Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Wednesday 17:30

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American Jewish History - the treyfe banquet

Barry Kleinberg 

Orange 10

The history of the first Jews in America, the early Reform movement and the ‘birth’ of Conservative Judaism.

A spiritual journey through the teenage years

Marcia Plumb 

Green 25

This mother-daughter team will share the ways they lived the teen years together, sharing stories, laughter, tears and joys that abound during these often traumatic years. We will invite participants to explore techniques that helped us and you become better parents and young adults. We will share our love of mother daughter journalling too.

A voice in the woods

Shai Tsabari 

Red 7

Shai Tsabari invites participants to take part and experience singing in the most primal way - without words or known melodies, in an associative stream of consciousness. Participants must be ready and willing to sing as part of the masterclass.

Changing narratives - from cooperation to coexistence, and beyond?

Hadar Galron  Nigel Goodrich 

Orange 12

The Shalom Festival concept progressed this year from simple cooperation amongst Israeli artists of different backgrounds to genuine examples of 'coexistence'. Why did this happen? Is 'coexistence' the gilded path to a bright future or a fifth column? Is it real or fake? How might the SF concept progress next year? We want to hear your views!

Daf yomi - Shevuot 29

David Bigman 

Red 3

When money grows on stone pillars and camels can fly. Limmud takes you one step further in your daf yomi.

Hacking Judaism: A discussion with the tech community

Brian Teeman  Adam Overlander-Kaye  Charlotte Henry  Rachel Rosenzweig  Kevin Lieberman 

Red 1

How have hackathons, cyber culture and tech innovation strengthened Jewish and Israeli life? How does technology advance our causes, as well as make us vulnerable? Join panellists at the intersection of Jewish life and tech for an interactive discussion as we explore the nuances of this relationship in Israel and the diaspora.

Is East Jerusalem a settlement?

Ilana Sumka  Eve Harow  Arieh King  Emily Hilton  Simon Gordon 

Orange 15

East Jerusalem is a sprawling portion of Israel’s capital, incorporating Jewish and Arab neighbourhoods. Captured in 1967, its annexation has not been recognised by foreign states. Jewish construction in the area is treated by many non-Israelis as no different to settlement expansion in the West Bank. Is this reasonable?

Jesus and Judaism: fulfilling prophecy (4 of 4)

Amy-Jill Levine 

Red 5

The Gospels proclaim that Jesus fulfills Jewish messianic expectations: virginal conception, Bethlehem birth, anointed beloved son, sign of Jonah, suffering servant, Passover offering, enthroned in heaven…. how were these connections made, and how did other Jews, then and through the centuries, respond?

Jewish communities in Latin America (2 of 2)

Renato Huarte Cuéllar 

Purple 31

Latin American is a wide and diverse region where Jews arrived in different periods and consolidated very different communities. We will travel around some of the most representative communities in the region. Vibrant and not so exotic communities, with great challenges as well! In this session we visit the communities in Mexico, Peru, and Brazil.

'Miscarried, The Comic': when procreating isn't as simple as 'Pru U'rvu' - a man's perspective (2 of 2)

Chari Pere 

Orange 11

If 1 in 4 women suffer a miscarriage, where does that leave the fathers-to-be? How men are often overlooked in the mourning process. How did our Biblical ancestors deal with loss of children and infertility issues? Cartoonist Chari Pere tackles these questions and shares some of the second comic in her "Miscarried" series.

Shattering the Tablets: uncovering the meaning of Jewish life

Leon Morris 

Red 2

Moses’s breaking of the Tablets is usually understood to be a result of his uncontrollable anger toward the people for building a golden calf. Yet, another interpretative tradition holds it up as an ideal. Discover why the rabbinic imagination understands Moses's actions as reflecting the very meaning of Torah and Jewish life.

The Nunes Ribeiros: 100 years under the Inquisition

Avigail Ben-Gad 

Green 27

The history of the secret Jews in Portugal, told through the lens of one family's struggles and eventual escape. I'll be recounting the story of the Nunes Ribeiros, asking what this teaches us about the wider experiences of Jews under the Inquisition, and examining the historiographical difficulties of sources relating to this era.

Voicing love of God: prayer, history, intimacy

Michael Haruni 

Red 4

To daven is not to tell God one's thought, but to vocalize an address, as messenger committed to the ancestral script, driven not instrumentally but by love. Grasping one's voice as experienced identically by God, one empathically and intimately discovers God's consciousness, thus fulfilling the thematic Rabbinic demand: Know before Whom you stand.

"What's wrong with you?" - live podcast taping

Florence Schechter  Sarah Klegman 

Blue 33

Successful people's stories of failure. Past guests include entrepreneurs, musicians, comedians, and more. Each episode asks 4 questions: 1) What's wrong with you? 2) Tell me about a time that you failed? 3) If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself? 4) When does that come up now? When do you think about it?

Which side are you on, my people? Why polarisation is good for the Jews

Simone Zimmerman 

Blue 34

IfNotNow launched in NYC during the 2014 Gaza War and has since mobilised thousands of young American Jews to protest outside Jewish community institutions with a simple call: end the Occupation; freedom & dignity for all Israelis & Palestinians. Join one of IfNotNow’s founders for an insight into the history and strategy of the movement.

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