Limmud Festival 2017

Limmud Festival 2017 – Sunday 17:30

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Al haNissim: on randomness, chaos and miracles

Bill Kunin 

Green 27

Miracles were once a key butress to religious belief, but in recent centuries they seem to have become an embarrassment. Can God intervene in history without ripping the fabric of causation and human freedom? We'll look at texts from Saadia to Rosenzweig, and at the science of randomness and chaos to see if there's still room for miracles.

Are you willing to be complicit?

Gary Webber 

Orange 10

We tell ourselves that we can't vote in Israeli elections so how can we be responsible for its government's policies? Yet Israel claims to be a home for all of us, and to represent all Jews. So, do they have nothing to do with us? What if they betray our principles of justice and law - are we complicit? And if not, can we do anything?

Beyond Apikorsut: a Judaism for Secular Jews

Adam Chalom 

Red 2

Some think Secular Judaism is subtraction, deleting religion from Jewish life with nothing to meet those human needs. Jewish life is enriched by a positive focus on what human knowledge and power can do to understand and improve the world. “Whence cometh my help?” asks Psalm 121. Secular Humanistic Judaism responds, “From you, from me and from us.”

'Bored of Deputies'?

Richard Verber 

Red 5

There are a number of challenges facing the Jewish community. Antisemitism is on the rise, Brexit is on the horizon and shul membership is declining. How is the Board of Deputies of British Jews facing up to these challenges? Is it still relevant in these turbulent times?

Creative approaches to fertility issues

Sargam Picker 

Red 3

We will explore how miscarriage, infertility and childlessness affect us as Jews & as people. A safe space to share our stories, try to make sense of them in relation to the Jewish narratives, and to consider creating our own rituals for healing, transition & acceptance. Open to women, men, singles, couples of any persuasion.

Daf yomi - Shevuot 26

Ian Gamse 

Blue 32

Breaking bread, broken vows, and saving lives. Limmud takes you one step further in your daf yomi.

Empowering Jewish leaders

Liat Cohen Raviv 

Green 26

It's not about what we want to be, it's about HOW we want to be. Come to this session and learn what essential skills every leader needs. Walk out with the necessary tools for an individual to hold in their toolbox to be more successful.

First steps in Jewish spirituality – the front door and backdoor to heaven

Steve Miller 

Red 7

Jewish spirituality is simple (but not always easy!) and anyone can begin to explore their own Jewish spiritual path. This session will be active and participatory – be prepared to talk, think and reflect. No special knowledge is required – anyone can join whether you think you are religious or secular; knowledgeable or not.

Jerusalem dreams

Jacqueline Nicholls 

Blue 33

Artist Jacqueline Nicholls will describe her Jerusalem Dreams art installation, which was part of the Jerusalem Biennale. It explores the many versions of a heavenly Jerusalem, the threads of connection between William Blake/Hubert Parry’s Jerusalem, the Jewish longing for “Next Year In Jerusalem” and the Balfour Declaration.

Meet a secret billionaire

Brian Teeman 

Yellow 21

I wanted to do my part to help repair the world (tikkun olam) so I used the web and built a billion dollar global industry. Do you want to know how? Come and hear my story. A tale of Rabbis and miracles. A tale of Jews, Christians, Muslims and a Marxist. A tale of fake news and fishing. [Obviously I won't be a secret any more after this session.]

Photography and the Holocaust: victims, perpetrators and the allies

Eli Gaventa 

Orange 12

In this session, we will explore the use and abuse of photographic images during and after the Holocaust. Join us to learn about the work of Heinz Jost, Henryk Ross, and Francisco Boix Campo as we think about ways photographs can be used to perpetuate victimhood and how to avoid it. Suitable for all, no prior knowledge required.

An Act of Defiance

Linda Berkowitz  David Bilchitz  Adam Schwarz  UK Jewish Film Festival 

Orange 13

Introduced by Linda Berkowitz, this powerful film explores the role of South-African Jews in the fight against apartheid. Followed by a discussion with invited speakers Adam Schwarz and David Bilchitz. An Act of Defiance | 124 mins | Netherlands & South Africa | 2017 | Dir Jean van de Velde

See the Divine through the eyes of Rav Kook (1 of 2)

Michael Feuer 

Red 4

Rav Kook was one of the spiritual giants of the 20th century. In these sessions we will explore his revolutionary approach to the nature of Israel, his thoughts on Divine service, and his goal of bringing redemption through the reconciliation of the particular and the universal.

Spiritual resilience (1 of 3)

Jonathan Wittenberg 

Green 25

What moral & emotional qualities, what faith, enables communities & individuals to withstand fear & suffering while maintaining their values? Rabbi Leo Baeck was head of German Jewry from 1933 till his deportation in 1943. He survived, teaching the prophets of Israel despite the horrors of Theresienstadt. What gave him such strength?

The story behind the making of "Ben-Gurion, Epilogue"

Yariv Mozer 

Blue 34

Israeli Filmmaker Yariv Mozer will share the fascinating story behind the making of the documentary film "Ben-Gurion, Epilogue". The session includes excerpts from the film and deleted scenes from the previously unseen interview with Israel's founder, David Ben-Gurion.

Was Benjamin Disraeli the first and the only Jewish prime minister?

Robert Baruch 

Orange 11

Benjamin Disraeli, an enigmatic figure of 19th century Britain. A publisher, novelist, politician and finally twice prime minister. Born a Jew and baptised at the age of twelve. What were his true feelings about Judaism in later life? Was he play-acting the "Christian" part as a means to an end?

Will Israel ever join the Commonwealth? And why it should...

Howard Rosen  Clive Lawton 

Red 1

The Commonwealth contains 53 nations across the world and Israel is always on the look out for international allies. As a former British mandate territory it definitely qualifies. But could it/should it join? Howard and Clive, both heavily involved in the Commonwealth Jewish Council, will explore the possibilities and dream.

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