuva - the consciousness shift inherent in the journey of returning. This practice engages the individual to direct one's thoughts, speech and deeds in a way that allows an encounter with the Divine within oneself - with the energy that the Creator uniquely gifted to each human being - the soul.

The distinctiveness of Reconstructionist Judaism

Dennis Sasso 

Green 25

Since the 1920’s and 30’s, Mordecai Kaplan’s Reconstructionist ideas have shaped and been absorbed into various strands of progressive and liberal Judaism in America and the West. Our conversation will inquire what is unique and distinctive to the Reconstructionist Movement in the 3rd and 4th generations since its founding.

There's an atheist in the house: spanning religious differences in families

Saul Weiner  Suzanne Griffel 

Red 2

What are the implications for relationships and child rearing in a family when Jewish practice is central to the life of one spouse but not to the other? Suzanne Griffel, a rabbi; Saul Weiner, a secular atheist Jew; and their daughter, Karen Weiner, will lead a discussion on how religious differences can both challenge and enrich families.

Tomor or not tomor, that is the question!

Jacqueline Lewis 

Red 5

Fat facts: the good, the bad and the greasy. Join Jackie for an interactive session on healthy Jewish nutrition. Discover foods for your brain and heart. Learn whether margarine is healthy. Should we worry about the calories in Shabbos lunch or are calories unequal? To dress or not to dress your salad? And can you have your kuchen and eat it?

Tu B’Av; the holiday of love is reborn

Eve Harow 

Green 26

How the grape harvest connects to this lost festival. Why isn't Gideon on a threshing floor and Jonathan called the 'son of a rebellious woman'? Rachel's boys' inherit the ancient Napa Valley and Chana is the paradigm for prayer. How does this connect to Chardonnay? Bring back the forgotten taste sense of Tanach via wines and presses of yore.

Where have all the Prophets gone?

Michael Feuer 

Orange 10

Did the Age of Prophecy ever end, or are we still the children of prophets just hiding behind religion? Come and join me in uncovering the meaning of our prophetic past and the hope it holds for the future.

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