Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 12:10

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An exciting new treatment for dementia - invented in Israel

Daniel Allen 

Green 26

Danny Allen is working with an Israeli start-up to provide an innovative treatment for early to moderate dementia. It has been shown to work in six international trials and consists of a combination of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation and cognitive training. Danny will describe the theoretical background and the practical applications.

A Promised Land: those who dared to dream

David Finlay 

Red 6

In this year when we have remembered the Balfour Declaration of 100 years ago and the Six Day War of 50 years ago David tells the story of the creation of the State of Israel through the writings and speeches of Herzl, Weizmann, Ben Gurion, Rabin and many others who lived the dream that became Israel.

Around the world in 17 syllables – ChaiKu HaShavua

Daniel Goldfarb 

Green 25

At Limmud last December I wrote my first ChaiKu HaShavua – on the weekly parashah in 3 lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables each. It’s continued since, Moses’ five books in a classical Japanese literary form. Come for the session - we’ll tour a year of Torah with sushi for the soul.

Create new traditions: the Jewish henna designs

Sandra Jerusalmi 

Red 4

How to give a renewal to jewish life ? How to appropriate the traditions of our parents? By knowing them and reinventing them! We'll take the example of mehindi, henna designs tradition, to understand where it comes from, what Jewish sources say about it, and how we can make it a tool to strengthen Jewish identity today.

Bomb disposal in London - 1946 to 1948

Yitzach von Schweitzer 

Red 5

How Royal Engineers and German prisoners of war took the chance to make together the exceptions to prove the rules. A personal recollection by the German prisoner of war camp leader who became an English Jew in South-Africa.

"Get to know you" walk

Social Programming Team 

Hilton Lobby

Walking and talking, what a great combination. This is the perfect place to meet some new friends - not just for Festival, but for life. #bffe

Good-hearted murderers and antisemitic righteous among the nations – a humanistic journey to Poland

Eyal Yashfe 

Orange 13

The journey to Poland as a stage for dialogues about values and prejudices. We use this extreme setting to introduce deep learning about ourselves as human beings, as Jews and as citizens of this world. How is it possible that there were good-hearted murderers and antisemitic Righteous among the Nations in the Holocaust?

Hard times make the best entrepreneur.

Ran Sasson 

Orange 12

A story about a five year journey getting from a paralysed body to a fully functional one, and what are the lessons learned.

Israel reaches for the moon

Shirley Fenster  Howard Feldman 

Green 27

A unique Israeli project, with a small team of engineers and an army of educators. Goals: send an unmanned spaceship to the moon in 2018, ensure every classroom in Israel shares in the excitement, and help schools develop interest in STEM subjects. The project began in 2010, we brought it to Limmud in 2014. It's time for a review and an update!

Israel - three big questions: for what, if anything, should Israel and Israelis apologise? (1 of 3)

Robin Moss 

Red 3

Over three sessions, we'll explore three issues of existential importance to Israel in the 21st Century. I'll frame the question, you bring the answers! First, we'll explore the role that remorse, regret and repentance have played in Israeli history. From Qibya in the 1950s to the Disengagement in the 2000s, when could or should Israel say sorry?

The perfect guests?

Rachel Montagu 

Blue 34

Many non-Jews visited Creechurch Lane, the first place Jewish services took place after Jews returned to England in the 17th Century, and some wrote down their impressions. We will look at Samuel Pepys diary, Greenhalgh's letter and other comments to see how much these visitors understood what they saw and heard.

Trop logic

Julian Gilbey 

Orange 10

The trop, the cantillation marks in the Torah, are well-known for their musical meaning. But they also present a way to parse the text, which can help when translating. In this session, we will learn how to interpret the trop in this manner. Note: This session does not require knowing how to 'lein'; it is also not a practical leining class!

“You can’t wear that to shul!” :Tzni’ut, bat mitzvah dress codes and gender policing

Andrea Jacobs 

Blue 33

What do debates around appropriate attire for b’nei mitzvah and slut shaming have in common? The policing of teen girls’ bodies and sexuality. This interactive workshop digs into the systemic issues at play in the “b’nei mitzvah dress code dilemma” and offers participants the opportunity to explore a 21st century gender neutral approach to tzni’ut.

94 years young

Eric Fingerhut 

Orange 15

Judaism is 4000 years old; Hillel is 94, a dinosaur among Jewish organizations. How does a Jewish organization learn to revitalize itself the way Judaism itself has done for millennia.

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