Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 09:20

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Two very different fanatics for justice

Gabriel Webber 

Orange 10

Konrad Morgen called himself a fanatic for justice; he was an SS lawyer who pursued senior Nazi leaders for minor irregularities and corruption. Izzy Einstein was a Jewish alcohol-detection agent in Prohibition-era America who arrested dozens of corrupt rabbis. This session will explore and contrast these two fascinating and little-known figures.

The interrelated structure of creation: its spiritual, environmental, and political messages

Michael M. Cohen 

Green 25

The first part of this session will explore the spiritual and environmental messages of Genesis through questions, discussion, and guided exercises. The second part will pivot to the related outlook of Gandhi, King, and Mandela as we unpack their political attitudes.

Science, religion and personal experience: the conflicts

Michael Capek 

Green 26

This is the first of 2 sessions looking at this intricate relationship. Topics to be covered include God, Consciousness, Free Will, Near Death etc. Is it science or religion that appears to better explain personal experience? Can differences between them be resolved? This first session will be more focused on current scientific thinking.

Resiliency, flexibility and heart rate variability

Moshe Farchi 

Blue 33

In this session, we will discuss the surprising similarity between psychological resiliency and physiological resiliency measured as Heart Rate variability. Based on this knowledge we will discuss models of improving first responders' resiliency in different scenarios.

Mystic of Hebrew letters

Rachel Reichhardt 

Green 27

As a scribe, I will present a study of how G-d created the world through the power of the Hebrew letters. We will analyse its symbols and numbers. No Hebrew knowledge is necessary.

Judah and Tamar: the first renunciation of honour-killing in world literature

Richard Landes 

Red 3

When Judah responded to Tamar's sending him his staff, signet and ring, with "She was more righteous than I," he chose public shame and private integrity over public honor and private guilt. In understanding the moral dynamics behind that choice, we gain insight into the principles that have guided the descendants of Abraham ever since.

Jewish mindfulness meditation

Sheila Weinberg 

Red 7

An opportunity to learn and experience mindfulness meditation taught in a Jewish context, using Jewish spiritual language and concepts. There will be an opportunity to practice, ask questions and understand the intention and potential of mindfulness as a sacred Jewish practice

Geonic custom and Islamic law

Gideon Libson 

Yellow 21

The lecture will focus on the extent the Geonim used custom as a channel for the transmission of legal institutions from the prevailing Muslim legal tradition to the Jewish halachic framework. I will demonstrate how they used custom judiciously as a tool to regulate necessary halachic changes and to integrate them in the halachic Jewish framework.

By who, when, where and why were sections of the Talmud translated into Latin?

Chaim Hames 

Orange 12

In 1241, manuscripts of the Talmud were burned in Paris after having been condemned by the Christian authorities. However, two translations into Latin of some 1500 sections of the Talmud were prepared in the following years at the university of Paris. We will follow the events in Paris in the 1240s and figure out why these translations were made.

American Jewish legacy organisations and Israel

Steven Windmueller  Dan Brown 

Red 4

The changing roles and relationships of major legacy institutions in shaping the American-Israel connection.

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