Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 13:20

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A Jewish bestiary: Lichtenberg’s physiognomy of the Judensau (1 of 4)

Jay Geller 

Blue 33

Since the Enlightenment Gentiles and Jews have stocked an imaginary menagerie with pigs, dogs, apes, and rodents to promote or subvert the bestialisation of Jews. This session takes up Lichtenberg’s “Fragment on Tails” that parodied the “science” of physiognomy by invoking the grotesque Judensau (Jew-Sow) and leaving Jews as collateral damage.

Analytics gold! Digital marketing for communal organisations (Part 1)

Philippa Gamse 

Green 27

You probably have Google Analytics on your website – but are you using it to find useful ideas for improving your digital presence? In this session (with plenty of time for questions), we’ll learn how to set up your analytics for success, how to mine for those precious nuggets of insight, and how to translate all the numbers into effective action.

Chanting the Torah - Does it Make Sense?

Hirsh Cashdan 

Red 3

Is there significance in the music in which the Torah is chanted? What role does it play in communicating the meaning of the text? How would Torah chanting sound if done in English? Would this work and would it have any value?

Dialogue and interfaith work

Reuben Ackerman  Mahbub Nazir  Keith Ackerman 

Green 26

In a fractious world dialogue is key to bridging gaps between communities and building understanding of different world views and traditions. Our projects illustrate how dialogue brings communities together, encouraging exploration of difference and fears of ‘the other’. Habermas’s life-worlds can help understand how this powerful process works.

Genetically modified food and Kashrut

Lucas Espinosa Menendez 

Orange 13

An overview of different positions regarding genetically modified food in Judaism, with focus on Kashrut.

Goods For Good: how British industry is keeping Holocaust survivors in Moldova warm this winter

Mia Hamburger 

Blue 34

This interactive session will explore the work conducted by Goods For Good, a charity that recycles UK industry overstocked goods to provide a lifeline to hundreds of thousands around the world.

Inconvenient truths: when Jews in Britain and Arabs in Israel connect

Idit (Edie) Pick 

Orange 10

Palestinian citizens in Israel and Jews in the UK – what do they have in common? How can such different perspectives connect? Is it even acceptable or legitimate to compare? We will explore the potential links between the communities, discuss case studies and examine the intersection between Jewish education and Israeli politics.

Jewish communities in Latin America (1 of 2)

Renato Huarte Cuéllar 

Purple 31

Latin American is a wide and diverse region where Jews arrived in different periods and consolidated very different communities. We will travel around some of the most representative communities in the region. Vibrant and not so exotic communities, with great challenges as well! In this session we will visit the communities in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Jewish River Cruising

Malcolm Ginsberg 

Green 25

At Limmud 2016 Malcolm gave a presentation on deep sea cruising. For 2017 he concentrates on river cruises in Europe and discusses some of the cities you will pass, and their Jewish heritage. He will talk about St Helena first hand, the South Atlantic Island, the last home of Napoleon, and its Jewish links.

Limmud Book Club: All the Rivers (1 of 4)

Shoshi Ish-Horowicz  Aviva Dautch 

Yellow 22

This stand-alone session is a chance for book lovers to share insights. We will discuss our favourite extracts, characters and theories - for those who've already read the book and those who haven't but want to find out more. Today's choice is Dorit Rabinyan’s controversial, award winning story of a love affair between an Israeli and a Palestinian.

One Jew, two Synagogues on a deserted island...

Lior Kaminetsky 

Red 2

One shul member resigned to join the other local shul. He was told, "now we can all appreciate having two shuls in the area: You can get upset with one and move to the other, or vice versa. With only one shul, you wouldn't have a place to return to!" Join for a discussion about innovative perspectives of Shul politics and possible ways to improve our experience in living in a Jewish community.

Praying the Bible: the hidden meanings in prayer and why prayer is never boring or repetitious

Mark Levin 

Orange 12

Using the prayers Adonai Sefatai Tiftach and Adon Olam as examples, we will see how traditional siddur prayers utilise short biblical quotations to create theological messages that resolve personal existential issues and place the praying person in the context of God's history for God's people.

The other (acher): Elisha ben Abuyah & heresy (1 of 2)

Leah Jordan 

Red 9

Fans of the Elisha ben Abuyah story cycle love it because its questions are foundational: why do evil and suffering exist in the world? Whether you've looked at this tragic-beautiful story before or this is your first encounter, come learn the original sources in depth, in the Tosefta and Yerushalmi, and make meaning of it together.

Transparent jellyfish goes

Tirtsa Posklinsky-Shehory 

Red 6

Apocalyptic myths of the Second Temple period in anticipation of the destruction in the poetry of Tirsa Posklinsky Shehory, in her book "Transparent jellyfish goes". Mutual influence between poetry and myth.

Who are these guys, and what are they doing in the Tanach?

Stuart Lewis 

Yellow 21

There are a number of stories in the Tanach which appear to be inconsistent with Jewish theology. Focusing on the Nephalim, we will examine such stories to see how they have been interpreted through the ages and what relevance they could have for us today.

With an outstretched arm... communicating with great (Makaton) signs and wonders: come learn some Makaton Signs!

Shoshana Bloom 

Red 4

Communicating verbally is easier for some than others. Makaton - a signing system designed for people with learning disabilities & also used by many young children (thanks to CBeebie’s Mr Tumble!) is a great way to make communication easier & help build inclusive communities. Come for a fun & eye-opening taster session & learn how to start signing!

Rabbinic rebels and rebellious rabbis: understanding authority in the Talmud (1 of 3)

Yaffa Epstein 

Red 5

Adam – the first human was actually a deeply rebellious creature – or was he? Come meet the Rabbinic version of the first human, and how the Rabbis utilise this narrative to understand the very essence of human authority. All levels of experience with text welcome; texts provided in the original with English translation.

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