Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Wednesday 16:00

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A Bat Mitzvah with a difference

Yeva Robinson 

Orange 11

Planning any Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a challenge, but where do you start when your child has learning difficulties? Information and resources are hard to find. Expectations of what can be achieved are low. Based on our personal experience, we describe our journey to a ceremony full of meaning and joy, at which our daughter surpassed all expectations.

Choosing Judaism: narratives from the Reform Beit Din

Jacqueline Tabick 

Red 4

From conversos discovering Jewish ancestors to agnostics seeking spirituality, the path of each Jew-by-choice is unique. We'll look at anonymised, individual case studies from the Reform movement in the UK for the last 50 years and all around Europe to uncover why it is people choose Judaism and what this can teach even Jews-by-birth.

Crafternoon tea: hamsa decorating!

Social Programming Team 

Purple 31

Bring with a cup of tea or coffee, meet new people, and spend some time decorating a beautiful hamsa with the help of the Limmud Social Programming Team. Cake is preferable. A chat is essential!

God Loves the Stranger: Writing Workshop

Sheila Weinberg 

Green 27

I will share the motivation for writing God Loves the Stranger and then offer some excerpts from the book. Participants will be guided and coached to do their own writing on the topic of the stranger. We will then share, as desired in small groups or the whole, what we have written. This is an intensive session for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How the Talmud saved my life

Janine Stein 

Red 3

This is a session for people who think the Talmud isn’t for them. No Talmudic knowledge will be presumed; just a desire to see what can be learned from a spoiled Jewish woman who was stuck at home 2000 years ago, and what happens if you go outside without shoes on. The story of Martha of Boethius from bGittin 56a will be the first step. Particularly recommended for people interested in the Limmud Beit Midrash.

Jesus the Shabbat breaker

Robert Rabinowitz 

Red 5

Stories in the Christian Bible feature Jesus overcoming the Pharisees who chastised him for breaking Shabbat. We will apply traditional Jewish textual study techniques to figure out what Jesus and the Pharisees were really arguing about, how far Jesus meant to criticise Jewish law, and whether Jesus' criticisms resonate today.

Jon Lansman of Momentum meets Jewish leaders one year on

Adrian Cohen  Jeremy Newmark  Jon Lansman  Alex Sobel  Ella Rose  Andrew Gilbert 

Orange 15

A year ago at Limmud, Jon sat with four other communal leaders as we discussed the reality of the Labour party then. Since then there has been the General Election, the rise of Jeremy and, with Jon Lansman's key support, massive backing for the JLM resolution on antisemitism. Chaired by Andrew Gilbert.

Let the children first be fed

Patrick Moriarty 

Red 6

What's it like to lead a Jewish school (JCoSS), while being a Church of England curate? How is it all going? Some theological, scriptural and practical reflections, including electric cars and mobile wardrobes.

More modern jive (2 of 2)

Jonathan Hunter  Dan Mackenzie 

Red 7

Come along for a fun lesson in this partner dance. Its simple timing and footwork structure means it can be danced to lots of different music types and is easy to learn the basics, while taking a lifetime to master. Get ready to show off at the disco later with a nice routine of some cool new moves.

Old age is like everything else. To make a success of it, you've got to start young.

Wendy Stolerman  Jackie Kramer  Paula Plaskow 

Orange 10

Planning ahead practically and emotionally can enable us to face the future with confidence and peace of mind. What is important for you and your significant others? Join our discussion and explore how to successfully prepare for whatever is ahead.

Queer, brown and Jewish: Mizrahi gays in Israel

Roi Grufi 

Blue 34

This session will focus on what it means to be a gay Mizrahi in Israel and how for the past 7 years "Arisa" - a Mizrahi gay party, has ruled the gay party scene in Tel-Aviv.

Rediscovering Bar Kokhba: evidence from the Judean Desert

Lawrence Schiffman 

Green 25

This illustrated lecture will discuss the significance of the Bar Kokhba Revolt (132-5 CE). It will explore the Judean Desert documents as well as archaeological excavation of hiding places that help us to understand the progress and scope of the revolt.

The cruel cost of leaving the Charedi community

Ben Katz  Emily Green 

Red 1

Find out more about the real life challenges facing those who leave the Charedi community. What are the choices? What are the risks? Listen to some real life stories, and find out about some of the challenges involved, by GesherEU members as they navigate the day to day challenges of integrating into an unfamiliar and alien world.

The social life of texts: towards an anthropology of Midrash (2 of 2)

Lea Taragin-Zeller 

Red 2

How can anthropological perspectives enhance our understanding of Jewish texts? During this workshop, social theorists Karl Marx, Georg Simmel and Mary Douglas will collaborate with traditional Jewish philosophers to explore the intersection of social critique, religion and redemption.

We're Ghana change the world - orthodox Judaism meets social action in West Africa

Genna Barnett  Ilana Epstein  Daniel Epstein 

Green 26

Join us to celebrate the successes of over 30 young people and students starting or continuing their Jewish journeys through two social responsibility projects in Tamale, northern Ghana. Hear how we learned about alleviating poverty, and how you can never imagine how much you get back when you give. Our core Jewish value - in technicolour!

What happens to survivors of modern day slavery in the UK?

Lara Bundock  Sam Grant 

Orange 12

The Home Office estimates that there are c.13,000 people in slavery in the UK today. Theresa May has called it the 'great human rights issue of our time.' Yet, support for survivors of slavery is woefully inadequate. Join the founder of the Snowdrop Project, an NGO that supports survivors, and learn about what the Jewish community can do to help.

Why do we need a Vagina Museum?

Florence Schechter 

Blue 33

There is a penis museum in Iceland, but no vagina equivalent. Why is that? Florence is making one and talks through her experiences, the highs and lows, what would go in a museum about the gynaecological anatomy and the reactions she's got making the world's first physical vagina museum. 45 mins talk with 15 mins for questions.

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