Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 10:40

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Everyone needs recovery - only some are brave enough to admit it…

Ilan Glazer 

Red 7

Are the 12 Steps of recovery Jewish? Why do so many suffer in silence, and what can we do to get help to those in need? What tools does Judaism offer those who experience the disease and pain of addiction? How can we better serve those crying out for help? Where is hope to be found? Strict confidentiality will be maintained at this session.

Film titles and the animated art of Saul Bass

Irene Wise 

Blue 34

Saul Bass created brilliant title sequences (and more) for the films of Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Otto Preminger, Billy Wilder, and Martin Scorsese. Many of these were made in collaboration with his wife Elaine. We shall view Bass’ graphic work, listen to his views on design, and chart his influence on others. Come, and be inspired!

From Hollywood to traditional Judaism: my journey

Selwyn Gerber 

Red 2

After a decade as a business manager to Hollywood celebrities, Selwyn found himself becoming more traditional and more passionately Jewish. Observing first-hand the lives of the rich and famous - actors, film-makers, musicians - was transformative. The talk is about that transformation.

Godess of Mastik and alternative culture in Haifa

Lilach Weber 

Green 26

In the last decade , a group of artists and dreamers gathered around the historic center of the northern industrial city of Haifa. The Goddess of Mastik magazine captured some of the artistic and critic products of that time. This session will present a story never told before about a unique connection between culture and politics.

How to make change happen for LGBT Israel

Zehorit Sorek 

Purple 31

Find out how societal awareness of LGBT issues has developed in Israel and the Orthodox community thanks to key projects and campaigns. What were the trigger points that made action necessary, the challenges and complexities of campaigning, and the solutions to there being no budget?

Lech Lecha - go to yourself: heeding the still small voice within.

Yiscah Smith 

Red 4

This session will explore the spiritual practice of Lech Lecha: the movement away from one self to another self. But why would a person move away from the familiar to an unknown destination? Perhaps because this journey brings us to the very core of our authentic and true being - to an encounter with the Divine Presence within: our soul.

Living on “Quisling Street”

Cnaan Lipshiz 

Orange 13

Celebrating Nazi war criminals is unthinkable/illegal in Western Europe but in the East in recent years pro-Nazi leaders feature on street signs and statues. Russian expansionism is fueling this glorification of anti-Russian war criminals who murdered Jews, making large Jewish communities uncomfortable in societies once thought immune to fascism.

Protecting against cyber abuse - the bigger picture, stories of family relationships in conflict

Maureen Kendal 

Green 25

Torah narratives tell of individuals in turmoil, struggling with separation, loss and eruptions of violence. Avivah Zornberg’s biblical narratives evoke contemporary stories of cyber abuse. CybercareUK offers support to victims of cyber abuse, in managing an IT lifestyle, including psychological thinking and technical expertise.

Rabbi Judah Halevi at Mount Sinai

Zev Warren Harvey 

Green 27

This session will discuss a short poem by Judah Halevi in light of the Kuzari. The poem raises the question of the relationship of the present to the past, and the role of history and imagination in religious experience.

Stories of Chelm – the legendary “Village of Idiots” (Modern versions)

Eddie Bass 

Red 6

Eddie’s own unique shaggy dog style, some clever, some comical, some poignant, some pathetic. You are invited to complete a limerick, “There was a young man from Chell-em…” and bring it with you or send to the Limmud office later.

Taharah in the 21st century - challenges and possibilities

Holly Blue Hawkins 

Red 3

The taharah ceremony has been evolving for millennia. Although the steps follow a centuries-old tradition, very little halachah exists. Each chevra kadisha must find its own balance between adherence to tradition and evolving social conditions. This session will address various challenges such as intermarriage, cremation and transgender issues.

The 21st century: age of identity? Reflecting on our sources

Neil Janes 

Red 5

Some claim that the 21st century is the age of identity. With the mass migration of people across the globe, a rise in populist nationalism and on-going conflicts dominating our headlines, do our texts give us a perspective that is nuanced, perhaps ambiguous, yet rooted in the challenge of understanding who we are?

The fight against BDS in Europe

Benjamin Weinthal 

Blue 33

The session will cover countervailing forces against BDS in Europe and what can be done to stop BDS financial streams. Examples abound of political left-wing and liberal victories over BDS.

Wandering Jews: Judaism and travel

Ellen Flax 

Orange 12

We will learn from Biblical and rabbinical figures, as well as more modern voices, on the move about what Judaism says about travel. Those with expired passports (or no passport at all) are also welcome!

Kibbutz - freedom for or freedom from?

Mary Azaria  Sadi Zinger  Liron Hoch  Amir Gazit 

Red 1

Life in a kibbutz community raises many dilemmas. Dependence or independence? Choice or chance? Is change positive, inevitable or destructive in preserving a community? Join Israelis from the Galilee for their personal stories to discuss and examine how these dilemmas may also be reflected in other community life - and perhaps in yours.

Modern (Jewish) Family

Tamas Buchler 

Orange 10

Queer Jews continue to push the bounderies on what constitutes a Jewish family. This session will explore the spiritual/halachic/communal/political dilemmas that emerge around LGBTQ+ Jewish (co-)parenting, through a personal story from Hungary.

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